Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 607: Cycling battles! Tire her out!


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Zi Jing Hong let out a bellow and shouted, "Kill! Go! Everyone go! Surround him and kill!" Zi Jing Hong finally understood that there was no way to win against this brat in a quarrel. He did not want to be infuriated to death. It's definitely not worth it!

Following his command, the 30 experts from the Illusionary Blood Sea and the 13 from the Supreme Golden City launched forward together.

The head of the Supreme Golden City, Xiao Wei Cheng, had not spoken a single word apart from his introduction. He stared at Mei Xue Yan with absolute hatred even when everyone else was laughing.

This woman! If not for her, he would not have let 15 of his brothers die in silence and two of them get dismembered by her. He did not even dare to stop her from leaving with her unlawful partner.

This was the biggest disgrace of Xiao Wei Cheng's life.

The biggest humiliation! One that was really difficult to avenge.

If he could not kill Mei Xue Yan, it would remain to haunt him for life.

Xiao Wei Cheng was crystal clear about this.

Therefore, he did not speak at all so that he could muster his power to deliver a striking blow when it was time.

I will kill that witch!

Mei Xue Yan is now surrounded and have no way of escaping! I will kill her first, and it will be Chu Qi Hun's turn next! Supreme assassin? I wonder if he is dead by now!

Half of a month had passed since he spread out the information. His men only said that they had fought with Chu Qi Hun a few times, but he had gotten away every time.

This enraged Xiao Wei Cheng, but also kept him hopeful at the same time.

He wished that Chu Qi Hun could live longer so that he could kill that "supreme assassin" by himself. That would be magnificent!

"Jun Mo Xie! You little brat! Big bastard! How dare you make fun of me! Now it's time for you to pay with your life!" Gou Bu Huan roared as he dived at Jun Mo Xie. His hideous facial expression said everything about his hatred towards Jun Mo Xie. It did not matter anymore that Jun Mo Xie was obviously supported by a very strong master who he was not supposed to offend.

I must kill this little brat!

Jun Mo Xie had already stomped upon his dignity and turned him into the biggest joke in the Three Holy Lands.

The reputation he spent so many years building up was completely destroyed today!

But it was all his own fault after all.

If he had not said that he wanted to eat Mei Xue Yan's meat, Jun Mo Xie would not have teased him so badly. There was only himself to blame if the root cause was taken into account.

The battle immediately ignited. Mei Xue Yan engaged up front as she propelled herself forward like a gust of wind with her swords.

When faced with pressure from all sides, it was always best to attack preemptively on one side. This would reduce the pressure from the other three sides by leaving them to pounce upon emptiness.

Her exceptional combat experience and loss of interest in showing mercy made her decisive in her actions.

Jun Mo Xie's body also shook around as if he would advance behind Mei Xue Yan. However, his true intentions were to pull back, which was revealed by a sudden back flip that gave him a rapid retreat. Gou Bu Huan charged forward like a giant turtle surfing through the waves with his bald head, hideous face, and throbbing veins.

He held a pair of odd-shaped weapons in both of his hands. It was too curved to be a sword or a saber. The sharp tip was almost pointing backwards towards the handle. It was a hook!

Gou Bu Huan's hook!

Jun Mo Xie dodged like a fish as he continued to taunt. "Gou Bu Huan, with your tongue outside all the time like that, I have to say no one is as dedicated as you at being a dog! And you're even using a hook as a weapon and have an indent on your bald head. You sure have a befitting name."

Gou Bu Huan did not respond. He reached for Jun Mo Xie with his hook as if he wanted to tear Jun Mo Xie's body apart. Jun Mo Xie yelped as his body was hooked up and could no longer escape; Gou Bu Huan was pleased as he pulled back the hook with full force and shouted, "Die! You wicked little brat!"

As he mustered all his strength, Gou Bu Huan suddenly realized that whatever he hooked was simply thin air. The ground below him was softening as he hit with full blast off target. Although he was clueless as to what would happen, he was already prepared given his experience from their previous engagement. Gou Bu Huan pulled himself out of the original spot and continued to pursue Jun Mo Xie. Jun Mo Xie appeared to be on the losing end as he dodged and escaped passively. The pair soon went out of sight as they turned to the back of a large boulder.

Mei Xue Yan wielded her sword unpredictably, gradually forcing the six experts surrounding her back. The majority were yet to be engaged in this battle. They were observing the action at a distance, ready to join in at any time.

Zi Jing Hong was a very prudent man. He would not allow much casualty within his man. Therefore he grouped the men into seven groups, each with five from the Illusionary Blood Sea and 13 from the Supreme Golden City. Each group would only deal with a few blows from the the opponent and would immediately back off regardless the outcome while the next group engaged. And this cycle would continue on.

Those who were at the side focused on recovering to prepare for the next round of combat and preventing Mei Xue Yan from escaping.

Granted, it was the most effective strategy against Mei Xue Yan.

Tire her out!

As long as she could not break through the surrounding circle, she would have to deal with the many experts. No matter how powerful and skillful she was, she would eventually be defeated. They could even afford to keep this battle till next year because all the experts would have the chance to rest. On the other hand, there was none for Mei Xue Yan.

"Attention! Simply stop her from recovering her strength and keep yourself safe! Everything will be fine as long as we don't make mistakes," Zi Jing Hong ordered in a serious manner.

Although he did not direct this instruction to Xiao Wei Cheng, it was obvious. The biggest risk factor was Xiao Wei Cheng's urge to avenge.

If Xiao Wei Cheng was overly audacious in his attempt to fight Mei Xue Yan, he might be able to deal some damage, but would definitely cause her to use her ultimate techniques. Her ultimate techniques were known to cause widespread destruction and a lot of commotion. If that was to take place, she would be able to break free as long as she was not killed.

So it was best to slowly drain her like this!

Anyway, I am very patient. Zi Jing Hong had much confidence in his strategy.

However, this decision was prompted by her battle with Illusive World of Immortals, where all 29 of their experts were slaughtered by her. This left a profound impression in Zi Jing Hong.

Furthermore, he also noticed just now that she unbelievably seemed to not have been hurt at all.

That was why he chose a conservative strategy. Even if Mei Xue Yan had the best cultivation in history, they would still have the chance to retreat. After all, they had declared that this battle was simply a "friendly match."

Nevertheless, dealing with this sort of endless attack best revealed one's real skills.

With a few more cycles, Zi Jing Hong would be able to accurately gauge that her skills were not far from making history. By then, they would have to intensify their blows if they wanted to continue occupying her.

This was a breathtaking scene for Chu Qi Hong who was still behind the big boulder on the hill.

How intense! I wonder how many times I can witness this sort of action in my lifetime! Chu Qi Hun was amazed by the formidable strength of this woman with goddess-like beauty. She was not slightly disadvantaged in this fight against two above Supreme experts and four Supreme experts simultaneously.

In fact, she was gaining an upper hand.

How can there be such powerful woman who is so beautiful! Chu Qi Hun was astonished. Being able to deal with the forces from the three Holy Lands was enough for him to admire, because he definitely would not dare to.

At the same time, Chu Qi Hong felt relieved. So they were not after me. Fuck! They really frightened me! I am really becoming a timid little brat this few days! But having witness this is beneficial for my own skills if I reflect on my enlightenments...

Although he was still careful with his breathing so that he would not be revealed, he still paid great attention to this rare battling scene. He discovered this trip with increasing in worth as he was further enlightened by what he was seeing.

In the battlefield, Mei Xue Yan was still as perfectly composed and elegant as she always had been; it was already the third group on the side of the two Holy Lands. These experts were indeed good. They made sure that their weapons did not come into contact with Mei Xue Yan's sword as they knew it was exceptionally sharp and hard. They rotated around her like merry-go-around as blows were exchanged.

Mei Xue Yan was not panting at all. She was not anxious and did not change her strategy despite clearly knowing the opponent's intentions. She was waiting for Jun Mo Xie's action as there must be a reason for him to lure Gou But Huan away.

She would not leave even if these guys forced her to as long as Jun Mo Xie was not back. She made many breakthroughs recently so there really was no such thing as being trapped by these guys. She could leave whenever she wished.

The battle continued to yield no results. The trajectory of her sword suddenly changed to one that resembled wind, which was lively and shapeless. It now appeared quick with more uncertainty. Hurricanes, gentle breezes, freezing winter gusts, and depressing autumn wind. It resembled all of this.

As she brandished her sword in this ingenious manner, she seemed to be clearly conveying the idea that her new movements carried a different intention.

This set of movements was unfamiliar to the six of them. They immediately panicked and their formation was disturbed. Zi Jing Hong frowned and ordered, "The next group!"A type of Chinese weapon that resembles a sword but has a hook at the sword-tip.The Chinese character for hook shares its pronunciation with the "Gou" in Gou Bu Huan.Both "dog" and "indent" are pronounced as "gou" in Chinese.