Not quite there (My hero academia fanfiction) Chapter 9: Get out of here!


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Yurona's eyes widened as she started up at a familiar face, one that haunted her dreams. It was him, the man from the interrogation, the very man who sent her here.

"To check up on me? What the hell does that mean?! What could I do anyway? I'm just a quirkless weakling!" She stared down at her hands, "I can't even leave this place..."

He laughed. It was cruel, yes, he hated her but he didn't need to laugh at her pain. At her misery.

"Quirkless? That's what you think? You aren't quirkless!" Her eyes shot up to his face, wide, unblinking, almost scared. He knew her quirk? "What is it?" She burst out.

"You'll find out soon enough, I won't ruin the surprise. Finding out you have a quirk is always a memorable experience!"

"Please! I need to know! If I'm going to be in this class, I need to succeed at something! Just tell me how to use it... Tell me what to do!"

He turned away and started to leave. "I won't tell you anything. It's too dangerous."

She bared her teeth, letting out an angered growl. "Fine! Then leave! Just get out of here!"

In seconds, he was gone.

"Damn it...." She muttered. Her only hope of succeeding in this school had just slipped through her fingers. She had no place here, she was useless. No potential as a hero.

The classroom slowly filled up, student after student pouring in and eventually, the teacher arrived. Yurona was in no mood to listen to whatever they had to say, not that she ever did. So she just sat there, half asleep, staring blankly at the teacher.

'God... This is so boring.' She thought to herself, 'Maybe failing this school wouldn't be so bad, at least I wouldn't have to just sit here day in, day out.'

It was then that the teacher said something Yurona actually heard, "We have another transfer today! I know, two in one go is a lot but be nice to him."

Her eyes widened as she saw who entered and she let out a loud sigh of annoyance. "Again? Really?" She mumbled quietly.

That's right, it was him again. Her very own interrogator. He introduced himself as Shuhei. An obvious lie, there was no way that was his name, she could tell.

"Shuhei, go sit at the back beside Yurona." She let out another grumble. Why beside her? It was bad enough sitting at the back by herself but with him sitting there with her it would be a thousand times worse.

"But Aizawa! There aren't any more seats back here!" She spoke up, raising her hand as well as her voice.

"Right... Yaoyorozu? Could you create us a seat?" She did so instantly, probably wanting to impress the teacher but ultimately just managed to stick a pesf beside Yurona.

"Hi... Shuhei." She emphasised the name, he knew she didn't believe him. "Tell me, how do you look so much younger than you are?" He sent her a glare and focused his attention on the teacher.

During the entire lesson, he only said one thing, "If you ever try anything... I'll be here to stop you."

"What could I even do? I mean honestly, at the moment, I'm quirkless, weak and I have no memories of anything in my life. What on earth will you have to stop? You think way too highly of me!" She laughed slightly, "It's kinda flattering, makes me feel better about all my shortcomings."

The end of the lesson came quickly and soon enough, so did the end of the day. Whilst everyone rushed out of the school to go back home, Yurona waited for Aizawa, after all, she had a training session to attend.

Yurona could not be less excited about this session. Her mind kept wondering what he would think about her weakness, her lack of a quirk, her untalented attacks. She feared the worst, that she would be expelled in that very instant. She couldn't just leave though. That would probably be a much worse idea.

Aizawa took his time but eventually, he arrived in front of her. "You came." He started blandly and a part of her felt like she shouldn't have, those words confirmed that she didn't need to and that he didn't expect her to. She had made the wrong choice.

"That's good. What you will learn here, will keep you at this school. For better or for worse. After all, you're my student now and it would be disgraceful if you failed." Yurona nodded. She was ready.
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