Not quite there (My hero academia fanfiction) Chapter 10: The Tournament


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Yurona had gone to the training session, she'd done all of the tasks, everything required of her and yet here she was, the day of the tournament just as pathetic and quirkless as before. It was humiliating. How was she ever going to be a hero if she fails so badly at this tournament? Everyone up there watching, laughing, thinking she's such a horrible student.

Yurona sat there in her bed, eyes staring across the room. Jesus, she was dreading it so much that her entire body was telling her to just go back to sleep, to not go in today and she might have listened if the events of today didn't hold her future at UA in its hands.

Her mind flashed back to the conversation after her training.

~The previous day~

Yurona walked away from Aizawa, he had let her go for the night, deeming it a waste of energy to continue especially considering the big events of tomorrow.

As she walked, she spotted a figure leaning against the wall beside her. She turned, looking him dead in the eye. "Why are you back here? Do you want to get killed?! I swear to God if you keep stalking me, I will kill you."

He grinned at her, "I just wanted to say one thing."

"Well then get it over with so you can leave!"

'Shuhei' approached her, putting his face close to hers and giving her an evil grin. "I know your sort, cowards, the lot of you! So you better be at the tournament tomorrow, instead of running away from anything you don't think you can do. If you're not, I'm taking my decision back, I'll take you out of UA and you'll go back to where you were before that. Remember? It wasn't a nice experience, was it? So... Be a hero! A proper one! And prove me wrong." Then, he walked away, putting a hand up as an almost backwards wave.


Yurona snapped from her thoughts, throwing her pillow at the wall. "That fricking bastard! How dare he threaten me! I'll show him! I'll be the best hero he's ever been and I'll shove it in his face! I'll prove to him, he's wrong." She stood up, tossing the pillow over her shoulder for it to land on the bed.

She stormed out, eyebrows furrowed and lips pulled down into a heavy frown. This made her furious. She would not go back there! Ever!

~At The Sports Festival~

"Representing the students is Katsuki Bakugo from Class 1-A!" Yurona let out an audible sigh, earning a glare from Bakugo, who passed her on his way to the microphone.

"What? It's Kacchan!" Deku asked, visibly shocked and almost horrified at this revelation.

"That guy did finish first in the entrance exam."

"In the hero course..." A girl from a different course shot us a hateful look. "It's obvious she hates us." Sero mumbled quietly. Did that make him unhappy? Did he really care what others thought? How foolish!

"Who cares if she hates us? She's just jealous that she didn't have the talent to get into the hero course! Be happy that you did!" Yurona hissed, she was fed up of everyone's stupidity, they shouldn't be wallowing or playing victims, they should just be proud of their skill. Many others would go through hell to have that talent.

"You're right!" The boy with red and white hair muttered, "We do have the necessary skill, we did manage to get into this course but what did you do? Nothing! That's what! You just appeared! No test, no proof that you're worth your place. You don't deserve to be in this class, not yet at least!"

"Excuse me?! I don't deserve to be here, I didn't pass a test? Well neither did you! Mr Recommendation! If I don't deserve this spot, neither do you!" She yelled, "Oh, sorry, is daddy's approval enough for you, he's a hero right? I guess that's why you think you deserve this spot! Do you plan on just riding along on his fame? One day you'll have to do something on your own and you know what? I think you'll be a quivering little boy, no clue what to do without your dad!" That seemed to strike a nerve.

"Shut up! You have no idea what you're talking about!" He yelled, sending a blade of ice shooting through the air towards her. Her hands shot up, bracing for impact. Nothing happened.

Allowing her eyes to peer up at the ice, she was shocked at what she saw, or didn't see. Rather than a jagged spike of ice, flying through the air, Yurona saw a faded blur of white and blue. Her hand twitched and the blur moved with it.

Yurona blinked. What had just happened? Did she do that? She straightened up, stared Todoroki in the eyes and straightened out her arm in his direction, the blur followed, rocketing towards him.
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