Offer to the CEO Chapter 189: Admissions? - Part 5


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Wednesday, continued …

"What happened next?"

"To cut a long story short, Miss Jones was arrested, the rings secured, and a deal made with Mr Nang to secure the electronic devices. Miss Jones was transported back here and brought into this room for questioning. Senior Officer Fang made it clear to be before the recording was started that I had to ensure we did what he agreed to do for Vice-CEO Lu or he would report me for corruption. That, given my past history of messing thing up would be the end of my career. Despite all appearances to the contrary I actually enjoy this job."

"Senior Officer Fang started the recording of the interview. However, Miss Jones was extremely uncooperative. She wanted to argue every little point. For example, despite us not being able to find any evidence of her marriage to CEO Hou she was insistent that we call her Madam Hou. This went in circles."

"She and I started to argue over everything in the interview. Once we settled on me calling her Miss Jones, we they started arguing over the orders. I advised her I had possession of the Australian Court orders that indicated certain electronic devices belonged to Vice-CEO Lu. Miss Jones then wanted to argue over the law which applies. Her actions were such that they were designed to be provocative."

"The interview should have taken a short period of time as I had the various evidence that confirmed allegations, but she refused to admit anything. She kept pushing, and I admit that I snapped, and overreacted. Yes, I expect accused to react and challenge me, but underlying the situation they cooperate with the process. Miss Jones was only out to do one thing cause trouble. I did not mean what happened to happen. That I have to accept responsibility for, but it was nothing else."

Inspector Gang paused "Oh I forgot, just before I snapped, Senior Officer Fang reminded me that I had so far failed, and if I did not get results he would ensure everyone heard that I had taken a bribe in this case and would ensure the evidence could be found that proved this, despite me not doing it."

He turned to Alister Nang "Mr Nang, can you please extent my apologise to CEO Hou and Miss Jones. I should not have snapped, and for that I am quite willing to take my punishment. All I ask is that I be given a chance to prove my sincerity.

The senior Investigator, then spoke "Inspector Gang, why should we believe you over and above Senior Officer Fang, who has stated you were the one who engaged in corrupt behaviour?"

"I have admitted that I messed and taken responsibility for my actions. I know that I will have disciplinary action to deal with what I did. I am quite willing to take a lie detector test that will prove that I am not lying as to the events. I am betting Senior Officer Fang did not offer to do that."

"What Senior Officer Fang did or did not agree to do is not open for debate. Given your willingness to undertake a lie detector test, we will arrange for this to occur, and that will be recorded as well.

Both investigators talked quietly to each other, before both investigators indicated that at this time, they had no further questions.

The senior investigator, handed Inspector Gang, paperwork headed Rights and responsibilities regarding investigation. He then stated "Inspector Gang, you will be required to fully read, sign and acknowledge all the rights and responsibilities. However, we now warn you until we finalise our investigations, you are not to talk to any other person about what you have said to us."

"If you reveal anything without authorisation you will face charges for interference in this investigation, and immediately be stripped of your rank and duties as a police officer until further investigations are done. We will, also provide you a transcript and copy of the recording of your statement. We will require you to sign this, upon its provision. Do you understand this? Will you sign the paperwork?"

"Yes Sir." With that inspectors, spent a few minutes reading the paperwork and handed it back to the investigators.

"Inspector Gang, you will be taken back to where you were being held until we make a preliminary determination as to what we are going to do."

With that the recording was stopped, the copies were placed with Inspector Gang's paperwork and he was escorted out of the room.

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