Offer to the CEO Chapter 94: Melbourne and Sunday Planning


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Saturday, continued ...

The private flight carrying Hou Yi and Anna Jones arrived at Tullamarine Airport just after lunch on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Their departure into the heart of Melbourne was swift given they had completed the immigration procedures in Darwin. Within 35 minutes they reached their hotel in Southbank and were promptly escorted to their suite. The bodyguards were given a suite across the corridor from them.

Hou Yi, once they were alone, turned to Anna "I have to apologise, normally we would have a suite much larger than this, but given that this was a short notice trip, we had to take what we could?"

"Yi, it is not a problem. It is likely the largest Hotel room I have stayed in. We have a dining/Lounge area, separate bedroom with ensuite, separate study and a powder room. It is bigger than some apartments in this town."

"Are you sure that you are OK with this? What do you want to do for the rest of the weekend?"

"I am OK with this relaxing." She picked up the newspaper on the table and realised the AFL (Australian Rules Football) game in town was Hawthorn and Geelong at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). "Actually Yi, could we go to the AFL game tonight at the MCG, and tomorrow we go and try and talk to my parents."

"Anna, there is no time to secure a private box to the game, and the bodyguards could not be certain we would be safe. How about a dinner and a show or a movie?"

"Yi, I have not been able to go to a game for 5 weeks, and I really want to go," Anna said giving Hou Yi a pleading look "Plus, no one knows that we will be there so being in the public area will be safe. If they are that concerned why not then contact the MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) or the AFL itself to secure tickets in an area with more restrictions. Come on please, pretty please."

"If the bodyguards and I think it is safe, then we will go. As to tomorrow, Warrnambool has an airport, right?"

"Thank You Yi. Yes Warrnambool does have an airport. OK I will call the pilot and see if he can fly the plane to Warrnambool and make arrangements for a car, so that we can maximise the time with your family. Are you OK with that."

"You are kidding right? It will only take about 3 and a half to four hours to drive there. That is not far."

"No, the deal is if I agree to an AFL game tonight, we are flying to Warrnambool tomorrow."

"Fine, but just arrange for a hire car in Warrnambool. I will drive us, no need to send a vehicle down there."

Anna turned on the television and started to watch the AFL Game on the television, so Hou Yi walked over and spoke to the bodyguards, who started making calls. Steve and Mary Kent were able to help them with access into a private box that had a couple of spare seats. Steve promised he and Mary would come and meet them at the hotel before travelling to the game, but reminded him, to make sure what he was wearing something suitable for the game.

Once the arrangements were made for Sunday, Hou Yi returned to their suite, "Anna, I have got us tickets into a private box, but I was told I needed to wear something suitable to the game. I never could get into this game while studying here, and what does something suitable mean?"

"Come on we are going shopping. As I do not have my stuff here, and I do not want to fight about it today, I have to get a few things. This is my turf, and you need to listen to me. The bodyguards disappear, at least for today and tomorrow. They can be nearby but not with us. Next thing, come on, and I am going to have some fun spending money."

With that she grabbed his hand, and dragged Hou Yi out of the hotel, and they went to the mall. She purchased casual clothing for both of them for tonight and tomorrow, as well for the mad Hawthorn fan she was Hawthorn scarfs and beanies for both of them. Despite Hou Yi actually paying for the charges on her credit cards, she decided to pull one out to pay for the purchases.

They returned to the hotel just after 4pm, and Hou Yi by that time received a text from Steve saying that they would be there about 5:30pm and to be ready. Anna decided to get into the shower and change firstly to relax and make it easier for Hou Yi to do so. After she was finished, Hou Yi reluctantly got ready, thinking if anyone in City T saw him, they would question his sanity, however the things that he was willing to do for his wife!

Right at 5:30pm, there was a call from reception, which Hou Yi answered, and Anna heard the response "Send them up."

A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door, and Hou Yi opened it, escorting a couple in. "Anna, this is Steve and Mary Kent that I told you about." With that he handed both of them a drink he had poured for them

"Yi, who is she?" queried Mary

"My wife, Anna" was the response and Mary dropped the glass that she was holding.

"F**k Yi, you could have waited until she was sitting before you dropped that bombshell mate. You know my wife does not do surprises."

"Well you both know I have to mess with you"

Anna realised that despite Mary and Hou Yi's previous relationship the three of them were great friends.

Mary, now recovered from her shock ran over and hugged Anna "You got this idiot to the altar, I thought no one would. Congratulations."

After some more small talk, Steve interrupted everyone "Come on, we need to get to the game so we can get out seats. Anna, you are going to fit right in, and at least you are trying to get him to. The box we are in is full of Hawthorn supporters. The only damn thing is that we will have that army of bodyguards"

"Actually no. I told him, I would prefer none, but the most that he could have as 2 and he agreed."

"You did not," squealed Mary.

"I did, and they are not happy, but he knows I hate them, so he is indulging me."

With that, they left the suite, went downstairs and into a car and were drive to the MCG. On arriving in the suite, Hou Yi and Anna were introduced to the 8 other people there and sat down for their meal before the game. Hou Yi, once the game started, still could not get into it, but everyone else, was having a ball.

As Anna was enjoying himself, he was OK. Hawthorn won by 1 point, and along with the other almost ninety thousand people there, they left the MCG, but in their case returned to the hotel for bed. As they left Hou Yi promised Steve and Mary he would call them later to arrange to get together for a meal.

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