Omni-Mastery Chapter 187: Growing Long


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Luckily, Long was actually quick on the uptake, as we formulated the final plan on how to lessen the danger of the second floor by a great amount.

Since I couldn't simply fool them normally, especially if I appear out of nowhere, I decided to take over the identity of the shadow assassin turned-demon who was forced to enter the gate to hide from a serious threat.

That would be pretty much what happened had I let him escape, and less than a month has passed since then, so unless they had direct contact with the outside corruption forces hidden in the Light Association the story should add up.

As for why I didn't open them a path to the outside? Why I don't remember much info? Why is my aura human-like?

I planned to simply put all the blame on being forced to demonify before the process was fully complete, after all, no demon could pass through the green gate according to Long's explanation, and sped up forceful demonification had serious effects on memory, aura or even ability, so I should be able to stall for time with the excuse of recovering while scouting the situation of the 'base' to come up with a direct plan with the little time I have.

Of course, this plan wasn't perfect, but it was the best one at hand. So instead of just heading out blindly I decided to go with it, after all it would only cost me 4 unassigned points to raise my chances of survival and obtaining more EP to make up for it, meanwhile, I would be able to keep these abilities if I were to ever need them again with this small investment!

[Alright then, hand over the points! Ahem, I meant please give me the points necessary for the plan…]

"Here you go…"


And thanks to that, and 4 points later, Long achieved happiness as if he just had a meal in a top international restaurant, and of course, what I got wasn't bad as well!

[ Name: Shen Long ( IAI#000 )



 • Ability Stats :

Illusion: 3.1

Share: 1.1

Elemental Manipulation: 1.1

?????: 0.1

?????: 0.1

Unassigned stat points: 14.421 ]

I had finally attained the ability to somewhat control these 'Support abilities' to an elementary level with the help of 'Share'!

Of course that elementary control could only be used to turn on and off the illusion which is to be designed by Long, so it wasn't much, but it was a pretty convenient ability to have.

I could easily have several personas this way, acting as I just created another 'Character' and switch between them easily without having to contact the lazy Long as long as he already created these designs!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It seemed like quite the fun ability to have but it wasn't time to play with it anyway, it was time to take the next part of preparations.

[Hehe, that was satisfying, I will need one hour to study the elemental arts well enough to imitate them to the desired state, thanks for the meal!]


I could swear I saw Long's length extended to twice the original length, as his worm-like thin body grow thicker, but it seemed as if he reverted back in a split second, it would have been hard to notice if not from my 20+ points of perception…

'I guess that's why he loves points that much…'

It seemed like Long's origin had some deeper story to it, there was probably more to him than being a convenient tool box, but that wasn't the time to dig this deeply into it…

'This is somewhat nostalgic…'

My part of the preparation for the disguise was to use some of the leather I had on me to craft a similar suit to the shadow assassin's and create imitations of his daggers to make the rest of the costume more believable.

That meant that I would be using 'Craftsmanship' once more, a somewhat forgotten skill that I didn't get to develop as much due to the combat oriented line of events that I encountered.

This caused me to feel a bit of nostalgia when remembering the days I learned from Drake, and the days when I was taking it easy mostly other than my training…

Although, it had been less than half a year since I left the village, I felt as if a long time has passed since then...
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