Omni-Mastery Chapter 188: Final Preparations!


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[ 'Leather Crafting' Proficiency +36% ]

[ 'Smithing' Proficiency +3% ]

[ 'Smithing' Proficiency +2% ] 

[ 'Smithing' Proficiency +2% ]

[ ... ]

[ 'Smithing' has leveled up! ]


50 minutes later, I was finally able to make a 90% imitation of the outfit using some of the wolf leather I had back from the forest adventure, and crafted over 50 daggers made from crocodile and snake teeth.

Of course, the dagger wouldn't look exactly like his and the outfit wasn't a 100% perfect imitation, but these were just there to support the reality of the 'Illusion' so other than the texture, the 'Illusion' itself would fool the eyes anyway.

This left me with a little bit over 10 minutes, so I decided to make use of this time to go over the fastest way to prepare, distributing stat points!

[ • Stats : 

Strength: 24.07

Constitution: 24.06

Agility: 20.89

Dexterity: 20.99

Perception: 20.27

Wisdom: 20.49

Intelligence: ???

Dual-Element: 24.49 ( Lightning, Thunder )

Unassigned stat points: 14.421 ]

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First on my priority list, Agility, one of the very important increasing factors of speed, the strongest point I had and also a very important trump card of mine!

As the second hardest stat to increase without relying on unassigned points gained from leveling, it was worth investing in.

Of course, investing all points in speed would only result in a disaster, with the possibility of my body breaking down from being able to support and handle the increase of one stat such as Agility being quite high, so I needed to invest moderately…

With that being said, I planned to invest in special portions of 5~4 to test the possibilities of achieving another evolution requirement, and various other expectations... 

[ Agility +4.2! ]

[ Agility: 25.09 ]


All I could feel at this point was pain, expected pain…

Improving Agility included muscle reconstruction similar to that of Dexterity's muscle reconstruction, however, Agility's pain spread along the whole body instead of certain limbs and mobile parts of the body, so it was a bit more harsher to endure.

Yet, considering the fact that I was raising my body's agility by 5 times the agility of a normal man, 'Immunity' could be considered as doing a great job!

[ 'Pain Immunity' Proficiency +31%! ]

As for the hardest and almost impossible stat to increase, Dexterity, it was actually down my priority list as it's actual use was quite limited, especially with the fact that my current dexterity has reached the inhuman domain, investing in it more wouldn't be necessary unless I had an actual reason for it.

The second on my priority list, being Wisdom, the source of my 'Telekinesis' and the main motor behind it, investing on it could only improve my hidden trump card further which was very needed considering the place I was heading to, not to mention its positive effect of my 'Omni-viewing eye'!

[ Wisdom +4.6! ]

[ Wisdom: 25.09 ]

[ 'Pain Immunity' Proficiency +25%! ]

[ 'Mental Immunity' has leveled up! ]


To think that having two kinds of 'Immunities' suppressing the side effects of increasing the Wisdom stat!

'A very welcome surprise!'

Leaving aside Perception that didn't need to be increased for now as Wisdom has more or less took its role as the booster of 'Omni-Viewing Eye', there were only Strength and Constitution left to invest in.

Being already very high thanks to the constant cleansing of my weapon Ki produced from the consecutive advancements, and having only less than 6 points left to invest didn't leave me much choices, but I still decided to add 1 point to each to test something…

[ Constitution +1! ]

That was...

[ Your Constitution has surpassed 25 points! ]

Stat limit break abilities!

[ Stat requirement reached! ]
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