Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 483: This mission, should we give it up?


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Based on Ye Qing Luo's current ability, she could only just managed to stand firm on this world.

Old Man Cang thought of his own mission as he suddenly felt that he was shouldering heavy responsibilities!

"Qing Luo."

Sitting on the first seat, the silent Long Yun Zhan suddenly opened his mouth and called out Ye Qing Luo's name.

Ye Qing Luo kept all her thoughts as she gazed towards him.

"This mission, should we give it up?" Long Yun Zhan's voice was extremely light, unable to tell the emotions in it.

Ye Qing Luo went into a blank for a moment as she squinted her eyes

Going to give it up?

She did not know the answer to this question.

"The Overlord does not agree." Long Yun Zhan's index finger knocked lightly on the table. The "thud thud" sound resembled a drum beat, knocking into everyone's heart.

That pair of azure blue eyes bore the fluctuations of flowing water as a blot of electricity currently fainted flashed past.

"There's a strange feeling coming from Yuchi Peng."

As a human dragon, Long Yun Zhan's perception was much more sensitive than humans.

When he just met Yuchi Peng, Long Yun Zhan felt that kind of…. dangerous presence emitting from Yuchi Peng.

"He's too dangerous. If this mission involves him, then our group is not able to handle this kind of pressure for now…. it's way too dangerous."

What he meant was to give up on this mission.

Long Yun Zhan had already sensed it.

Yuchi Peng was emitting that ominous Profound Yin Qi.

It was no wonder that after everyone met him, they developed an extreme feeling of disgust.

Long Yun Zhan had a rough guess that behind Yuchi Peng, was an unknown energy.

This energy was mysterious and unfathomable.

If members of The World group were to forcefully barge in, not only would they not gain any advantages, they might even result in heavy losses.

"Even if we give up on this mission, Yuchi Peng might not let off The World group."

This round they had made the Iron Blood Warriors become a laughing stock and using their reputation to gain The World group's glory.

How could the Iron Blood Warriors possibly let off The World group?

Even with Mo Han Shang's words and even though Mo Han Shang had joined The World group, that didn't mean that Yuchi Peng would let their group off.

It was only a matter of time.

The pain which Yuchi Peng was inflicted with today, he would definitely try to raise his own profound grade with the help of the dark force's energy the minute he returned to his courtyard.

From the eavesdropping of him and Duke Jing's conversation, Ye Qing Luoo knew that Yuchi Peng was determined to get this high grade rare mission.

Ye Qing Luo stood up as her gaze swept past the hall.

Looking down, the youngsters who were watching them intently as they spoke, their faces were grave. She cleared her throat as she calmly spoke, "This mission, do you guys feel like giving up?"

The World group was not hers alone.

This mission, she didn't want to give it up.

But on witnessing that Yuchi Peng and the dark force's transaction, the first reaction Ye Qing Luo had was the brothers in The World group.

She was no longer alone today.

Every single word and action were linked to The World group.

If she had to exchange hands with the dark forces, not only was she unable to protect herself, it would also be difficult for her brothers to escape.

How this mission was to be handled should only be decided after she and her brothers had discussed.

The youngsters all pursed their lips as their hands clenched into fists.

They were feeling complicated in their hearts.

There was no one who wasn't afraid of death or falling into danger.

Hearing Ye Qing Luo and Long Yun Zhan's discussion, they were very clear on just how dangerous this mission was.

When they heard about Death God Castle, they already had the thought of retreating in their minds.

But at this moment, hearing Ye Qing Luo asking them so openly if they wanted to give up, no matter what they weren't able to bring themselves to say it out.
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