Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Meteoroid


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Year 2025

Technologies have advanced greatly in comparison to 4 years ago. The world leaders and Elite's had made extensive plans to colonize Mars‚ sending Artificial intelligence Robots and other advanced technology to start an extensive study of Martian land and find a way to start colonizing it.

5G has been embraced all over the world‚ it has become the general internet service provider for 5G supportable handheld devices‚ laptops‚ desktop and other devices.

Gamers are able to play games like League of legend‚ Dota‚ etc at 1ms.

The 5G network gave downloading speed which can reach up to 10 Gb per second. A person just needs 10 seconds to download a 20 hours long adult video.

A holographic screen in front played a scene inside a room with a lighted candle and turned off lights‚ two people‚ a handsome man and a beautiful maiden wrestling on the bed.

Our protagonist laid on top of his soft cushiony sofa type chair‚ shaking his hand near his crotch area his hand rubbing the black and wet coke‚ A white stuff moving up and down.

Nothing wild was going on‚ as it's nothing else other than a tissue‚ yes it's a tissue.

Poor lad dropped coca-cola on his trousers and is wasting tissue to wipe it off.

The woman is trying to assassinate the man‚ it's a cinematic scene added inside the popular offline open-world RPG game called «two-sword one world». If one looks carefully than he can see her holding a sharp but extremely narrow silk-like a needle in her hand.

The lad is Fat and yes his name is Feng Mei‚ who was nearly bony like a skeleton some years ago. Almost all the shelf of the house is filled with different mangas and comics‚ action figures and gaming devices.

What happened is that the young man parents took him home and fed him like rearing a pig.

Their son finally awoke from a coma after so many years‚ how could they not take care of him. After taking him home‚ they started treated him like a four-year-old child and not even that his older brother also joined in on the play.

His older brother was already capable enough to Become the C.E.O of Mian cooperation.

Their over care made Feng Mei turn so fat that even 3Xl trouser barely fit him. he finally decided .... enough is enough and thought of moving out and live by himself.

But his parent.... Well they just bought him a big ass mansion and his brother had even made prepared 4 to 5 women to become his wife‚ a decision he intently declined.

Even after that they gave an unlimited black credit card which he was forced to accept.

He Bought a simple house near-normal civilian residence‚ and started staying there.

Living alone‚ Feng Mei realized that he has pretty much no interest in this world‚ he didn't want to conquer this world. For during his peak he ruled multiple worlds far larger than Earth.

He didn't become a business tycoons‚ for creating any device from his memory‚ he could easily become the richest human in this world‚ there was no thrill in it‚ and his parents were already multi–millionaire‚ so why would he even try?.

He had finally return back to Earth‚ he had missed so many episodes of his favorite animes. New games had been released‚ he also had to play them all‚ listen to all the new songs.

Thanks to being able to obtain whatever he wants‚ he started becoming lazy and sadly there was no Mana in this world.

Through he had multitudes of way to become more powerful than a Superman but he was tired from all the fighting and just let it go‚ simply because he was too busy and lazy‚ he didn't practice or trained to become stronger‚ rather just play games‚ watched anime‚ read novels and manga‚ chilled‚

listening to trap‚ ambient‚ chill music and EDM song.

He doesn't even move‚ literally‚ as with a mere button his chair like sofa - cushion changes into a bed and even a toilet or a bathtub‚ the creation of which took 5 million $‚ so yeah he haven't moved from this comfortable place for almost half a year.

The sofa also comes with multiple other features–one of them being message‚ it stimulates all nerves and produces a feeling of pleasure that's undescribable.

The lads have been on this house eating junk food‚ healthy food‚ extremely nourishable and luxurious food that his A.I robot who he named Chandni‚ prepares for him‚ and sometimes order from outside on her master demand.

While basic necessities stuff had become the responsibility of Dracula.

Chandni is a cute white robot with a dumpling-like face you can also compare it to a squirrel chewing on a nut‚ with an insignia of a moon on its stomach‚ it's gender is female and yes A.I robot have gender but they lack Gender defining organs‚ it's more about mentality. The robot has no legs and moves through a tire at its bottom more like how a vacuum works‚ except the fact that it uses electric current to automatically moves and have intelligence.

Dracula Is also an A.I robot which he made in memory of one of his friend shadow. He is 1.63 m tall‚ black eyes black hair black clothes yes he is an epitome of black. Dracula is dressed in black tuxedo always wearing a happy smile looking like a cute teenager but the smile on his face immediately goes away as soon as no one is in sight. The smile also carries hidden dagger within.

Chandni was a gift to him by his parents who spend million of $ to purchase this Ai for their son on the tenth Auction of A.I robot‚ While He Himself created Dracula A.I ROBOT which is nearly impossible to be created by humans on Earth‚ because of the present information and progression in technology‚ and he also modified Chandni‚ don't look at her cute appearance for she is merely in her housemaid mode.

Outwardly their model looks the same as any A.I currently on Earth‚ but hidden deep inside lays secret that if revealed to any scientist‚ will cause the said scientist to go fanatic with the various type of information and any country to start issuing a threat of nuclear war just to get their hand on Feng Mei toys.

4 years have passed since his soul returned back to Earth‚ and he has lived his life aimlessly.

The first years with his parent and brother‚1 year all alone‚ and two years with his two robot Chandni and Dracula.


«Definitely not a Space news network»

This channel was created by an eccentric Billionaire‚ showing the different and strange events happening around the world in the extensive space and various other stuff‚ by using hundred of thousand of cameras meant specially for space placed orbiting around different space hub located in Venus‚ and Mars.

«Huge meteoroids traveling through the endless vast space, hurtling toward a blue planet» Such a footage was captured by cameras orbiting in Mars and Venus's atmosphere.

Today the news channel broadcasted this news.

The World United Government issued a news‚ that there's no need to worry‚ as the meteoroid will disintegrate into dust while still in the Earth's atmosphere. Basically‚ before reaching and smashing into Earth surface.

Our protagonist was enjoying his pizza with Chai Tea (a healthy tea made of unknown stuff)‚ and golden lobster with honey custard as a desert‚ while the world shouted in disarray and dismay‚ some hysterically crying some asking forgiveness from god‚ other directly kneeling down‚ some laughing and shouting 'The End Has Come'.

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