Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 481: Run a check on the person who assigned this mission


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Yuchi Peng moved.

Right at the moment when Ye Qing Luo raised her wrist, Yuchi Peng had moved.

Perhaps it was the red glow on Ye Qing Luo's wrist which gave Yuchi Peng a sense of threat.

Yuchi Peng struck out both palms heavily as the surrounding sand and ashes all twirled into a vertical airstream.

This imposing manner was like a thousand layer of wind and waves, swallowing mountains and rivers.

Ye Qing Luo reacted in time as she leapt upwards; her body was quick like lightning and narrowly avoided move.

Her body leapt into mid-air and with several blink steps in empty air, she managed to retreat to quite a distance away.

Unknowing if it's a misperception, that pair of murderous eyes seemed to have turned even more intense.

Not waiting for Ye Qing Luo's response, Yuchi Peng's arm was as slithery as a snake as a whirlwind rose from beneath his feet.

His loose robe under the raging wind started to flap against the wind.

Following that was an even stronger gust of palm strike which started to attack her once again.

Ye Qing Luo's feather fan moved as she condensed her Profound Energy as the driving force, blocking that pressure from the palm strike.

However her ears received a sharp call from Old Man Cang as he cried out, "Lass! Go!"

The scorching sensation on her wrist was getting more evident.

The circle of cherry blossom mark seemed to be branded onto her wrist like a tattoo.

Fragments of the alluring red glow played into complicated totems.

Old Man Cang's voice halted and Ye Qing Luo felt an endless energy flowing within her body, diffusing from the cherry blossom flower as it started to unravel.

Old Man Cang was helping her!

Ye Qing Luo's fingers clenched into fists as her feet used that set of movement.

In a split second, she was like a bolt of lightning as her silhouette had already reached the boundary of Yuchi family's residence.

She was unable to use the blink movement secret arts.

But she was still able to use this set of movement which came from her past life.

If she directly showed her moved, then she would have had no way of avoiding Yuchi Peng's powerful attack.

Luckily, Old Man Cang used the energy in the Azure Dew Bracelet to protect her.

Before Ye Qing Luo left Yuchi family's residence, she turned back to take a look at that strange courtyard.

The courtyard's main door was wide open and Yuchi Peng stood there with a pair of malicious eyes, staring fixedly at her with murderous intent.

Seeing her stop, Yuchi Peng's piercing eyes shone as he strode up as though he was about to pursue after her.

Ye Qing Luo's heart jumped and she leapt up onto the wall and flipped over.

When her peripheral vision took a look at that courtyard....

Yuchi Peng was standing at the courtyard's entrance; his entire face was filled with fury as vicious current rose.

But his feet were stuck at the entrance of the courtyard, seemingly with no intention of chasing up to her.


When Ye Qing Luo returned to the mansion, her entire body still felt stiff from the chilling experience.

Qiao Jin and the rest crowded around her to enquire about the result.

Ye Qing Luo shook her head, "What I'm certain about is…. Yuchi Peng indeed has a way to complete this mission. I'm guessing that Exquisite Pagoda could possibly be with him."

"Impossible." Ni Ruo Pan's head turned to a 30 degree angle as she took out a small little book and started flipping a few pages of it, "I specially did an investigation regarding the Death God Castle's matters! As long as the valuables are placed in the Death God Castle, unless the original owner went to retrieve it, otherwise…. the Exquisite Pagoda would absolutely not be in the hands of the other parties outside Death God Castle!"

"Then what if…. Exquisite Pagoda's owner cooperated with Yuchi Peng?" Yan Xiao Yi raised an assumption.

"That's even more impossible! Exquisite Pagoda was an extremely valuable treasure recorded in the unusual book of treasures! To cooperate with Yuchi Peng is equivalent to giving the Exquisite Pagoda to the person who issued the mission!"

Who would do this kind of profitless transaction?

One must know that although there are plenty of valuables in this world, but those which were recorded in the < unusual="" treasures="" record="">> were basically priceless things which were hard to find in the world.

Who was willing to give it up to another person with both hands?

When Ye Qing Luo heard that, her expression had not relaxed a single ounce.

Her brows creased as she looked towards Qiao Jin, "Can you run a check on the person who assigned this mission, and what relationship does he have with the owner of the Exquisite Pagoda."
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