Nii-chan is The Best!! Chapter 7: Nameless Being


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After covering the naked man in my room, we settled down in the garden this time. I fanned my still blushing tomato face, trying to erase any dirty thoughts on such a magnificent handsome man.

Don't judge! I was once 30 years old you know.

My brother sour expression stared at the his sword turned into humanoid form, clearly displeased. Meanwhile Ace inspected our new creatures cautiously, his rigid form tense and ready to fight if anything happens.

The man stayed firm in his place, eyes unwavering as he gazed at me. Despite the scrutiny and tense vibe, his demeanor is calm and confident. I started sweating from the intensity of his gaze alone, he looked intimidating just like my brother.

I coughed loudly, gaining the attention of everybody in the space. "So... Um, please introduce yourself?" I glimpsed at the man, gesturing him to start talking.

Oh man was it going to be another long discussion.

The man straightened his posture, "I apologizes for my rudeness, especially my unexpected advancement in my lady's room." He bowed showing his apology, "I am the result of the merge between both blade. I am nameless and masterless, and I can not choose my master yet, but I will do my best to be of service for my owner and my lady."

"And why do you think you could be any use?" Nii attempted to intimidate the former katana I shall call Katana-san.

"Despite being a sword I have high level of martial arts mastery, and I specialize in magic. Which means I can teach my lady here instead that brat of a knight you choose as an instructor." Katana-san didn't even try to hide his discontent at Ace.

"Hahaha, a suspicious guy who randomly popped out naked at a lady room want to be missy instructor? I don't think you are qualified as I do." Ace also didn't hide his dislike at all, smiling at katana-san with his scary fake smile.

Both male stood and scowled at each other face, I could feel the testosterone from miles away. I think my brother presence was the only thing stopping them both from a full out war, they kinda look like a guard dog fighting with each other right now.

"Quiet." My brother commanded, and immediately both of them returned to their chair.

Definitely like dogs.

"You'll be under surveillance for weeks, teach my sister something useful or I will throw you out." Nii resolved the problem. Not wanting to waste his time with his irritating aide, he gesture me to follow him as he leaved the place.

I leave the place and hoped the best for the garden, may it survive under the attacks of two psycho.


A week later and after uncountable fights between Clyde and Ace, finally both of them settled with a treaties to not fight near me or at important moment. I returned to my crazy training with Ace, who was acting a little weird.

Also my lesson with that man started today.

"Do you understand, my lady?" Clyde, who finally accepted the name I gave him, asked me after explaining how to truly use magic.

Long explanation summary is, we have organ creating mana, and to use magic with its maximum potential we have to flow it directly from the organ instead of using slight mana scattered around our body. He also explained magic is all about the will and creativity to use it, so there's actually no limitation but there is also no stability when using it. Which mean creation of something have less chance to be repeated.

Unexpectedly Clyde is a great teacher unlike someone, his teaching is detailed and easy to understand, but he uses too much word for a single topic. I zoned out most of his speech and focused on the important and interesting part. My brain have no time to sort all those information Clyde gave.

Realizing I was ignoring Clyde, I nodded to show I understand. He sighed in relief, as if taking care of me have not been an easy job. Well, I agree that's not an easy job, sorry about that Clyde.

Suddenly a question popped in my mind, "Clyde, why is it possible for you to turn to humanoid being? Did you have emotion when you was just a sword?" I was really curious about Clyde case, he was abnormality in my ordinary life. Even now I have no idea how to treat this stern gentlemen.

Clyde gave a small smile and began his long explanation again, great I was already regretting asking. "Same as all being or object in this world, I was once an ordinary sword, but I became conscious of my surrounding because I absorbed a lot of life force that come from dead body. I was always conscious about people who used me and their surrounding, but I have slight emotion capacity. I could only feel thirst of blood, pride, or simply boredom. Complicated thoughts was also something I received little by little. The merging gave me a lot of life force which cause me to turn into humanoid form. I will not be able to return as sword but I still need master as all blade do."

That actually make sense, because there's life force and other energy in this world. The possibilities are endless to the point even an object can evolve.. I curiously inspected Clyde, its incredible how human like he is, even though he was once a weapon. "Why are you looking for a master Clyde?"

Clyde eyes widened before it came contact with mine, "I am a sword, an object who wish to be of use for my master. Despite being a human now, I still need a master or I will have no purpose to live." He contemplated while brushing my hair, Clyde is definitely a companion I wouldn't mind to have.
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