Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Calamity!


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The smarties took to themselves to protect their life‚ and hid underground in their Self- sustaining bunkers‚ other's rich man son who had made apocalypse bunker for themselves took residence there‚ inviting their friends to party‚ while most just believed in the words of World United Governments.

Sadly for some‚ the world United Government conclusion was Right‚ the Meteoroid would disintegrate into dust before reaching the land‚ it really did!

The people laughed at the idiots who decided to hide themselves under the bunker and canceled all their meeting‚ labeling them as a coward and scared cats.

The World United government kept it's face‚ not only that‚ its reputation also increased in the world‚ gaining great power in politics.

Sadly‚ not even some hours later‚ undetected by the advance technology and space Hubble telescope dozens of meteors appear out of nowhere‚ Right above the surface of the EARTH

It gave humanity no chance to reply!

Large meteors covered the skies‚ blocking any Ray of light..... The skies darkened‚ telling humanity that nothing could be done to stop this Calamity.


The meteors crashed into the surface of the world‚ the land shattered‚ skyscraping‚

building blasted into pieces...

Under the merciless judgment of devastation‚, millions of lives were reaped!

And hence the devastation caused the so-called modern era to end in all its entirety!

Working of fate or basically a hidden mastermind‚ a superior race... dominator of the star! who was it and why did that existence caused such devastation.

Was it a single being or a group‚ that send the order of a peaceful world into disorder or basically garbage disposal‚ and slaughtered an uncountable number of innocent lives.

No one knew for they were ineligible to obtain such knowledge‚ or simply considered unworthy by the existence of the group of being‚ who caused all this.

For such beings maybe all mortal existence is meaningless.

Those alive only had one thought who was it or why did this happen.


2 minutes after the Apocalypse!.

Two young children ‚ one boy and one girl‚ buried beneath the warm embrace of their mother‚ caressed and hug their mother body while hysterically crying and shouting out "Mom". Their mother had sacrificed her life to protect her children from the jaws of death‚ as she beard the frontal brunt of shattered rock falling down from a broken building on her back.

Dead bodies‚ broken buildings and shattered rocks both from the meteorite and Earth land lay scattered..... here and there.

As if the God has heard the cries of the two children‚ the mother opened her eyes‚ causing a smile to appear on both the children's face‚ and they hugged their mother tightly not wanting to let go for even a single second‚ sharing their bodily warmth – for this was the only sense of comfort for them after suffering a cruel fate.

Sadly the mother eyes contained no warmth‚ only pure madness and hunger‚ she opened her mouth wide and took a huge bite‚ ripping out a huge meat Chunk from the brain of her Son.

Ahhhhhhhhh...the boy shouted out as BLOOD splashed on the daughters face‚ her eyes opened wide in disgust as she harshly pushed her unrecognizable mother and escaped her embrace‚ her body trembling both due to horror and disgust. Tear dripping down her face‚ she covered her mouth with both of her hand — As she clearly saw detail by detail... how her mother eat her only brother .... who was alive and shouting in pain bite by bite‚ piece by piece‚ from his head to his heart‚ as if her son was the greatest delicacy to ever be presented before her.

The young child started running madly through the devasted land with ground ablaze and broken rocks‚ as dead bodies lay littered across the city roads. Thankfully‚ she didn't turn to look back or else she would have seen dead bodies rising up from the ground‚ one by one and slowly walking while making a grunting noise.

She ran for a long time and finally stopped‚ out of breath and coughing out loud‚ she puked out whatever was left in her guts‚ as the traumatizing scene of her mother eating her younger brother alive played within her mind.

The calamity didn't come alone as it also came with a hidden danger!

The devastation ended hundred of millions of life‚ but it also caused the body buried under the sand‚ the scattered dead on the land and dead limped bodies with broken joints — sharp bones sticking out of their skin to rise up. The dead started walking the land of the living‚ not only that it also caused the animals and plants to mutate.

The nature of Earth changed to one never seen before‚ The nature which lies beyond the

word "cruelty" described in the human book‚ A nature indescribable in words.


Three minutes Ago!

A huge meteor was falling down from the skies‚ it was going to hit and smash a house right on the front.


The meteor split into two pieces‚ as if a hot knife passed through butter.

A clean cut‚ separating it into two pieces right from the middle. The two pieces of the meteor fell on the left and right side of the house‚ shaking the ground.

A person wearing black tuxedo‚ fell down from the skies his hair waving with the wind – twisting his body midair‚ he stood firmly right in front of the house door. He opened the door and entered the house.

While the world was suffering from devastation due to the meteor crash‚ mutation‚ zombie – A person slept upon his soft cushiony bed‚ he lazily and slowly opened his eyes and looked toward his first trustworthy companion --- the housemaid Chandni.

"Why was it trembling? Was there an Earthquake going on?" he asked‚ while slightly changing his sleeping position from stomach upside to his right side.

"Master don't need to worry about it‚ the trembling has already stopped" said the maid as the middle part where the moon symbol was drawn upon opened up‚ after the steel plate moved vertically.

A hot cup of tea was within‚ a soft yet banana type aroma came out from the hot tea‚ the maid served it to her master Feng Mei who was more than 300 pounds fats‚ basically around 150 kilograms.

Feng Mei took the tea out of her hand‚ turned on melodic music and happily drank his morning tea‚ ever since that day‚ the very first time he drinks this tea served to him by "Fu bai" he realized that this tea was meant to be his‚ almost as if the tea was his soulmate.

The tea has a mellow taste‚ it is soft on the tongue something between a marshmallow and a jelly‚ and it's aftertaste feels more like a custard.

He still regrets the fact that he missed drinking the tea the very first time it was served to him.

Feng Mei shook his head to forget about the past. He had decided three years ago that he will not be reminding himself of those times ‚ as the memory of the past only caused him pain.

But habits die hard‚ he couldn't help but try whatever he can to recreate the Buna Tea which he loves to drink.

It took a lot of effort and through tests and trials‚ he finally managed to make out partially the same taste of tea that he once used to drink.

The main ingredient used were sour pineapple juice mixed with Queen's bee honey‚ thirteen herbs found in the Arabian desert and banana!

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