Offer to the CEO Chapter 190: So who do we believe?


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Wednesday, continued …

After Inspector Gang was escorted out of the interview room the two investigators stood up. "Mr Nang, would you please accompany us. We have further discuss matters with you and wish to review the recordings with you."

"Not a problem, sirs"

With that they all left the interview room and walked out of the police station and across the road into another government building and took the elevator up to the 8th Floor. Alister Nang followed the investigators into a secure area that was accessed by card. He, as they walked inside the secure door, handed a "Visitor" pass, and followed the investigator into a meeting room.

"Mr Nang, before we get too far, we need to try and establish the facts in relation to the charges. We will be arranging to speak to Officer Mu, who but the sounds of it knows a lot about the situation. However, we need to clarify certain information."

"Sir, I have a spare copy of CEO and Madam Hou's marriage certificate and of their household registers. With that he reached into his bag, and drew out two envelopes, handing the one with the word 'COPY' on it to the officers. "Here are the originals so you can confirm the copies."

With that the senior investigator opened the envelope and compared the copies within to the originals.

Alister Nang continued "I can provide you with a recording of the issuing of CEO and Madam Hou's marriage certificate; sealed copies of all materials filed with the Australian Courts appealing against the orders that Inspector Gang was mentioning; an electronic copy of the most recently Australian issued court order; A transcript from the court upon issuing that order and written reasons for the court's decision."

"I also can provide an email from CEO Hou's bank confirming the purchase of the rings; copies of the CCTV footage from the Key Plaza Hotel and Fengs with confirmation that they are original recordings; along with a statement from Dr Chen Phillipa a world leading expert in Domestic Violence."

"Dr Chen is a friend of CEO Hou but given what Vice-CEO Lu Jinhu has put Madam Hou through, CEO Hou arranged for Dr Chen to consult them in a professional capacity. Dr Chen's statement, which I understand that she is willing to sign, puts forward her opinion in relation to disclosure of Vice-CEO Lu's actions to Madam Hou."

Alister Nang paused "Gentleman, I believe that this will provide sufficient information to you, that deals with the allegations put forward by Vice-CEO and Madam Lu, regarding Madam Hou's actions."

"Thank you, Mr Nang. Now, while we have our opinion as to who is telling the truth from Inspector Gang and Senior Officer Feng, we would be interested to hear your opinion."

"Cutting to the chase, I see."

"Absolutely. We need to address the situation quickly before it becomes a major issue."

"Gentlemen, the problem is how close their stories are. That makes it almost impossible to distinguish the lie from the truth. I thought it was interesting though that Inspector Gang freely offered to undertake a lie detector test. It means one of two things, he knows he is telling the truth or he knows he has the skills to defeat the test. I am not sure which option applies."

"My knowledge of Inspector Gang's previous actions would lead me to suspect that he is lying, however, Senior Officer Fang refused to maintain eye contact for too long with anyone. That adds to the confusion. Unless there is a series of traceable bank transfers, I do not think that there will be a clear answer, unless the Lu's admit their behaviour or confirm who offered to take the bribe. I am glad that I do not have to make a decision."

"Mr Nang, just for our information what do you believe CEO and Madam Hou would want to see happen to Inspector Gang for his assault on her?"

"While I do not have instructions from either, but knowing CEO Hou and given Madam Hou is a lawyer both would be likely to want to see him punished. He does seem genuine, however, about wanting his career. If his career could be saved it would be better if he was removed from a senior post and sent to a regional area for a period of time. That will test his commitment, as if he is not committed, he will simply quit."

"Thank you. My colleague will show you out, but we will keep you informed of what is happening so you can advise your clients."

With that the junior of the tow investigators handed Alister Nang a card, with an email address to send the documents to, and showed him out of the secure area. On his return, his senior colleague asked "So who do you believe?"

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