Offer to the CEO Chapter 191: Back at the hospital


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Wednesday, continued …

Hou Yi was sitting beside Anna, holding her hand, hoping that she would wake up soon. As he had turned his mobile to silent when he arrived at the hospital, when it started to ring, he felt it vibrating in his pocket. He reached into his pocket and removed it, answering it one handed. He gently placed Anna's hand on the bed and moved away to take the call.

"CEO Hou?"

"Assistant Wang, what can I do?"

"Where are you sir, you have a meeting that no one else can deal with in 20 minutes."

"Assistant Wang, I cannot come in. Can you call whoever the meeting is and get them to call my mobile and I will explain the situation to them."

"Sir, you really cannot do that, you need to come in. I have put off everything else, that Vice-CEO Ji cannot deal with. By the way why are you talking quietly."

"Assistant Wang. Do not argue with me, I am not in the mood. My wife is in the hospital after being beaten at the police station when she was attempting to cooperate with the police. She us unconscious with a broken leg in hospital."

"Whoever it is, will understand that I need to be with her at the moment. Just get them to call me. I am going to be with her until the weekend, at least, so arrange and bring me what I need to deal with, my laptop, and Anna's laptop for when she awakes. The bodyguards know where I am."

"Apologies Sir, I will do that straight away."

Hou Yi ended the call and looked at Anna. He was just so angry, yes at the police who caused this, but he knew ultimately who was behind everything. Lu Jihnu and Yang Lin had to pay. They influenced what was happened and his wife was hurt as a result. He was done trying to be nice, and separate business from the personal. Lu Corporation was now a fair target …

Again, Hou YI was disturbed with his mobile vibrating again. He answered it "Sir we have arrived at the hospital, can you let us know your location?"

"In the VIP ward. I'll let the nursing staff know you are on your way up, and they will give you pass cards."

"Not a problem sir."

Hou Yi ended the call, and quietly slipped out of the room. He immediately spotted one of the nurses. "I have just been informed that my wife and my bodyguards have arrived, and they are on their way up here."

"Not a problem CEO Hou. We will let them in and arrange for pass cards. You can have three bodyguards inside the area at any one time. We will explain the rules to them and resolve it. Did you need us to arrange for meals to be catered?"

"Actually, that will be easier today. I will be arranging for our personal chef to come in and consult with whoever is needed to be consulted with for my wife's meals. Once they have done this, I will make a decision on what we will do."

"Not a problem CEO Hou."

With that Hou Yi immediately turned and re-entered the room. Again his mobile started vibrating, so again he answered it "CEO Hou, it is CEO Yao from XF International here. You assistant just rang me about our meeting."

"Sorry CEO Yao, I have to apologise for cancelling at such late notice. I am sure you know what happened last night?"

"Absolutely, I saw what happened, and I could not believe it. Nothing justified that."

"Let me just say that things got worse today. My wife was helping police with their inquiries, and she was, savagely attacked. She received a broken leg, cuts and abrasions, but wort of all she is currently unconscious in hospital. I do not want to leave her side until she is awake and well on the road to recovery."

"I had no idea. Do you know who is to blame?"

"While it was a police officer, I suspect that the officer was spurred into action by …"

"Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin?"


"Any evidence of that?"

"No, but based on the information I have presently, the police were given incorrect information that could only have been supplied by them, which set the wheels in motion."

"Look, you have my number. Call me next week to re-schedule the meeting. You are where you need to be. However, if you have and confirming information about Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin being responsible let me know. While we collaborate with Lu Corporation, I do not care what it does if it causes harm to us, I cannot stand for assaulting women."

"Will do."

Hou Yi ended the call, and walked back in sat down beside Anna, waiting for her to wake up.

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