Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 482: Exchanging the soul as a transaction


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Qiao Jin's expression congealed, "You mean that..."

"It's just a guess only. After all, if they did it in this way…. it's too obvious and the Mercenary Association weren't idiots." Ye Qing Luo nodded slightly, admitting to Qiao Jin's guess.

"No problem, I'll go check on it in a jiffy!"

If the person who issued this reward had a relationship with Exquisite Pagoda's owner.

Then this mission…..

Was possibly a huge scheme.

Not only would it allowed Yuchi Peng to reap the benefits, the Exquisite Pagoda would still be returned to the original owner's hands and lastly they could recoup the compensation for the loss…..

There was a possibility that the entire Mercenary Association would be implicated.

Thereafter suppressing the Mercenary Association.

Ye Qing Luo's eyes narrowed as a deep meaning shone in her eyes.

There was still something very important…..

If she hadn't guessed wrongly, that energy occupying Yuchi Peng's body couldn't leave Yuchi Peng's courtyard.

Yuchi Peng had developed changes right after he entered the courtyard.

Whereas even after he discovered Ye Qing Luo, he stood at the original position, throwing out his palm strike to attack her.

And just as she speedily flipped over the wall to escape, he had no sliver of intention to chase after her…..

Yuchi Peng had already exchanged his soul as a transaction with the dark forces….

After she had discovered this secret, shouldn't he immediate pursue after her to eliminate her?

If it was Yuchi Peng, if it was the energy of the dark forces, even if she did have Old Man Cang's help, chasing up to her wasn't an impossible thing.

But…. "Yuchi Peng" didn't leave that courtyard.

"Lass, your thinking is accurate." Old Man Cang sighed softly as though he seemed to have thought of something, "The dark forces were referred to as dark because that bunch of dark forces people were able to utilise the secret dark arts which no one in this world could tolerate."

"Like your Eldest Sister, Fourth Sister, Yuchi Peng and such people. They wanted to cooperate with the dark forces so they had to pay an equivalent amount of price to obtain the energy. Yuchi Peng, had used his own soul as an exchange."

"Yuchi Peng's courtyard should be the main camp for that dark force's energy. There, the dark force's energy was able to control Yuchi Peng's body freely. But if he left the courtyard, then the dark forces would not control Yuchi Peng any further."

Speaking of that, Old Man Cang's voice turned gloomy as it radiated some slivers of worrying, "Still remember your fourth sister…. The matter when she was controlled by that long sword which was covered in Profound Yin Qi?"

Ye Qing Luo naturally remembered.

That was the first time she encountered the dark force, encountering the energy of the dark forces.

"If Yuchi Peng were to do the exchange for this energy and attached itself to a certain thing…. Then when he went out of the courtyard, he will be able to utilise the dark fore's energy."

Old Man Cang's words made Ye Qing Luo's heart thumped hard.

This was just the same as Ye Qing Ling, holding on to that dark force's energy's long sword while her Profound Heart Jade was being destroyed, yet still able to display her Profound Energy to attack.


This kind of method could easily allowed this energy to swallow the original owner's body completely.

This probably was the reason why till now, Yuchi Peng only allowed the dark forces energy to append to his body only in his courtyard.

Yuchi Peng still didn't want to bear the consequences of being swallowed.

"Lass, in recent times you have to be extra careful. So many people around you had made the transaction with the dark forces… I'm afraid that people from the dark forces might have their eyes on you."

"During this period, try your best to raise your profound grade to Earth Profound."

Old Man Cang's voice was sunken as his tone implied several ounces of helplessness.

Originally he planned to stay beside Ye Qing Luo to slowly guide her to solidify her own foundation and cultivate Profound Qi.

But he had not expected that in such a short time, that energy hiding in the dark had already started to make their move...
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