New World New Life Chapter 54: New Form, New Abilities


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-A raven? Why does that sound familiar.-

A memory flashed past Vy's mind, causing her head to spin a little. She lied back down on the bed and looked out the window. The sun was high in the sky.

-Dotty, how long did that take me?-

\u003cNot too long! About two hours.\u003e

It was longer than finding her wolf, but that was fair. After all, mastering the power of flight was a lot tougher. Recalling the size of her wolf form, she wondered if her raven form would be the same. Looking at the skill map that Dotty had provided her, she realised that it was possible to resize her form.

-If only I had looked at this sooner! I could have practised all these in the Green Forest. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.-

Vy also looked through the skills she had as a raven. The power of flight was useful, but what she was more intrigued was the skill known as 'Control Dive'. She asked Dotty for an explanation on the skill.

\u003cControl Dive allows you to replace the consciousness of the selected animal, which corresponds to your animal forms. I would recommend you to try out with Ravens first. Bird brains are a lot easier to take over, compared to wolves.\u003e

-That makes sense, thank you Dotty! You are most helpful.-

\u003cYou flatter me, Vy! I'm glad to be able to help! I can't wait for you to master your..\u003e

Before Dotty could finish her sentence, there was a knock on the door. Vy did not recall calling for any service, she wondered who it might be.

"Who is it," Vy called out from the comforts of her bed.

"Good Morning Miss Blackfire. My name is Kuzo, I am here to deliver your breakfast set. The receptionist, Miss Rosie has asked for us to deliver it to you. She said that it's the least she could do to make up for what happened yesterday," the voice beyond the door said.

While she was cautious and suspected if this might have been a ruse, Vy gave the benefit of the doubt and opened the door. A young chirpy elf carried a plate of food and drinks into the room and placed it on the dining table.

Once his job was done, he bowed to Vy and left the room. Vy could see that they had prepared quite a spread for her.

There were mini chocolate croissants, ham and cheese sandwich, a glass of orange juice and a pot of tea and coffee. There was even a small fresh fruit platter. At the side of the tray was a small folded note. Vy picked it up and read it's contents. Her heart was filled with warmth from Rosie's kindness. She had asked the chefs to prepare breakfast for her!

At the bottom of the note, was a small message written in smaller characters. It read: Miss Fontaine asked for the fruits to be added. Suspicious, Vy used her heightened sense of smell to sniff each of the dishes. When it came to the fruits, something did not smell right.

-Dotty, are you able to see if there is poison in this dish?-

Dotty circled round the plate of fruits and came back to Vy.

\u003cI'm sorry, but I'm afraid not. But something seems to have been added onto the fruits.\u003e

Looks like Rosie's warning was true, someone tempered with it. Leaving the plate of fruits on the side, Vy enjoyed the rest of the breakfast. She poured herself a cup of hot tea and took a sip. The fragrance permeated her senses and instantly relaxed her mind. The chocolate croissants were still warm and crispy as she took a bite into them.

Once she was done with her meal, Vy changed back into her regular clothes and left the room. She locked the room door and went out of the hotel. Looking at the map, she found the antique market swiftly and made her way there. While it was still early in the day, each of the stalls had already begun to display their products for sale.

Vy looked around each store carefully.

-Dotty, let me know if there are particles around here for you to absorb.-

\u003cRoger that, Vy! You should also be able to see them now!\u003e

As soon as Dotty finished her sentence, Vy looked around and saw that what she said was true. One of the antique stores caught Vy's attention and they headed over there to have a look. The store was specialised in old book and weaponry.

Old rusted swords were all placed together in different categories on different shelving, while the books had their own section. Looking through the old swords, most of them were beyond repair or of no value. But their age accumulated the particles Dotty needed to upgrade.

Vy moved on to the book section and looked through shelves and shelves worth of books. Most of them were written in Elvish. Just then, Dotty came back to Vy.

\u003cVy, I am ready to be upgraded!\u003e

-That's great! Please initiate the upgrade.-

\u003cSure thing!\u003e

Dotty disappeared for a moment, and Vy could feel that their connection was cut. But not before long, as Vy was just about ready to move to the next stall, a creature formed in front of her.

It had a pair of translucent wings, cat ears and tail, but maintained a human-like appearance. The creature had shoulder-length black hair, and wore a sleeveless white sundress and had no shoes. As it opened its eyes, Vy realised that the creature had light blue eyes, the colour of a clear sky.

"I am upgraded! It feels good to have power," the creature giggled as she bragged about her upgrades.

Vy was taken aback by the sudden change. She could also see that the people around her were looking in her direction, looking at the creature that was hovering in front of her.

Vy looked around and whispered to the creature, "Dotty, is that you?"

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