Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 608: Four-Season Ultimate Blade!


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The six people pulled out their blades and went on the offensive once again. Throwing themselves into the sparring ring, they slid past the previous six. Each person's objective was very clear. Just when the person that had attacked began to withdraw, the next person would follow up with their attack. It was a seamless coordination, not leaving any chances for the enemy to stir havoc and create confusion.

The first group that had retreated speedily assimilated themselves with the crowd as they tried to catch their breaths. Only after they had taken a few gasps, they began to break out in cold sweat...

To deal with a high-rank Venerable like Mei Xue Yan, how could one dare drop his guard? Even though it was only sparring with her from the start to the very end, they still felt an enormous amount of pressure! And it was very tense, because... Even if it was just sparring, as long as they showed a single opening, Mei Xue Yan could still take them down in a moment and break free!

By now, Mei Xue Yan's wind-like sword technique no longer appeared as shocking because the new group had seen it played out once and gained basic understanding of it. So, even though they did not really understand the full extent of it, they still had an idea of how to counter it and it showed in their battle.

However, her technique changed again unexpectedly.

This change caught them by an even bigger surprise. The trajectories became longer and formed a denser continuum. It now resembled the misty spring rain that continued without stopping. The six facing her felt as if there was a unique warmth to spring rushing into them. The tips of their hairs seemed to be covered in moisture...

The six of them were obviously unprepared for this sudden, peculiar change. With their hundred plus years of experience in combat, the situation did not become chaotic despite their initial shock. They slowly overcame the temporary disadvantage with either their experience or brute force.

Nevertheless, Mei Xue Yan again changed her technique.

The sword now resembled a summer downpour. It was like large rain drops falling from the sky, accompanied by strong gusts. The six of them simultaneously felt like they were in the midst of an ocean! The rain drops joined to form threads of water that shot down continually from the sky...

The six were immediately thrown off guard as three of them were hurt. One of them could not even lift his shoulder any more because it was pierced through by Mei Xue Yan's sword. He would not have survived if the other five did not come to his rescue...

"Next group!" Zi Jing Hong now had a really solemn face. Mei Xue Yan had already used around six different ingenious sword techniques until now. It was a mystery where she had learnt it from. They had not heard of any news that Tian Fa Forest's mystical beasts were so adept with weapons... For the past 10,000 years, the rumours they heard only revolved around the almighty Tian Fa Heaven's Sword...

What is happening? It's really strange!

Another group came forward again, but the group that stepped down this time found itself in a much more pitiful state...

The next six were initially able to defend themselves well as they thought they had already had a grasp on Mei Xue Yan's techniques. They could never be more wrong as the sword technique switched yet again.

This round, it resembled the depressing and lonely autumn rain with its falling leaves and the sad wind. The whole battle field was instantly engulfed by desolation!

This six had already formed a plan earlier and were very confident of themselves. But once they began exchanging blows, they realized that things were developing in a way far from what they had planned!

Exchanging blows with a high-rank required absolute precision. A minuscule deviation resulted in the difference between life and death. Not to mention that they had made many mistakes at this moment. The six only felt that the world around them was in a state of a reclusion, with endless murderous intent. Only the next moment, they had already landed themselves in a situation that was far worse off than the 6-man team before them!

No one had ever seen or heard of this sort of technique before.

If they were merely facing an ingenious sword technique, it would be easier to handle; after all, they were Supremes and were not only experienced, but also physically strong. If an ordinary Sky Xuan warrior was to slash at them, they would not even be hurt even if they simply stood there defenseless... The biggest problem was that the person they were facing was Venerable Mei! This was a huge problem; not only was their Xuan cultivation way behind that of Mei Xue Yan's, she was also using a Divine weapon. How tragic they were!

The abilities of Superior Supremes were already beyond belief, but against Venerable Mei who also held a Divine sword, they were nothing more than just tofu. Not to mention her blade—even if she was using an ordinary blade, one would definitely not dare to take her blow with his physical body.

On top of all those was such a bizarre fighting style, giving them an even a harder time to handle!

Seeing that the situation was not in his favour, Zi Jing Hong hollered, "Next group!" Xiao Wei Cheng roared in response as he led his men headfirst into a direct attack! At this moment, it had already turned into a situation where 12 people were working together to fight against Mei Xue Yan so that they could hold their ground and not lose immediately! But as more people joined the fray, the sparring ring naturally expanded and Zi Jing Hong, who was watching from the side, naturally felt his unease gradually well up...

Facing the combined attack of twelve elite warriors, the stress on Mei Xue Yan was suddenly intensified, and the pressure more than doubled. Mei Xue Yan laughed coldly without a single trace of fear on her face. A stream of reflections from blades showered down as if it were the autumn rain. Xiao Wei Cheng roared angrily, refusing to retreat from the battle. Instead, he rushed in headfirst and the blades sliced through his skin, creating two cuts. Even though it was not very deep, but fresh blood spurted out from his wounds.

Xiao Wei Cheng, who sat on one of the three pearl throne in the Great Golden City and had abilities ranked in the top three among the experts present, was surprisingly hurt immediately during the first exchange of blows, even when they had twelve men against the opponent.

This was truly shocking!

But Xiao Wei Cheng's injury did pay; for this round of attacks, he single-handedly held off more than half of the power from Mei Xue Yan's attack alone. For the rest of his team, the pressure lifted off of them was enormous. And with that moment, they were also free from the suppression of her sword techniques, and managed to close in on her!

Mei Xue Yan was emotionless. Suddenly, she leaped into the sky using an enemy's sword tip as the launching pad. For that Supreme warrior, he intended to take that chance to injure his opponent, but he sensed an enormous but gentle power emitting from the blade, its incoming momentum as destructive as lightning and as unstoppable as tidal surge. With a loud bang, it passed through the body of the blade and his forearm as it pierced through the vein, going straight for the heart!

"Wah!" It was as if a 10,000 pound hammer had landed a heavy blow on his chest, and his face immediately turned an ashen white. Staggering back a few steps, before he could stop his own momentum, a fresh mouthful of blood gushed out from his lips as he fell to the ground, losing all his combat abilities.

With a leap, Zi Jing Hong picked up that injured elite as he quickly retreated. When he turned back to look at the battleground, the situation was already greatly altered. Aside from Mei Xue Yan taking down her enemy by stepping on his blade, she also leapt into the sky, wielding her sword with perfect control. All of a sudden, the entire weather seemed to have changed into a freezing, chilling winter from the feeling of autumn before!

In the previous moment, the solemnity of autumn was apparent, but right now, in this moment, it had already become a freezing winter!

The freezing cold winter gale blew continuously as miles of snowflakes began to fall. Her long blade was like snow and frost, gliding gently. The cold gale shrieked loudly as if it were crying ghosts and shrieking deities.

And once again, her fighting style began to change...

Xiao Wei Cheng yelled loudly as he glared madly. His long, white hair had loosened up and became dishevelled. Spots of blood were evident all over his body. His attack stance was the most aggressive, but he was also the person who was most heavily injured...

This set of ingenious sword technique that Mei Xue Yan had just displayed originated from Jun Mo Xie.

In the past few days, Jun Mo Xie taught her the set of sword technique he had learnt in his past life; it was an attack sequence designed to kill with thousands of variations embedded. Even Jun Mo Xie, who had chanced upon this technique in his past life, had to spend an entire three months to learn it!

Unexpectedly, Mei Xue Yan was naturally gifted. With only less than 10 days, she had already mastered this entire sequence! This made Jun Mo Xie drop his jaw in shock, to the extent that he nearly dislocated it! Damn, this girl probably has an IQ much higher than mine in my past life...

This set of techniques depicted the alternation of the seasons: spring winds turning into rain, the blazing heat of summer, the solemnity of autumn winds, and the snowy cold winters. The vivid change in seasons was embedded within this sequence, and so it was named "Four-Season Ultimate Blade"!

Even though they called it a single sequence, the individual styles representing each season contained several variations as if they were different sequences... Although Mei Xue Yan was naturally more gifted than others, with the short time she spent training, her techniques were still not of completely maturity. Therefore, as Zi Jing Hong ordered such mediocre attacks, she decided to use this technique as practice while waiting for Jun Mo Xie. Unexpectedly, the result was great beyond belief.

So, Mei Xue Yan decided to try out the sequence in order. Throughout the entire battle, Mei Xue Yan realized the beauty of this sequence. The complexity of the blade sequence was a real threat in battle—how terrifying it was! Mei Xue Yan did expect that it would be original and different, but she had not known the extent of its peculiarity!

The Four Season Ultimate Blade was naturally incomparable to the Tian Fa Heaven's Sword based on their destructive power. But its flexibility, detailedness, complexity, and beauty was far beyond that of the Tian Fa Heaven's Sword!

Especially when she used her different states of mind to draw the essence of the sequences, she would be enlightened in different ways! Mei Xue Yan suddenly realized that when she used this sequence against her enemies, her mental state improved as the style depictions changed!

This unexpected effect left her delighted with joy!

Over this period, she had been using Jun Mo Xie's magical pills to improve her fighting abilities by leaps and bounds. Her training speed was also much faster than before. But as a professional swords master, while she was celebrating her fast progress, she was also secretly worried that if she single-mindedly chased after improving her fighting abilities, she would neglect advancing her own mental state, which would have adverse effects.

One had to know, for one's Xuan cultivation to advance, there needed to be an appropriate mental state to support it. If only her physical abilities improved and not her mental state, then it would be as though she were holding onto a huge bucket of explosives. If she were at the brink of a breakthrough without the correct mental state, she would be haunted down by her emotional devils!

That was why training one's mental state was crucial!

The acquisition of this ingenious sword technique was unexpectedly helpful for her lacking mental state!

Even though Jun Mo Xie had learnt this set of technique in his past life, he did not have such a deep understanding of it. He was the assassin of the century and had to be fast, accurate, and brutal in his moves, so he rarely used this over-complicated technique to deal with his enemies.

Mei Xue Yan was actually feeling more refreshed as the battle progressed. The immense pressure coming onto her from all directions was motivating her to draw out her potential. She was even like Zi Jing Hong, hoping that this cycle of fights would continue for a longer time, so that she could develop a deeper understanding...