One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire“s Sweet Love Chapter 1482: My body has gotten hot.


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The cheongsam dress had a pure style which matched the 1920s' old Shanghai dance hall style.

This gown, however, was not the traditional cheongsam but a fusion of the Chinese and Western elements.

She looked astoundingly splendid in it.

With it retaining the traditional elements—mandarin collar, slit, hem, expensive fabric, and embroidered floor-length skirt, this version of the cheongsam was one of a kind. While the knee-length slit diminished much of its provocativeness, it made the gown look more majestic.

Its hollow design, adopted between the neck and clavicle, allowed her fair skin and sexy collarbones to peek through the fabric, which fully brought out the allure of Oriental beauty.

Her fair shoulders and slim arms were also accentuated by this gown's sleeveless design.

Every stitch of the gown's embroidery was handmade and brimming with aristocratic magnificence.

The knee-length slits were somewhat modest since they only vaguely revealed her fair legs, yet this was enough to send people's hearts fluttering!

The form-fitting dress perfectly showed off her excellent body lines, making her appear more exquisite and stunning from afar.

Not every woman could bring out the beauty of the cheongsam.

While this gown made her look less youthful, nonetheless, it enhanced her elegance, magnificence and timeless charm.

Women could be likened to flowers; they were similar to the winter plum blossoms, aloofly appreciating themselves but also haughtily and elegantly watching time passing by.

In lieu of her inherent purity, this outfit made her appear more mature and possess a seemingly timeless charm.

Her manager was frustrated at himself for making the wrong judgment!

This outfit was not at all inferior to Mr. Gong's ink-and-wash gown in any way!


How beautiful!

For a moment, he was at a loss on how to describe her beauty!

Not even Mu Yazhe expected his woman to suit this gown so well. She was so beautiful in it that he could not take his eyes off her.

Her alluring and glamorous beauty assaulted him.

He felt, right there and then, his body tingling hot.

He could not help letting his imagination roam at the sight.

Men actually loved women with vicissitudes and forbidden allures!

However, he preferred that this beauty was his to enjoy alone!

Sensing his increasingly burning gaze on her, Yun Shishi shyly fiddled with her skirt and asked the man out of curiosity, "What do you think of my outfit?"

He came back to his senses at once and advanced closer to her.

"What do you think?"

The man leaned over and extended his arms to her, trapping her in his embrace. His thin lips then whispered into her ear, "My body has gotten hot and bothered just from looking at you, so do you think it's nice?"

Her face instantly flushed. "…Hey!"

She could not resist pushing him. "Stop messing around; can you answer my question seriously?"

"I'm answering you in a very serious manner."


With a burning gaze, he enunciated, "You look good in it."

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