New World New Life Chapter 48: Three Requests


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Arkon nodded and continued to speak, "It had also been imbued with healing magic for over a century. While it is not a rare find, in the Elves Alliance, it is amongst the humans and other races. If you were to auction it off, it would be as Clare and Alias had predicted. It would likely be sold for over 200,000 silvers."

Vy could not stop smiling! She had struck a gold mine!

"But," Arkon spoke, breaking her train of thought, "I would like to purchase it from you. Right now."

Clare and Alias were stumped. They had both seen Arkon appraise countless artefacts and jewellery many times before, but this was the first time he had ever asked to purchase the item directly from the customer.

Vy pondered over Arkon's sudden offer. There must be a reason he wanted to buy it off her.

"May I know why you're so eager to purchase it off me," Vy asked out of curiosity.

Arkon took a deep breath. He had gambled the fact that Vyrena would ask him for details. Humans were often more curious than Elves after all. Maybe it was something to do with their shorter life span, he could never quite understand them.

While he knew from a glance that Vyrena was human, there was something about her that he could not quite put his finger on. That being said, there was a personal reason for him to purchase it from Vyrena.

He knew who it belonged to.

"You look like a merchant to me, Miss Vyrena. You might not be rich or famous yet, but you definitely have the face of one. I will not lie. I know the owner of the item and I would like to return it to them," Arkon explained.

Vy knew from his words that he was trying to hide the identity of the person he was giving it to. She was surprised and intrigued to know who it might be. Uncle Leed was not wrong either.

Since she started her stall in Timbretune, Vyrena enjoyed being a merchant of sorts. She was constantly on the lookout for a deal that could benefit her.

"How much do you offer," Vy asked, her expression did not give her true intentions away.

He knew she was a tough nut to read, but he was not going to short change her either, "100,000 Elvish silver, or any other denomination you prefer. We can draft up a contract and make the sale official. After that, we can head to the bank to settle the payment."

-Ah, so there are banks! That would definitely be useful.-

Vy pretended to think over it for a moment before she replied, "How about 90,000 Elvish silvers and you fulfil my three requests?"

Arkon was intrigued by Vy's proposal. He wanted to know more. Vyrena read his mind and continued to explain her requests.

"Firstly, I would like to meet the person you are gifting the emerald. Second, I would like you to tell me how such an emerald could be formed. Last but not least, allow me to treat all of you to a meal."

The three elves looked at each other in shock. The human wanted to invite them out for a meal? They were barely acquaintances, why would she want something like that? Requesting to meet the person that Arkon wanted to gift the emerald to? That seemed to be a little out of the blue as well.

Clare and Alias looked at each other and at Arkon.

Would he agree to such a request?

Arkon confirmed his suspicions, this human girl was more intelligent and cunning than he had expected! Humans are truly curious creatures.

He let out a laugh and replied, "You drive a hard bargain, Miss Vyrena. You have my word, 90,000 Elvish and your three requests. I accept."

Vy was glad, she was a rich woman! She could now lead an easy life. With this money, even Carole might not need to work so hard anymore! The woman had been so kind to Vyrena, that she felt indebted to her.

Arkon and Vyrena shook hands on their deal.

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