Offer to the CEO Chapter 195: Firing Back - Part 1


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Wednesday, continued …

Hou Yi, had drifted off to sleep, sitting in the chair beside Anna, who slowly started to wake up. She opened her eyes and realised that she was in a hospital bed. She wondered how she had gotten here and remembered Inspector Gang, for want of a better term kicking the sh*t out of her. Anna could not feel much and realised that she had a drip in her arm.

Anna determined it was likely that she was receiving pain killers through the drip. As she tried to sit up more, without disturbing Hou Yi and realised that she was unable to move her left leg. She looked down and found that the blankets on the bed were raised over her left leg, so she carefully lifted the bedcoverings and realised that there was a cast on her leg.

Anna quickly thought, OK, as a result of being kicked, I have a broken leg, and given I cannot recall much, I must have a concussion, so I was taken to hospital. However how long have I been here?

Anna's movement, however disturbed Hou Yi, and he woke up. Once he realised Anna was awake, he reached up with his other hand, and placed his hand on her cheek. Rather than immediately turning to look at Hou Yi, Anna simply slightly moved her head back and forth for a few seconds.

For Anna this was a simple comfort in that the man that she realised she was deeply falling in love with was beside her. She knew that this would make her strong in dealing with the weeks ahead. Anna said to herself, I cannot tell him how I feel. I do not want to risk another rejection. This time, Anna knew any rejection would hurt her so much more than how she felt when Lu Jinhu dumper her at the altar.

To Hou Yi, Anna's actions not only provide comfort, but more importantly reassured him that things would be OK. He felt empowered as the woman he loved was willing to give such a small gesture that gave him so much pleasure and comfort.

Hou Yi knew before she turned her face to look at him, he had to hide his emotions because he knew if Anna rejected him, it would be heartbreak for him, and there would be no hope that his dreams would come true. Plus, he did not want to pressure her in relation to she did not want.

As Anna started to turn her head to Hou Yi, her mobile started to ring, so Hou Yi went into her handbag. Before he handed her the phone it stopped ringing. Anna opened it up and called back the number which she did not recognise, so she decided to call it back.

At the same time, Hou Yi's mobile started to vibrate, so he moved away and answered the mobile.

As Hou Yi answered "Sir …"

"What is it, Assistant Wang?"

"Sorry to disturb you, Lu Jinhu and his father have given statements at a press conference at Lu Corporation Headquarters. To cut a long story short. They have blamed Madam Hou for everything that has occurred, claimed you and Madam Hou are not validly married, and threatened to sue Madam Hou."

"Get me a full transcript of that press conference and put me through to the Public Relation's department now."

"Yes sir."

With that the call went onto hold until someone picked up the call. "CEO Hou, how can the public relation's department help you."

"Have you heard what was said at the Lu Corporation press conference?"

"Sir, why would a Lu Corporation press conference be relevant to Hou Enterprises. As far as I know we have no current collaborations that they are involved in directly or indirectly."

"You know nothing. Transfer me immediately though Wu Hai within the department." This statement made the person on the other end of the phone realise the CEO was so angry, that it could mean their job.

"Hold on Sir, I will do that immediately." With that the phone call was again put on hold.

"CEO Hou, Wu Hai here, how can I help you?"

"Did you know about the Lu Corporation Press Conference?"

"Yes sir, but my supervisor deemed it not necessary to inform senior management."

"You need to immediately speak to Vice-CEO Ji and advise him of the press conference, what was said about my wife and tell him I told you to give him that information. Also mention when telling him that 'Spy hunt', and he will understand this."

Hou Yi paused, more than likely the supervisor or someone else more senior to her within the department was another spy for the Lu's and Yang's. Hopefully Uncle Feng would be able to quickly find the spy, as he did not want them to slip through the net.
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