Offer to the CEO Chapter 150: Thank God Tuesday's gone - Part 9


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** Warning Highly sexualised behaviour. Persons under 18 should reconsider their need to read the chapter **

Wednesday, continued ...

Hou Yi, was struggling to keep awake, but knew that he needed to respond to the rest of the texts as quickly as possible, before he got further distracted with Anna again. He started to read the texts in a way Anna could see them, and his final message.

He then turned to the three messages from his Dad and read those 'Dad. Anna is still shaken about what happened, but we are OK, but I absolutely need to be away from the company for a few days. Can you help Uncle Feng, but if there is something you cannot do, let me know and I will try and come in. We will try to come home tonight so you can see us.'

There were about 70 messages from his mother and aunt, starting from last night, and becoming more and more desperate that neither he or Anna had responded to them. 'Mum, Aunty. We are OK. We know you love us, but we need alone time. ...' When he typed that, Anna reached up and gave him a passionate kiss.

As Hou Yi pulled away, he quietly said "Anna, do you know if I do not respond to these texts, I cannot focus on you." He reached down and lifted her face up to him for another passionate kiss.

As they pulled apart, Anna said "Well hurry up, we have more important things to do."

Hou Yi continued the test to his mother and aunt 'Your darling daughter, as you call my wife is OK, shaken but OK. What about your darling son and nephew? If you want to know I am coping. It was a shock to me that they did that, and I feel ashamed that I did not react to protect her. Do not worry, please. We need time alone. We will try and come home to see you all tonight. If Anna wants to talk, I will get her to call you. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT show up here, it is the last thing that we need, despite how we love you.'

Hou Yi was surprised that he even received a text message from both his grandmother and grandfather. While both had mobile phones, he knew that they only used them to call. The refused to text anyone as they viewed that if people wanted to communicate with them, they should call them. To go to the extent of sending a message each, they must be worried, so he decided to send them a short message, so they knew they were OK. 'Grandmother and Grandfather. We are OK and will try and come to see you tonight.'

The last 3 messages he needed to respond to were from Phillipa about a further session 'Pip. I have only just woken up. Anna is still asleep. Once she is awake and we are up, we will call.' He figured what she did not know about what they were doing, did not matter.

As soon as that message was sent, he received a notification 'Yi, I told you not to call me Pip. Now get yourself downstairs now. I am here in your lounge and have been here since 9am. Once you are ready wake your wife, and come and talk to me first, before she gets down here. I will not take no for an answer, and if I do not see you in 15 minutes, I will be up there pounding on your bedroom door until you get out of bed.'

'Fine Pip. Give me 20 minutes.' Damn, Hou Yi knew that they could not continue what they were doing, otherwise Phillipa would carry out her threat. He was hoping that the could spend some more time here in their bed, before finally getting out of bed, and then possibly ...

Anna realised that Hou Yi was distracted by the message on his mobile, and for her that would not do. She reached over and dropped the mobile on the bedside table. Dealing with any responding text could wait. There was something more important that she needed from her husband here and now. She needed to tell him, again with her actions how she felt about him as the words could not come out of her mouth.

Hou Yi realised, when he saw the desire in his wife's eyes and felt her rubbing her body against his. Phillipa, the world could wait. He needed to reaffirm to his bride that she was safe and communicate with her through his actions how he felt. He started kissing her down her body, and knew that this time, he was going to make her reach her peak at least twice this time, firstly through oral s*x and then ...[use your imagination as to what was happening here]

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