One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire“s Sweet Love Chapter 1483: Beast!


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Yun Shishi did not know whether to laugh or cry as he stared at her with a heated gaze. She could only feel her face getting hot as her ears burned. It was unavoidable that she was at a loss.

Mu Yazhe lowered his eyes to glance at her shy and timid expression. He could not help but desire to get close to her.

Ignorant of the current situation, Qin Zhou cleared his throat from the side. "Ahem…"

Come on!

He was still here, alright?

Could they not mock him by acting as if no one else were around?

His untimely interruption caused Mu Yazhe's movements to halt. The man turned to cast him an unhappy sidelong glance.

Even though he showed only a slight displeasure, when the man impatiently directed it at him, the pitiful manager felt as if he had died countless times in these few seconds.

After going through what seemed like a thousand deaths, he retreated with an awkward cough as he feigned ignorance. "Er… Chairman Mu, Shishi, I still have something on. I'll head off to make a call!"

With that, he ran away as fast as a flash!

The woman was vexed. Her eyebrows furrowed as her face burned even hotter than before.

Why was this man so ignorant of the fact that this was an inappropriate setting?!

She pushed him a little as she said angrily, "Hey! Even if you are in heat, at least think of the right occasion and place to do it!"

"In heat?"

The man glared at her in disbelief.

Since when was this woman so gutsy?

She actually dared to use that term to describe him!

"What? Aren't you acting in heat right now? There are still others nearby; can you be more aware of them?"

"Heh… Should I let you see what it means to really be in heat?"

Just as he finished his words, the woman's sixth sense kicked in and clued her in regarding the unseemliness of the current situation. She wanted to avoid him at once. "I still need to do my hair!"

With that, she hastily tried to escape from his line of sight.

Who was Mu Yazhe, though?

Would he let her have the chance to run away?

Not letting the woman resist, he grabbed her waist with one hand and pulled her into his embrace again. With a thump, he pressed her against the door of the fitting room.

Yun Shishi did not even have the time to protest before the man nimbly turned her around, forcing her to face the door. Immediately after, he pushed his huge body against hers.

Their hot skin was separated by two layers of clothes, but she could still feel the changes coursing through him and the thunderous beating of his heart.

"Hey! Don't mess around!" she cried out in slight alarm, her tone somewhat angry.

"Mess around?"

His seductive voice rang beside her ear. Filled with evil provocation, his words carried hidden implications as he kept speaking. "You are clearly anticipating this, aren't you?"

Anticipating this?

Anticipating what?!

She bit her lower lip and was about to get furious with him when the man's hand lifted the skirt of her cheongsam. She let out a shriek as she tried to stop him, but he did not give her the chance to do so.

"Doing it in the fitting room should be rather exciting!"

"Not here…"

Her face flushed as her heart picked up its pace. She could feel his roving fingers on her body. In a state of panic, she asked, "Are you a beast?"

"Even if I were one, it's you who woke it up."

"Sperms have infected your brain! Beast!" She could not stop herself from blurting this out.

The corners of the man's lips curved into an evil and playful smile.

Only when he was with her would he ever lose all his rationality!

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