New World New Life Chapter 12: New Home


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Carole and Gonzo agreed with Vy's statement.

"Yes, I think that's what we need! But Rodrick is busy enough as it is. Well, it would be easier on him with you helping him out but he would not be able to mend two places at the same time," Carole replied.

Vy knew what Carole said was true. Based on the number of unfinished documents piling up in Rodrick's backroom, Vy knew for certain that this job would require multiple people to accomplish. There were plans needed to be made for it to work and the gears of the brain began to churn and work.

After supper filled their stomachs and the tables and chairs were packed up, Vy bid Carole farewell and headed back towards the inn. Over the next week, Vy's routine was pretty much the same. She would have some breakfast before heading to Rodrick's bookshop for her typing work.

After four in the afternoon, she would head over to help Carole set up shop and help her serve her customers. With Vy's typing skills and knowledge of the written word, she was able to help Rodrick clear much of the work he had piled up over time. The town was also getting livelier as Harvest Festival would begin at the start of the next week.

Decorations were being set up and more merchants were setting up stores in the centre of town. A secondary marketplace had opened up right outside the walls of the town as well. Vy was typing away as usual in the backroom, while Rodrick took in requests and helped his customers to find the books they needed.

The Harvest Festival had also brought into town a couple of Rodrick's regular customers and old friends. There were also more people coming in for letters and invitations to be written. Despite new requests coming in every day, Vy's typing speed allowed her to ensure that most of the work was completed by the end of the day.

Today was the last day before the weekends and Vy had just completed her final request for the day. She stood up from her seat and stretched her arms as Rodrick came over to check on her work.

"Everything looks good as per usual. I am impressed with your work, Vy."

Vy smiled and thanked him for his kind words. This was the perfect opportunity for Vy to propose her idea to Rodrick. Without skipping a bit, Vy explained her idea to him.

"So, I've been thinking. There seem to be lots of people who come from nearby villages and towns to ask for letters to be written. I was thinking that it might be good to set up a stall in the Town Market so that people could approach us there for letters to be written on the spot."

Vy observed Rodrick's expressions closely to see if she could continue speaking.

He seemed to be taking well to her ideas so she continued to speak, "I was thinking that I could be in charge of that stall and take in requests there. I was hoping that you could either rent or sell me one of your typewriters so that I could use it there. I know we have our agreement for me to be working for you so I was thinking, I could still do so while I am there."

"That does sound like a good idea but who would bring you the documents to have them typed? I would have to mend the store here and you would be there in the market."

Rodrick brought up a valid point, and she had the perfect solution.

"I can hire an errand-runner. That person could be in charge of running documents from you to me and vice versa. What do you think? It would bring in more business too."

Everything Vy said was well thought of and planned. While they might have only worked with one another for close to a week, Rodrick felt as if Vyrena was someone he could trust. Her work ethics were good, she was detailed with her work and a quick learner. Vy read Rodrick's facial expressions and knew that she had him hooked onto her idea, so she went in to seal the deal.

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