Not quite there (My hero academia fanfiction) Chapter 8: God you’re pathetic


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Yurona sat in the cubicle, legs tucked up with her arms wrapped around them, hugging them tightly, almost hoping they would burst and kill her. "God, you're pathetic..." She muttered to herself, rubbing the tears from her eyes that were now red and puffy.

She sniffled, wiping the last tear from her face. "Is someone in there?" She froze. Shit! She couldn't say anything, then she would have to come out and they would see her with her gross red eyes and snotty nose.

Her hand clamped around her mouth as she attempted to silence everything, even her heavy breathing.

"Hello?" Yurona heard noises, the sound of cubicle doors being pushed open and her eyes flashed to the lock. It was undone!

Yurona quickly reached out for the lock and slammed it shut. Letting out a sigh of relief, she stared blankly at the door. It didn't make any noise, they hadn't pushed it open but a pair of feet stayed, frozen outside of it.

"You're in there, huh?" Silence.

"Come on, you can come out, just tell me what's wrong? Maybe I can help!"

"You can't..." She whispered, not expecting to be heard.

"You don't know that! Let me try to help you."

The door slowly swung open and Yurona returned to sitting on the lid of the toilet. "How?"

"I'm not sure I understand, what are you asking?"

Her eyes trailed up to the girl's face, a gleam of sadness settling in the bottom of them, "How could you help?"

She smiled softly, "Just tell me what happened?"

"It's not like anything in particular happened... I'm just so pathetic and weak and I don't know how I'm going to survive being in the hero course when I don't even have a quirk! I just... I just don't want to be here! I'm tired of being told what to do! I want to leave and figure out what I want to do on my own. I... I... I hate it here. Everyone's so nice and I'm not worth it. How can they like me when they don't know who I am?"

She looked down at Yurona, brushing some black hair from her face and frowned slightly. "It doesn't matter that you don't have a quirk, you know. I'm sure you have other skills, my quirk isn't anything special, I just have to rely on my intelligence and if you want people to know you and like you, just show them who you really are, let them get to know you." The girl formed a box of tissues and passed it to Yurona, who had even more tears building up in the corner of her eyes.

"I don't think that's true," Yurona mumbled.


"I think your quirk is amazing, I mean, being able to create things would come in very useful. You just aren't looking at the big picture..." She trailed off, staring down at the box in her hands. "And... And they can't get to know me."

"Why not? What's going on Yurona?"

Yurona's head rose rapidly and her eyes widened slightly, she hadn't introduced herself yet, how did this girl know her name? "You know me?" She asked slowly, a spark of hope growing in her voice.

This hope was struck down, "Of course, you're in my class, everyone there knows you. You made quite the scene with Bakugou, which was actually a rather poor move, now Aizawa hates you. Why did you sound so happy about the fact that I knew you?"

Yurona's eyes fell to the floor, "It doesn't matter. I should probably ask for your name, not doing so would be rude..."

She smiled, "My name is Momo Yaoyorozu! It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sorry you're feeling so down, especially since it's only your second day."

Yurona nodded. "Yeah, we should probably head to class, I'm tired of sitting in this cubicle." She rose to her feet and then held the tissues out to Yaoyorozu, "Thanks... For the tissues... and the advice, it was nice of you."

After that, Yurona ran off, leaving Yaoyorozu behind, in the bathroom.

She arrived at class quickly and took her place in her seat. No one was here yet. She was all alone.

Her eyes drew to door subconsciously, waiting for anyone to enter. "Please don't be Kirishima." She begged, feeling bad for her behaviour before.

After a minute or so, someone finally entered and Yurona's eyes widened, "You!" She hissed aggressively, "What are you doing here?! How did you even get in here? What the hell is going on?!"

"I'm checking up on you, just in case you remember something."
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