Offer to the CEO Chapter 246: Court - Part 15


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Friday, continued …

The Lu's lawyer exited the room and walked back to where Alister Nang was. "My clients are conflicted about the offer and ask can they have the weekend together to consider the proposal. That is not unreasonable. Additionally they request that Madam Hou enter and exit the court room on crutches on Monday, otherwise it has to be agreed that the charges will be completely withdrawn."

"On the first thing, we can agree, however the second has to be subject to medical advice. Let me put that to the court, but forget about the charges be withdrawn if it does not happen."

"Fine, but my client's will be unhappy."

With that, both left to go and get clients for everyone to return to the court room. As Hou Yi, Anna and Rosemary reached the court room doors they noticed Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin barreling along the corridors. Hou Yi, moved the wheelchair with Anna back so that Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin could enter the courtroom first. The smirk on their face made Hou Yi and Anna look at each other. Hou Yi crouched down beside Anna and whispered, "They have something planned."

Anna turned and whispered, "You are right." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek before he stood up, and wheeled her into the court room, followed by Rosemary.

After the judge entered the room, he looked directly at both lawyers and said "Gentleman, what is the progress."

Alister spoke "Sir, we have a written proposal to resolve the matter, but the defendants have requested time over the weekend to review it. Given that, the victims would not have an objection to the first defendant Mr Lu Jinhu being released from jail for this purpose, provided that there is an interim order of the court to protect the first victim.

"Gentleman, before we go further, I want to review this proposal, and then it will be in a form acceptable to the court before otherwise ruling. Can I have a copy please?"

Alister handed a copy to the judge's in court assistant, and the court was quiet for 10 minutes while the judge read through what was there.

"Gentleman, having read this information, I can tell you now, I am reluctant to allow the penalties as set out in the agreement to stand. Both defendants are lucky that they are not facing multiple charges of assault. It appears that it is being agreed for the purposes of resolving the matter that I charge only is proceeded with."

"My preference would be to see Mr Lu jailed, in the circumstances as set out here, for at least 6 months if not a year, and Madam Lu for at least 4 months. However I am well aware that Madam Lu is pregnant, and the sentences sort in the agreement will be taking that into account the impact of prison on her pregnancy and also the impact of a significant period of separation from Mr Lu on that pregnancy."

"I would be proposing that Madam Lu serve between 8 and 12 weeks by way of home detention. That would minimise the potential risks to her pregnancy of any prison sentence, The only times that Madam Lu would be allowed to leave her home would be for a pre-arranged medical appointment, a medical emergency, as required by the police or prison authorities. During that time she will be prevented from having internet access or using social media platforms, and all visitors would have to be pre-approved and at agreed times with prison authorities."

"Finally I would propose that the protection order against Mr Lu should be for longer than your proposed time. Otherwise it is acceptable to the court."

Alister Nang "I will confirm that with the national prosecutors, but I believe it will be acceptable to my clients."

"Sir, my client's will have to consider those changes, and given the different penalties being considered. My clients request that they are both released with the opportunity to consider the proposed penalties over the weekend, with the matter to return back on Monday morning. There are two other matters that they request. Madam Hou hands over her laptop as is now and that on Monday she be required to be in the court precincts on crutches, given that she is allowed to use them to a limited extent."

Alister Nang turned briefly to Anna and Hou Yi, and Anna leaned over and indicated that she would like to speak to the judge. Alister turned back "Sir, Madam Hou has indicated that she would like to speak to you on the matter of the laptop."

"Permission granted"

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