Offer to the CEO Chapter 202: Firing Back - Part 8


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Wednesday, continued …

"So I am guessing the resulting dealing with the end of a relationship has been a mess?"

"You can say that. He forged my signature to obtain court orders that he keeps trying to use against me, and is making my life a living hell."

"Anna, you have a husband who, from what I have observed absolutely adores and loves you. Do not give a shit about the idiot that is your ex. Plus he is a ruthless businessman, he will use that power if I am not wrong."

Amanda paused. "Anna, would I be wrong in thinking that the order he obtained through forging your signature is part of the reason for being at the police station. I know the law here, is that if you do not comply with court orders, regardless of where they are obtained, you can in this country be charged with theft. Was that what he was trying to do?"

"How did you guess?"

"While I hope I will become your friend, given your husband and my boyfriend …"

"Soon to be fiancée if I am not wrong"

"That is a wait and see. Your husband and my Tan are friends. More importantly I am a lawyer and I know the law."

There was another pause by Amanda. "I have an idea, if you are willing, and more importantly it will not break the law in any way."

"Have you a deious mind."

"You have to here to survive some of the b**ches in the social circles we both are in. The biggest one is Yang Lin, who believes she is the queen. She targets anyone she considers a threat, and at the moment that is you. However I have seen her time and time again in action. If I can help bring her down, and deal with that b**tard Lu Jinhu I am game. He is slime."

"He was, while in his relationship with you regularly back here, and he always tried to hit on women. He even tried it with me about 12 months ago, and I told him where to go, and when he cornered me and tried to force himself on me I kicked him where it hurt the most. Now getting back to what I have planned, I am going to take a photo of you in bed and post it on social media."

With that Amanda pulled out her mobile phone and took a photo of Anna. Once they were happy with it, she wrote the text. 'Visiting my friend Hou Anna in hospital, after being assaulted last night by her ex and his wife. Due to manipulation of the law, she was assaulted when talking to the police today, ending up in Hospital with concussion and a broken leg. Hopefully justice will be served!"

"Brilliant Amanda. Before you post that what I need to the name I need to search on social media so I can like the post as well."

Amanda took Anna's phone from her and on the various social media platforms found herself and sent friend requests. "OK I am going to post and then will immediately accept your requests, so you can like and share."

Amanda posted the photo and comment onto social media and accepted Anna's requests.

Anna as soon as the post appeared in her feds, liked and shared the post. "Let us see how quickly this goes viral. Actually, I have another idea. Get in here, and we will take a photo with the two of us in it"

They manovered and took a photo of them together that they were happy with. Anna then typed her post to go with it 'Had visit from my friend Amanda. Great to see someone who cares, given what has happened. Justice to be served.'

"Classic. Post it, and I will share it."

Anna immediately posted the photo, and Amanda liked and shared as soon as she saw this.

They simply sat there laughing, and seeing the likes shares and comments, particularly from Amanda's social circle.

"OMG Amanda, this one is brilliant 'Justice will come Yang Lin you b**ch and Lu Jinhu you b**tard. You deserve it and each other.'"

"Anna, the power of social media. You know only a few people here, but most of my friends have been victimised by Yang Lin or Lu Jinhu or both of them. Unlike their usual methods of victimisation, they attacked you in public, and whatever they may claim is the reason for it, it cannot be denied that it occurred. This will allow people to vicariously get some revenge, and they cannot be attacked for sharing and liking the posts."
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