Offer to the CEO Chapter 64: Returning Home


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Wednesday, continued ...

When the car arrived at the apartment complex, rather than trying to sort out all their market purchases, Du AnLing and Leng Xi, informed Anna that they would arrange for the items to be sent up to the apartment so they could do this in comfort.

As they moved towards the elevator to go up to the apartment, and Anna realised that they were all chatting as if they were lifelong friends, rather than people who had met less than 24 Hours previously. Anna knew that she felt safe and comfortable with Du AnLing and Leng Xi, so much more than she ever had with her own mother.

For both Dun AnLing and Leng Xi, they finally had a daughter who they could dote on. At the same time Anna was someone they instinctively knew they could trust and respect, and for that simple reason they knew that they had to protect her in the future from anyone.

Before entering the elevator they were stopped by a security guard who Anna had not met before. "First Madam Hou, Second Madam Hou, you both know that I have to contact the Young Master before I am able to let you up to the apartment. I will also need to know who this is with you, so I can request that she is allowed up as well."

Anna, who by this time was really feeling tired, did not want to have to deal with this, and did not hold back in her anger in responding, before either of Du AnLing or Leng Xi could respond "I do not need my husband's permission to enter our apartment, nor bring guests with me. Get out of the way, now or I will be telling my husband."

"Young Madam Hou?"

"She is, now get out of my daughter-in-law's way, responded Du AnLing.

All three, then went around the security guard, and Anna, using the key that she was handed opened the lift for them to be taken straight to the apartment. As soon as the lift opened, Anna spotted Hou Yi, who stepped forwarded, and gently puller her to him, and gave her a brief kiss, before raising his head "Mother, Aunt, please come into the lounge"

Anna, out of the corner of her eye, spotted Butler Ge, and before going into the lounge, she walked over, "Butler Ge, there will be a number of bags come up from the car. Can you please find somewhere and place them out as they have shopping of mine, and my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law in them, which we need to sort out."

"No problem Young Madam, we can place them in the formal dining room, as that has the largest table. Is there anything in particular that you would like for dinner tonight."

"Just make it a simple meal, but not seafood. Just ensure that is something that my husband likes. My Mother-in-law and Aunt-in-law will not be staying."

"I will speak to the chef about that madam and will let you know where it is ready."

With that, Anna walked into the lounge area, and heard Leng Xi saying "…and the meal, while simple was delicious. It is somewhere we will return to. More importantly you charming wife, helped us indulge in shopping, but without spending a fortune. You have to be proud of her."

"I have already seen the efforts of some of your shopping spree. They seem quite appropriate." With that, Hou Yi, turned and realised that Anna was coming towards them. After saying "Sweetheart, come and sit here," he pulled her down onto his lap.

"Yi, there is plenty of space beside you," responded Anna, gently slapping his hand, and moving to sit beside him. Hou Yi, however was not having this and gently pulled Anna onto his lap.

"Mother, Aunt, you might be wondering why Assistant Wang is here. Anna and I have spoken about our formal wedding ceremony. Anna would like this to occur in Australia, preferably close to her parents in Warrnambool, and we want you to work with Assistant Wang to arrange this. Sweetheart?"

"Sorry, I was just thinking. My would prefer a church service, despite not being overly religious as it would respect my parents own beliefs. My parents had me christened Anglican, and from memory in Warrnambool that means Christ Church. I am not sure if it would be large enough, that would depend on the number of guests invited."

Anna continued, "Depending on the weather, we woucl have some photographs taken on the beach, at Tower Hill for a Australian Native Background, the botanical gardens, possibly Flagstaff Hill, or if there was a long time between the ceremony and reception, go somewhere on the Great Ocean Road, maybe the 12 Apostles or Lock Ard Gorge or somewhere else."

Anna had to pause for a second, and then continued "As for reception Venues, I'm a little at a loss. Family and friends have used various venues, the local racecourses, a hotel, the performing arts' centre which has a large hall upstairs. The problem as I see it, is when we told my parents last night about our marriage, my father was in shock but I think he will come around and insist in paying for everything like he did for my sister's wedding. My mother on the other hand will not help at all." With that Anna, started to gently cry.

Hou Yi wiped the tears away, and quietly said "Do not worry, they will come around. Cost is not an object, as I want you to have what you want, and my mother and aunt can work miracles."

Hou Yi turned back to everyone "A date does not worry us, it is simply when it can be organised. Assistant Wang knows my schedule. Further we need you to work together to arrange this. I know that Assistant Wang's wife, before they had their daughter was an event planner, so maybe she could help you? Importantly we are happy to generally leave things up to you."

Hou Yi paused, took a breath, and continued "Now before we kick you out, Mother, Aunt, I understand that you did a lot of shopping today and the bags from the car have arrived, for you to collect your items." With that Anna, Du AnLing and Leng Xi, all got up and followed Butler Ge, into the formal dining room to sort out their market shopping.

Meanwhile, back in the lounge, Assistant Wang, answered his mobile telephone, and spoke to the person on the other end of the line, repeating a mobile number at the end of the call. "Sir we have a problem, and we need your wife here."
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