Not so ordinary life Chapter 15: Her plan


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Next day...
Mauka invited jin to go with her to a restaurant. Jin agreed.
As the plan was that mauka will take jin to a boy's love themed restaurant and will leave him there alone by making some ascuses. And then she can prove the real colours of jin.
So she took jin with her. Miaka and lee followed them screctly.
According to her plan she do the same, luckily the restaurant was moreover empty.
Jin was sitting there for half an hour silently he only ordered a cup of coffee.
Lee said "Isn't it proved that he is not a gay, you both can see clearly that he is not feeling comfortable sitting there.
Mauka" we have waited for such time lets wait a little longer.
Miaka was agreed with mauka so lee also agreed.
After some more time jin starts to talk with one of the waiter of the restaurant comfortable. As it was clearly that the waiter is a gay by his looks and actions.
One hour later jin stands up to exit from the restaurant but then he foot backs and give that waiter his number and also blinked at him.
Lee and miaka were shocked. Mauka's expressions were clearly saying that i proved what i said. They all went behind jin. He goes back to the hotel.
Two day passes but nothing new happened and they came back to their house as school holidays were finished.
Several days passed smoothly also nothing happened in their lives.

Now it was jin's birthday and he invited all of his school as it was grand party. All of them gathered and wished jin. Only one person was not present their, he was lee. Miaka and mauka were drinking some juice and were talking about why didn't lee came. A few moments later lee entered the room and mauka and miaka were shocked because someone was behind lee.who should not have to be there.......
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