Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 609: Cruelty!


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If Zhi Jinghong knew that the "infallible, safest and most effective" plan that he'd painstakingly thought up was simply being treated as a sharpening stone for his opponent, one truly wonders what level of depression he would sink into...

As for Mei Xue Yan, the only thing she was still worried about was what Jun Mo Xie was doing by luring that detestable Gou Bu Huan away.

The battle on Mei Xue Yan's side was extremely intense, but the battle on Jun Mo Xie's side had already concluded.

At his best, Gou Bu Huan was merely at the Supreme realm level of strength. With the current abilities of the Young Master Jun, how could he have a good time?

On the other side, Jun Mo Xie coldly placed his long sword against Gou Bu Huan's neck as he stared at the wretched looking Spirit Xuan expert. "Kneel down for this daddy, you abominable piece of sh*t!"

Gou Bu Huan's eyes blazed with rage as he spat a mouthful of saliva towards Jun Mo Xie. "You're the piece of sh*t, you damned brat. Kill me if you want to, but you want me to kneel before you? You're dreaming!"

"Human scum, it appears that you're scum all the way to the bones! This daddy insists on making you kneel!" Jun Mo Xie laughed cruelly and swiftly kicked out twice. Gou Bu Huan screamed wretchedly as both his knees were shattered. His legs collapsed under him as he fell into a kneeling position. A sharp pain shot up his body as soon as his shattered knees touched the ground. Gou Bu Huan's eyes turned upwards, as though he was about to faint from the shock.

Jun Mo Xie sent a stream of Spirit Energy into Gou Bu Huan's head, keeping him awake. He would not allow this fellow to lose consciousness, so that he could enjoy the endless torment with a clear mind.

Gou Bu Huan had endured a myriad of techniques at Jun Mo Xie's hands all along the way during the chase. One moment, he'd fall into a deep pit, then he was suddenly covered in a layer of snow. After that, he was frozen like an icicle, only to be then burned like a torch... He already suffered unspeakably long ago; Jun Mo Xie had not even wasted much effort to capture this tortoise-headed fellow alive!

"Gou Bu Huan, you like to eat human flesh a lot don't you?" Jun Mo Xie lowered his voice and questioned. This was the real reason for his anger!

This son of a b*tch trash actually wants to eat my little Xue Yan... How gutsy... If I don't torture this human scum properly, how can I vent the anger in my heart!

Gou Bu Huan's words had infuriated him, and drawn out his sadistic killing intent! From that moment, he decided. I do not want to just kill this bastard! I want him to die with the utmost agony! I want him to suffer unspeakable torment before he dies!

"So what if I do? Jun Mo Xie, this daddy can tell you right now that I do not just want to eat your tender flesh! Wait for this daddy, this daddy will eat your entire Jun Family's flesh!"

Gou Bu Huan was in so much pain that his entire face had turned yellow. Beads of perspiration the size of beans rolled down the sides of his face. But despite that, he refused to so much as groan. His deep Xuan Qi had already been sealed by Jun Mo Xie, and he could not explode his core and commit suicide even if he wanted to. Most of his teeth had been shattered by Jun Mo Xie in a way that wasn't too painful, yet still allowed him to talk. But if he wanted to bite off his own tongue, that was impossible... he was only left with the root of his teeth in his gums. How could he bite off his tongue?

"Your spirit is tough, as expected of the demeanor of a Spirit Xuan expert. You're staring death in the face and yet you can still wag your tongue. I respect that!" Jun Mo Xie praised with a sneer. With a quick flick of his hand, Gou Bu Huan's shirt was torn off with a loud shredding sound, revealing a large patch of skin. "Gou Bu Huan, in this life, there are only two people whom I absolutely detest to the bone. These are the people who must be killed at all cost! The first is Blizzard Silver City's Xiao Han. You should feel very honored, because you are the second!

"Your greatest mistake is not that you like to eat human flesh! It's that you actually want to eat the flesh of my woman! And you still deemed it as an honorable thing, boasting arrogantly in front of so many people. After being subdued by me, not only are you unrepentant, you actually dared to say that you want to eat the flesh of my entire Jun Family...

"Now, if I don't 'treat' you properly... Won't I be letting you down?" Jun Mo Xie laughed coldly. "Not to mention that you're also from the Illusory Blood Sea, where our factions are already enemies... Even if you're the Son of God, I will make sure that you suffer an extreme level of pain before letting you die! Don't worry, I will not end your life with a single stroke; I've decided to grant you a bit more time to enjoy this world! Although my spirit is also rather unyielding. I just happen to really dislike people who act like they're tough bones to break. If I don't make you scream and beg me with your own mouth, my name will cease to be Jun Mo Xie from now on!"

"I, Gou Bu Huan has nothing to say since I've fallen into your trap. It's also naturally a simple task for you to kill me. But if you think that this daddy is going to beg... Jun Mo Xie, you're dreaming! If you have any capabilities, bring them all out for me to see; if this daddy so much as creases my brow, I will not be counted as a real man!" Gou Bu Huan forcibly endured the pain in his knees and spat through his gritted teeth.

"A real man! I'm quite interested to see just how many hours a real man like you can hold on for!" Jun Mo Xie waved his hand outwards and with a few quick slashes, several bloody holes appeared on Gou Bu Huan's chest and back.

Gou Bu Huan grinned uglily, showing his toothless mouth. "Jun Mo Xie, is this all you're capable of? I don't mind telling you, these childish techniques of yours are simply too weak! I'll let you in on something else, this daddy does not only eat the flesh of beauties! No no, the flesh of youths are equally delicious! Even the flesh of old fogies—the kind that is so old that you'll have to chew half a day to swallow it—is still acceptable to me! If this daddy manages to escape, Jun Mo Xie, I'll see to it that your Jun Family is gathered together in a cage, and I'll rear them like pigs in a pen for slaughtering. Every few days, I'll drag one out, wash the person clean and eat them raw with wine! HAHAHA... I heard that throughout his life, Jun Zhan Tian has fought in countless wars. It's true that he's old, but I'm sure that his muscles are still very strong... I'll definitely enjoy that... Oh, I also heard that you, little bastard, are quite the perverted silkpants. Your other mistress, that Guan Qing Han is quite pretty. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. I'll tear off her flesh bit by bit... But relax, it won't be anything fatal. I won't let her die that quickly until I'm done... I'll listen to her moans very patiently... HAHAHA..."

Gou Bu Huan licked his lips with his completely red tongue, his face twisted like a deranged pervert. His sinister little eyes were squinted slightly as he looked at Jun Mo Xie. His entire person seemed to have sunk into a state of cruel pleasure as his imagination fuelled his perversion. "I heard that there's also a Dugu Xiao Yi, am I right? This daddy definitely has to get a taste of a young lass like that, haha, and if I recall, you have another little girl in your bedroom? What's her name... ah, who cares, in any case, this daddy here will not let a single one of them off. I'll eat the heart first, then the liver...then... AHHH—" As his words reached this point, he suddenly screeched aloud like a rat dropped into boiling oil!

"You will not have an opportunity like that. In contrast, the life of your family, because of your words today, has become forfeit! Today, as I've promised earlier, I'll let you have fun turning into the piece of sh*t you are. Anticipate it!" Jun Mo Xie scoffed coolly. His face was completely expressionless as he pinched a bit of snow white salt in his hand, gently scattering it into Gou Bu Huan's wounds. Not a single speck of salt was wasted.

Gou Bu Huan shrieked loudly, his voice shrill and bitter. His body convulsed uncontrollably, and Jun Mo Xie simply stood to the side, watching him expressionlessly while he sprinkled some salt into the wounds from time to time. "Is it comfortable, Gou Bu Huan? This is just the first appetizer dish!"

Gou Bu Huan screamed and laughed at the same time, "Comfortable... It's too f*cking comfortable! Jun Mo Xie, you have guts! This method is not bad... If I ever get the chance to catch your Jun Family, I will also use salt to season them as I eat them! Then, I will spray some wine on them for a better taste... You godd*mned son of a... You bastard!"

"Ho, what a real man! Alright, the next dish is coming up!" Jun Mo Xie shook his head with a wry smile. It wasn't clear where he got his "weapons," but a bottle of chili paste had appeared in his hands. Smiling warmly, he poured the chili paste carefully into the wounds and asked gently, "Gou Bu Huan, does it feel even more enjoyable now?"

Gou Bu Huan's body stiffened completely as soon as the chili paste entered his wounds. He felt an unstoppable impulse to scream in pain, but the agony gripped his chest, causing him to be unable to utter a single sound! Long, green veins rose from his muscles, as though they wanted to tear out of his skin. His two eyes were open wide, and the pupils contracted and expanded continuously... Although he could still hear Jun Mo Xie's words, he could only open and close his mouth, unable to form a single word. His entire body had cramped up with pain...

"As expected of a real man, ah! To think that you can even endure this level of pain without making a sound! Indeed, the endurance level of a Supreme rank expert is really not exaggerated! But just eating some plain dishes without any soup is too monotonous, so let me make a nice soup for our Mr. Manly Man to soothe his throat!" Jun Mo Xie clapped his hands in an impressed manner. With a flick of his hand, a large ball of white snow appeared in his hand. Jun Mo Xie revolved his Xuan Qi quickly, forming the snow into a big bowl. A bunch of incredibly spicy peppers were thrown into the bowl, along with another ball of snow which melted immediately after entering the bowl...

Jun Mo Xie placed one hand under the bowl, and in a short period of time, steam rose upwards as a strong smell of chili and pepper permeated the air. Surprisingly, the bowl of ice did not melt at all...

A burst of nose numbing steam gushed out of the bowl as soon as the top was lifted. Jun Mo Xie held Gou Bu Huan's nose up with one hand, forcing his nostrils open. Then, very carefully and patiently, he poured the entire content of the bowl through his nostrils and into his stomach...

"Gah! Wu—" Gou Bu Huan made a strange choking noise as a ball of fire surged through his throat, his windpipes, his lungs and his stomach. In that moment, he understood what the true meaning of burning organs was. "J-Jun Mo Xie... Kill me! KILL ME—"

"Are you convinced?" Jun Mo Xie flung his sleeves and stood over him, his eyes cold and emotionless. "Gou Bu Huan, I saw that you at least have some endurance. Just admit that you're convinced! Kneel down and kowtow to me, and I will immediately kill you! I will not continue to torture you!"

"You... can... forget... about... F*CK... YOUR... Mo-" Gou Bu Huan's eyes were dry and cracked with pain, but he still would not relent.

"Very good, you do have some spine. It seems like my regular set meals are not going to be enough for your...ah...appetite..." Jun Mo Xie's body shook and disappeared abruptly. When he reappeared, he held five, six mountain rats by the tail with one hand; in the other hand, he clutched seven, eight snakes. Each snake was moving lethargically, and it was obvious that they were in the middle of their hibernation when they were dug out by Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Gou Bu Huan, a light smile hanging on his face. "Gou Bu Huan, it's still not too late for you to beg for mercy now! If you still continue to be this stubborn, this Young Master is going to bring you the main dishes! At that time, it'll be too late to repent!"

"Hmph!" Gou Bu Huan gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

"Haha, what a heroic fellow! I hope that you can keep this courage up till the end! I have high hopes for you, so please don't disappoint me!" Jun Mo Xie chucked the rats and the snakes to the ground. With his Xuan Qi hovering over them, these animals did not dare to move at all. Following that, he ripped apart Gou Bu Huan's pant legs, and with a violent tug of the waist band, the mountain rats were chased into the pants where they squeaked and bit in random places...

Gou Bu Huan raised his head and roared savagely as he felt the rats clawing and running along his skin. His hair was standing on its ends, and sheer terror could be seen in his eyes... All of a sudden, his body stiffened and his throat tightened as a strangled scream imprinted onto his face. A mountain rat had found the open skin and shattered bones on his knees, and had begun to bite and dig into it...

The human who ate other humans was being eaten alive by rats today...

"The elders used to say, that snakes eat rats for half a year, while rats eat snakes for the other half a year. Mountain rats are the bane of the hibernating snakes in the cold winter. Tell me, which part of your body do you think resembles snakes the most? If you really have a snake-like thing in your pants... Ah... You need to be careful!" Jun Mo Xie grinned evilly as he squinted his eyes.