Omni-Mastery Chapter 189: Unbound


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[ Stat requirement reached! ]

[ Body ability 'Unbound Vitality' unlocked! ]

The 2nd ability unlocked through stat limit break!

[ 'Unbound Vitality'

Description: Your vitality has broken the limits of normal beings! You can still recover as long as your head isn't cut off… ]

The description sounded a bit vague but testing was the father of learning, so it wouldn't be hard to figure it out.


Using the tip of the sword to make a small cut, it only took half a second for it to recover, leaving no mark behind…

After several minor test and judging from this recovery speed, I could make an estimation of the ability's limit according to the description, it probably went as far as making attaching limbs possible as long as it hasn't been severed for too long…

Fatal wounds that don't injure the heart too severely wouldn't be as deadly as well, making the only possible way to achieve an instant kill against me was to severe my head from my body!

To begin with, unlike most of the stats, Constitution could be considered quite the versatile stat, combining the concept of health/vitality, stamina, defense and endurance in one stat, which made it as one of the best stats to improve, and also one of the fastest stats to increase naturally even without depending on unassigned points.

Considering that the ability obtained from its limit break was only aligned with vitality was a bit of a disappointment, but that also left the possibility of obtaining more than one ability from the same stat open for now, which would of course be better, considering how powerful 'Unbound Vitality' is.

In fact, with a bit of a rough calculation, and depending on my previous experiences, I could say that my recovery rate has already doubled just by unlocking the ability!

Not to mention that coupled with the recent rising of my 'Transcendent Immunity', 'Unbound Vitality' would achieve the great feat of turning me into a fighting talent, with no more worries about feeling neither the pain nor the deterioration of the body, I would easily be able to win if I went against a fighter who had matching combat power and prolonged battles would no longer be a problem!

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[ Strength +1! ]

[ Strength: 25.07 ]


No reaction.

'It seems like I became too optimistic now that I finally achieved one limit…'

Adding 1 point to Strength in hope of achieving another limit break, only gave the stings that accompanied the muscle strengthening before slowly coming to an end, bringing along the end of my expectations and assigning session…

Putting aside that matter, I decided to check on Long to see if he's done already, considering that almost an hour has passed already

[I'm not done yet!]

Before I even came that close, Long roared as he seemed to be quite annoyed…

"Didn't you say that you would only take one hour to learn the basics you needed to learn?"

[I thought they were just random elemental arts, but it actually turned out to be quite a prized one, it seems like he was pretty high up in the chain when it came to the corruption spies in the Light association or else he wouldn't be given such good elemental arts, thankfully that could also be used in our advantage, lowering the chance of being taken as a fraud as long as he didn't meet the demons there outside the gate, which is very unlikely.]

That meant that as long they recognized their elemental technique's elemental aura, it will be hard for them to doubt my identity as that shadow assassin, this would be the major indicator after all, the look change was just in case they had more information about their own subordinates.

"Hmmm, alright! But when will you be finished then, we don't have that much time left…"

After all, I basically had to finish the infiltration as a disguised spy and somehow find a way to obtain the most benefits from there while ensuring no demon survives, all in the matter of 10 days…

[huh? Who do you take me for, I would only take 1 more hour even if it was such a fancy elemental art! Of course, if you me to speed up, you can always give me more of your stat points to increase 'Learn'...]

"1 hour is good…"

Jumping out of nowhere with more ways to earn my stat points, Long cut the talk short as he returned to closing his eyes while hovering midair.

'Well, I guess it's better that I have more time at hand to test my current stats' capabilities…'


1 hour later…



[Is that all? No thank you or you have done well?]

"Sure, sure, you have done well."


To think that his personality managed to change once again, in the matter of less than an hour, I couldn't make what sort of a person made such an AI who seemed to have some sort of a split personality disorder…

I of course didn't set idly waiting for this hour, I tested further with the limits of the new 'Unbound Vitality', somewhat confirming my assumption other than the limb attaching capability as I didn't really have any kind of masochistic tendencies, but it was pretty much possible if I were to deduce based on the other tests…

I also managed to roughly test the results of my recent stat increase.

The results were pretty much satisfying, with the distance of my 'Sensory Area' growing over 20 meters and approaching 25 meters!

As for 'Telekinesis', the weight limit went slightly over 10 Kg, with the distance of control reaching over twice the diameter of my 'Sensory Area'.

Finally, as for my speed, the limited space was somewhat restrictive to test it, but from the limited tests I conducted, I estimated that my speed has already increased to 1.5 of what it was previously!

With how much my confidence was boosted thanks to the recent improvements, I started getting ready to head to the next gate!

Putting on the leather outfit, attaching the daggers all around it, and…

[ Item Skill 'Transformation' activated! ]

Turning 'Lightning Cloud' to its 'Longsword' form, finally sheathing it and strapping it to my leg like the shadow assassin used to do.

"Alright, Long, 'Share' the 'Illusion' with me!"


I didn't feel anything different as I expected to, after all, it would only affect the senses observing me and not actually changing my body structure...

As such, I took out a mirror from my ring to observe just how I looked like under the effect of 'Illusion'.


I could see the shadow assassin's astonished look on the mirror with too long curved horns protruding out his head, it almost looked like we brought the shadow assassin back from the dead!
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