New World New Life Chapter 22: Into The Nigh


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Vy called out his name multiple times but could not hear nor see him.

Something was amiss. Vy looked around and noticed a set of tracks on the ground. From the pattern of the soil and the fell of freshly trampled grass, she knew that whatever the vehicle was, it had been here recently. Worried for Lycster's safety, Vy looked around to ensure she was alone.

She walked into the forest cover before transforming into her wolf form.

With her heightened senses, she took a quick sniff of her surroundings and was immediately able to find the path in which the vehicle had taken. As she observed the tracks in closer detail, she also noticed that there were hoof prints.

-It is likely a horse carriage.-

But it would seem the carriage was also moving a lot quicker than Vy had expected. She inferred that the speed might have been enhanced with a spell. Realising she was wasting precious time, Vy gave chase immediately. She pushed past her limits and soaked herself deep into the mental state of her wolf form.

The wolf was on her hunt and she would not stop until her prey is found.

Howling into the night, she continued to make her way through the forest and reached a vantage point, allowing her a better view of the forest paths. She easily spotted a flickering light moving through the forest at top speed.

At once, she leapt off the hill and gave chase.

Within minutes, she had caught up to the carriage.

Lycster did not expect himself to be in so much trouble. He had merely run away in fear, he was afraid Vyrena would not want him around any more. But thinking back to his actions, he realised how foolish he was. She was only trying to look out for him, to find him a permanent home.

Yet now, he was taken against his will by masked men and thrown into the back of a carriage with other forgotten children.

Everyone was tied and gagged.

If any of them made a sound, they would be kicked and whipped. Lycster had managed to get the gag out of his mouth but before he could shout for help, the carriage started to move at high speed into the dead of night.

The boy slumped onto the carriage floor and buried his head in between his knees. What a foolish boy he was.

"Look at what you've done, Lycster," he mumbled through tears in his knees, "no one will find us now."

All the children had heard of the rumours. There were whispers about children being taken away in the middle of the night. But never did he expect that he would be the victim. As the moonlight shone through the metal bar window, Lycster looked out of them, hoping to know where they might be heading.

In the distance he could hear the howl of a wolf, sending shivers down his spine.

"Did you hear that," one of the kidnappers said to the other, who held onto the reins of the horses.

"Hear what? The howl," the other asked in an annoyed tone.

"Yeah, what else could I be talking about," said the first guy.

"Well, it is probably some dumb wolf pack. We'll be fine."

Lycster remained silent as he slumped back into the darkness. If only a wolf could save them now. As the carriage made a sharp turn, Lycster and the other children swerved and fell onto each other. Everyone knocked into one another but no one said a word.

Through the metal bars, Lycster noticed that the view on the outside was obscured. Something was partially blocking the moonlight that was shining in. He stood back up and peeked out, only to see a huge wolf running alongside the carriage.

His eyes widened in shock and his leg crumbled in fear.

Was it just his imagination?

He climbed back up and looked through the metal bars again. The wolf was no longer there. Though slightly disappointed, he felt a light tugging on his clothes. He looked down to see a young girl staring right at him.

Her eyes were sapphire blue under the light of the moon.

She pointed towards the other window on the other side of the carriage and Lycster looked up.

The wolf was real!

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