New World New Life Chapter 91: Pay The Fine


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Old Chon shook his head. "That includes ensuring his safety and wellbeing. The Baron is an ageing man with bad knees. He wouldn't survive your lashings."

Vy looked at Old Chon, this was a man who had passed his prime years ago. Baron Koufer and his butler were almost the same age. She gave Old Chon a hand and helped him up. The old man took a while to regain his balance and thanked Vy for her help. 

"Caster, provide Old Chon and the Baron with a typewriter and some papers so that they can send a letter back to the Baron's household for them to bring the fine," Vy instructed. 

"What about the lashings, milady?" Caster asked. 

Vy paused for a while in thought, "I've changed my mind. There will be no lashings."

Having said that, Vy took her to leave, together with Lycster and Elette. As she was about to exit the courtroom, Old Chon caught up with her. 

He bowed deeply and thanked her, "Thank you milady. I apologise for the harm we have caused you." 

Old Chon turned to Lycster as well and apologised, "I would like to apologise to you as well, Lycster, on behalf of the Baron."

Vy gave him a soft smile and a nod before leaving, and Lycster did the same. The old butler's words felt genuine enough to Lycster, and he was willing to accept the apology. Although the memories of what happened still plagued him like a nightmare, the apology helped lift a heavyweight off his heart. 


"Milady, you have guests." Caster said after entering Vy's office.

As the mayor of Timbretune, Vy had an office in the Administration Building. While most matters were left in Caster's care, some documents required her personal attention. She took off her glasses and looked up at him. 

"Is it the Baron's people?" Vy asked. 

Caster nodded. 

Vy leaned back in her chair, "Send them in, I will meet them here."

Caster bowed and left to carry out Vy's orders. As soon as he left, she stood up from her seat and walked over to the sofa seats that were set up in front of her work desk. She poured herself a cup of hot tea before leaning into the sofa while she waited. Dotty sat on the edge of her work table, dangling her legs off the edge. 

Dotty was humming a tune with a smile on her face. 

\u003cVy, what would you do if they come here looking for a fight?\u003e

Vy chuckled, she had thought about that before. The news of what happened in the courtroom travelled far beyond Timbretune. Instead of driving away merchants, the effects were quite the opposite. It would seem the common folk had long disliked the way most nobles way of business. 

-If they bring the firepower to match, I will be able to match it. Even if it means I have to reveal my more beastly form.-

Vy was not an unfair judge either.

After letting the Baron spend two nights in a dark cell, he was now arranged to stay in a room with full amenities. Although it was not grand by any means, all of his basic necessities were met. Old Chon was also given the same treatment. 

It had been 4 days since the courtroom incident, and it was about time the Barn's entourage arrived. As per Vy's decree, most of them would not be allowed to enter Timbretune. Only 2 people were allowed to enter. 

Just as she placed her cup of tea down on the table, there was a knock on the door. 

"Come in," Vy called out. 

The doors opened and in walked Caster, leading two people in. Both of them bowed respectfully to Vy before she invited them to take a seat on the sofa. As the two took their seats, they also placed a small chest on the table. 

The taller of the two, who wore a black suit spoke first, "It is our pleasure to meet you, Miss Vyrena. As requested, here are the 5 gold dragons that you have requested."

The shorter man opened the lid of the small chest so that Vy could verify that the golden dragons were in the chest. With her keen sense of hearing, she could hear hissing. 

Gold Dragons do not hiss. 

-Did they take me for a fool?-

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