Offer to the CEO Chapter 255: Family - Part 5


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Anna, like yesterday woke in Hou Yi's arms in their suite in the Hou Ancestral Home. As she looked at Hou Yi, he was awake and both of them leaned towards each other and gave the other with a gentle kiss. Hou Yi reluctantly pulled back, and noticed the disappointment in Anna's eyes. He quietly said "We are at ancestral home, and anyone could come in an disturb us this morning at any time and we could not prevent it."

Without thinking, Anna said "You better remember you have to make it up to me soon."

"Are you sure?" came the quite but somewhat hopeful question from Hou Yi

"Absolutely, otherwise I would not have said it."

Hou Yi was stunned. Did that mean that Anna really felt something for him. He hoped that that was true, because it would allow him the freedom to tell her how he had felt for months. Maybe, just maybe their relationship had a real chance.

Hou Yi turned and looked at the bedside clock. He noted that it was 8:15am. He turned back to Anna and said "Let me get you up and and into the shower."

"Are you sure that you want to do that?"

"Yes Anna, I do." The leer that she saw on Hou Yi's face, made her realise that he definitely remembered the last time they showered together and while they could not indulge in everything they did he was going to do some things.

Hou Yi helped Anna onto her feet and gave her the crutches, and she made her way across the room to the bathroom. Hou Yi, reached into the wardrobe and grabbed out underwear and clothes to change into once they left the shower. He knew, from talking with Rosemary that a shower chair was already in the large walk-in shower for Anna to sit in while she showered..

Remembering what Rosemary had shown them yesterday, using the supplies that were in the bathroom, the worked together to cover Anna's cast before undressing and Hou Yi helping Anna into the shower chair.

Twenty-five minutes later, Anna pulled away from Hou Yi's lips, "Yi we have been here almost half an hour, I think we better think about getting out of the shower soon."

Hou Yi leaned in again and rather than kissing her lips went for where Anna neck and shoulders met. After kissing here there for a couple of minutes, hearing Anna's moans of passion, her words finally sank in. He reluctantly pulled away and said "You are right."

Hou Yi reached out and turned off the shower, before carefully helping Anna out of the chair and to dry and change. Once Anna was sitting safely, Hou Yi quickly dried himself, and changed before carrying Anna out of the bathroom and helping her to sit in the wheelchair. following her direction, he selected a shoe and put it on Anna's right foot, before putting his own shoes on.

Once they were ready to leave, Hou Yi picked up Anna's crutches, and handed them to her, quietly saying "Anna can you take these while I wheel you out for breakfast." Within about thirty seconds of leaving their suite, a staff member appeared and took the crutches from Anna, and walked ahead of them while Hou Yi wheeled Anna into the casual dining area, where everyone was sitting inside on on the terrace eating their breakfast.

Rosemary, piped up "We were starting to wonder what happened to you two, and if we needed to some in an rescue you."

Anna had ensured there were a couple of cushions behind her in the wheelchair so she reached behind her and grabbed one and then threw it at Rosemary "It is Sunday, we can take what time we like. And what did I tell you yesterday about getting your mind out of the gutter, no the sewer."

Hou Yi, ignored Rosemary's underhanded remark, as he realised that the children would eventually pick up on what was being said. He moved Anna into a position that she could sit at the table, and from the buffet put together a plate for her to eat, before doing the same for them.

Once everyone had their fill Hou Yi glanced at his watch and said "OK anyone who is coming to the Mall, we have ten minutes and the cars will be here."

Rosemary and Rebecca took the children back to their rooms to do their teeth and get ready, Hou Yi sent a staff member to get Anna's handbag, and James looked at him like he was an idiot, as if he would ever go shopping with women. Hou Yi went over and whispered "There are a number of tailors at the Mall, why not get yourself a couple of suits made, and purchase a few clothes tot ake home."

"Why not, if you are paying."

When Anna was given her bag by the staff, he turned to his father and grandparents "We will see you this afternoon. Call me when you are leaving here."

"Will do son, and have fun."

"Shopping with mother and aunt, you have to be kidding, right?"

"Better you and your brother-in-law than me."


Anna laughed at Hou Yi realising what was happening and told James in English. Rather than listening to his wife and brother-in-law laughing at him he wheeled his wife to the front door, and with help got her into the waiting limousine. James climbed in after Hou Yi, and they waited for everyone else to come out, which they did in the next five minutes, and climbed into the three cars. They were driven, to M Mall, along with two cars of bodyguards.

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