Offer to the CEO Chapter 227: Recovery and Revenge - Part 22


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Hou Yi, pulled up in a car, waiting for the company jet to come to a stop at the private jet terminal. As it did, his driver took him to the foot o the steps. As he was stepping out of the vehicle, another vehicle pulled up, with immigration officials.

"CEO Hou, can you please let me know who is on your company's private jet?"

"My sister-in-law. The jet collected her from Singapore off a commercial flight. She is here to support my wife while she recovers from the incident at the police station on Wednesday that is in the media. Another sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, and nieces and nephews will be coming in next weekend, to provide additional support."

"Thank you. We will hurry through the process for your sister-in-law, and will make a note about next weekend. By the way how is your wife? We heard about it, and when we dealt with you both last week she struck everyone that she was a real treasure."

"She is going well as can be expected, and making progress. I am not sure when she will get out of hospital though."

"I will not keep you CEO Hou, let me go and clear your sister-in-law." With that the immigration official left and boarded the plane. Five minutes later, Rosemary climbed down the steps from the plane, and was met with her bags. At the request of the immigration official, she opened the bags for them to have a quick check of them.

Rosemary walked towards Hou Yi and the driver, walked over to collect Rosemary's bags and took them to place them in the boot. Rosemary, as she arrived to where Hou Yi was standing grabbed in in a hug.

When she let go, she turned around and said "Come on, you better get me to see Anna quick smart, or I will …"


"Kick your butt!"

"Well get into the car, and hopefully we will get there in 30 minutes, subject to traffic."

Rosemary climbed into the car and Hou Yi followed her in. He told the driver to take them to the hospital.

Forty minutes later …

Hou Yi on entry into the VIP floor introduced Rosemary to the on-duty nursing staff. Given two spoke reasonable English they were able to talk to Roesmary about Anna's medical situation. Hou Yi made a note to send Assistant Wang a text to have him on Monday organise a translator to be there to assist Rosemary, given her lack of knowledge of the language.

Hou Yi walked towards the suite and opened the door. He found Anna still asleep and he quietly walked in and sat down in the chair beside his wife. He was excited as tonight was the first night that the staff were going to try Anna sleeping in a normal bed so he could fall asleep easily with his wife beside him. He simple sat down in the chair beside her to await for her to wake up.

Five minutes later Rosemary opened the door and noticed Hou Yi sitting down holding Anna's hand while she slept. She knew that she could not let Anna sleep to much longer, so she walked over and forcefully sat down on the bed, and loudly said "Come on sleepyhead, what is your excuse to be here asleep. I've traveled from home to here, and all you can do is sleep away the day."

"What the ... Rosemary you, you …"

"Lovely person?"

"No, you idiot."

"But you love me, right?"

"I do not know why, but …"

"You do. Come on say it."

"I love you sister."

"Yi, now move your butt. I have spoken to the staff, but I can tell you that you need to organise an interpreter. While the staff I spoke to spoke English, I have to wonder about their training. I asked about the test results and all they told me was that the doctors had reviewed them, so I did not need to. Damn it, it is totally inappropriate to simply rely on 'what the doctor says'."

"I was trained to review the tests and scans myself, not rely on others, as that is when mistakes are made. I will have to have this out with the doctors when they come in, because there is no way that either James, when he gets here, or myself can ensure that we do not make mistakes."

"Calm down Rosemary."

"I will not, when it comes to medical treatment of anyone, let alone my favourite sister-in-law. The amount of screw-up's I have seen. Do these idiots not know, that until I went to part time for the kids, I was the one of the most qualified nurses at the hospital."

"I have my degree, plus post-graduate qualifications and experience in emergency medicine, orthopedics, midwifery, and pediatrics, plus I have worked in the mental health area. God knows what the idiots out there have. S**t. Last week at work, the radiologist missed a damn fracture on an Xray that I picked up as clear as day, mind you he is an idiot."

"Rosemary, just deal with it today, please. Anna had a restless night, and needs to rest today. The doctors are due in tomorrow morning, and we can have it out with them then. I'll leave you two and head home to arrange a few things, before coming back. This week you will stay at our apartment, but when everyone else arrives, it is arranged we will stay with my parents at the ancestral home, where there is more space."

Hou Yi leaned over and kissed Anna gently, and as he started to pull back she reached up with both hands and pulled him back for a deeper kiss, before letting him go. Anna whispered "See you soon."

Hou Yi looked into Anna's eyes and started to sit back down before Rosemary said "See you," and gently pushed him towards the door.
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