Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Rebirth ......Hold my transmigration


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End of the 3rd Calamity!

A young man wearing White clothes with a shining silver robes holding a glittering white sword‚ in his hand looked towards a human figure made out of golden energy with sorrow in his eyes. Around him stood a young man with black hair and black eyes‚ A person covered in pieces of jewelry from head to toe‚ A teenager with blue ocean like hairs and some others.

"Why did you make such a choice? Why... why‚ we could have thought of something‚ we could have won against Tian Wu‚ Why did you have to sacrifice yourself‚why did you sacrifice yourself" hysterically said a woman in shining green clothes made out of silk obtained from green jade silkworm‚ tears started dripping out of her eyes.

A man wearing greenish-black cloth with black hair and purple eyes‚ embraced her‚ supporting the downcast lady. Around him stood four others‚ one slim and tall man‚ one slightly shorter yet more muscular than the slim man‚ a mature faced person and a person with white hair and white eyes.

looking toward the golden figure he could only say

"Brother" his voice hoarse tinged with melancholy as he remembered the past‚ how they met‚ their adventure the time they spent together.

Sadness enriched on the surrounding people face an aura of depression mingled in the surrounding.

The golden figure looked towards them and smiled‚ his smile brighter than the sun.

"System," he said but shocked his head as he looked at the grown-ass man In white crying... sternly using his real name‚ "Bai Jiang" he continued by calling out the names of others around him "Fu ya‚ Gard Cai‚ Andy ‚ shadow Master‚ little princess‚ Hung Lu‚ everyone I am glad that I met you all in this life‚ I don't regret my decision‚ Tian Wu is dead but the Monster Fantasia land is unexplored‚ there's so much to do‚ be happy guys and move on. I will definitely come back from the depth of death to haunt your lives‚ if I find out that you assholes are sulking your lives away. Better make good use of your life since I traded mine for it‚ Hahahahaha‚ Bai Jiang you still need to fck the heads of the powerhouse in Fantasia with your sarcastic remarks" The Man shining with golden energy tried to ease the situation in the surrounding‚ sadly his body started vanishing‚ at a speed visible to the eyes.

"Master" from afar a beautiful young woman with Snow White hair and Snow White glittering teary eyes came flying towards him and tried to hug the vanishing body‚ sadly it vanished before it could even be made possible.

The teenager hung Lu dropped to the ground kneeling.

"Foolish disciple" A sigh came from a handsome man‚ so handsome that he looked like he descended to the mortal world from heaven‚ his oval-shaped face with smooth chin and white skin‚ black eyes‚ and long black hair‚ as his long black hair slightly covered the right side of his forehead.

A huge black mark on his glabella‚ as straight above that point his head was adorned with crystal-like mark of different colors.


Death Year – XXX Era – Calendar of death realm!

In the realm of Death!

"What a lucky day‚ for not just one but two Powerful souls to soon arrive here in a single day‚ simply unbelievable ahahahaha‚ I might just be promoted by the death True God‚ powerful being‚ powerful being hahahaha" A Red-colored being happily sat on a huge chair looking at a portable screen‚ seeing two souls coming towards him to be judged‚ one definitely going to hell‚ while the other well his deeds hard to decide will be sent to be judged by the judges of the upper echelon. The second soul will definitely help him form a connection with the upper echelon ‚ basically the second soul wills become the base of his promotion tickets.

The golden soul of the man was heading towards the death realm

"Will I forget everything that happened" The soul sighted"I don't want to‚ I don't want to!" The soul started shining the shine produced was like a speck of dust‚ swallowed by the silent darkness around him.

Droll dripped down the mouth of the million-year-old entity‚ when suddenly‚ something abrupt happened causing his eyes to open up wide.

The soul suddenly got pulled from the void by an invisible force and vanished from his sight.


In Milky way galaxy - Solar system $$$ Human habituated planet‚ Called Earth - 71% water 21% land‚ Year 2021.

A person in a comatose state opened his eyes‚ after a year his body supported by a ventilator‚ providing mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of his lungs.

The body had been taken well care of but was too slim thankfully the body had been receiving nutrients through a feeding tube.

He confusedly looked around here and there finding that this looked like a room in a hospital which he haven't seen years.

Ding ding ding the bell started ringing As a doctor in white lab clothes rushed in

"Omg‚ A miracle‚ nurse go call CEO Feng Mian‚ his son have suddenly woken up from comatose state" excitedly said the doctor‚ he was excited not because of the fact that his patient woke up but because the father of this patient was CEO Feng Mian‚ who funded this hospital. He will definitely earn a promotion and raise in salary today ahahaha.

The doctor started attentively checking up on him‚ as the nurse went to make a call.

Merely after 10 minutes two people rushed into the room...

A middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man came towards the boy on the ventilator‚ looking at him with deep love completely shown on their eyes and started caressing his face and rubbing his hair.


The woman started crying while the rim of the father eyes had turned red but as a man how could he cry in front of his 20+ years old son.

The person who just woke up from comatose was slightly confused but clarity returned to his eyes as he realized that the man and woman in front of him were his parents‚ and he returned back to the world he was birthed in. The world he lived in before his soul traveled through space to the body of Feng Mei in yan city.

"Mother" he said as he took her hand in his own.

His parents tightly hug him‚ while his father was finally unable to control his tear they ran down his cheek dropping down on Feng Mei shoulder.

Looking at them he realized how much they loved him. He was finally back on Earth‚ but what should he do here.

"Let's go home," said Father Feng Mian

Feng Mei got discharged from the hospital and went back home.

Sitting inside the car‚ his thoughts ran wild as he made a conclusion on the reason why he is still alive‚ through his expertise from being an expert he finally came to a conclusion for the reason of him being alive.

The reason being extremely dumb but the truth none the less‚ simply because his parents kept his body alive.

His soul that was going to enter the cycle of reincarnation‚ had transmigrated back to his comatose body on Earth‚ with all his memories!

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