New World New Life Chapter 44: Strength Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


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Vy made her way towards the Guild district while taking in the wonders she saw around her. It would seem that the Prism Sector was popular amongst human traders. She saw a mix of humans and elves on each and every street.

It would seem some of the humans have even made the Prism Sector their home. Special creatures were often seen walking alongside some of the Elves as well, serving as companions and pets.

-Dotty, are those animals kept as pets? But some of them do not look like any animal I've ever seen.-

\u003cThose are familiars, Vy!\u003e

-Familiars? Oh, Familiars are spirit guides that help to guide your magic. It could also serve to grow and amplify your magical abilities. Is that right?-

\u003cDing ding ding! That is correct! You are learning quickly, Vy.\u003e

Dotty's encouragement brought a smile to Vy's face.

-But how do I get a familiar?-

\u003cHmm, in the Elves Alliance, familiars can be summoned with the right spell circle. In the black market, a familiar can be bought. But I would not recommend it.\u003e

Before long, they arrived in the Guild district and the second guild on their left was their destination. The signboard for the guild had a white diamond painted on it. Vy turned the handle and walked in. She found herself in what looked like a cafe, with tables and chairs scattered all across the room.

At the end of the room was a counter with multiple cases of delicious looking sweets, pastries and cakes. As she continued to make her way through the room, all the other people in the guild paid her no mind. It was not uncommon for new people to turn up at the guild on a regular basis. A human visitor was all the more common.

However, some of the Elvish was intrigued by Vy. They could sense that there was something different about her. In fact, two of the patrons who were seated at the far left began to discuss about Vy in the Elvish language. Dotty was quick to pick up on their conversation but as Vy spoke to the Elf behind the counter, she kept quiet.

"Greetings, Miss. Welcome to the Jeweller's Guild. How may I be of assistance," the elvish man spoke.

"Hi, my name is Vyrena. I need some help looking for someone who might be able to appraise a piece of jewellery for me."

Vy showed the man the brooch. She could tell from his expressions, that she had come to the right place. He returned the brooch to her and took out a piece of paper and pen. He wrote down the name of the person she needed to look for and handed it over to her.

"Alias Morrow is who you need to look for. He owns a jewellery and appraisal business down on Market street. If you have a map, I can show you where it is."

"Oh, that would be amazing, thank you," Vy replied with gratitude as she brought out the map she had.

Once she was all set, she thanked the man and went on her way. As she stepped out onto the street, Dotty circled Vy.

\u003cThere were two people in the corner of the room, talking about you in Elvish.\u003e

-My hearing picked up on it too, but I can't understand them. Is it something bad?

Vy continued to walk towards Market Street, walking at a casual pace.

\u003cNothing bad. Apparently, they found your aura interesting. Apparently it is unique for a human.\u003e

Aura? Vy had not heard of this before and wondered what it was. Dotty seemed to have read her mind for she began to explain what it was. An aura was coloured light that emanates from a person's body.

Not everyone could see it with their naked eye, but there were also tools and crystals that could make that happen. Often in Magical Academies, a new student's aura would be revealed in order to find the talents of the students. That way, the student could be placed in a class that was suitable for their level of strength.

-So an aura is the indication of the type of strength a person has? Or how strong they are?-

\u003cIt is an indication of how strong they are.\u003e

Vy took a turn around the corner and was now on Market Street. She double-checked her map to see which shop it was. Once she saw the signboard of the shop, Vy knew she was in the right place and walked in.

A small bell chimed as she opened the door.

A young Elvish man who had been behind the counter came forward to greet her.

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