New World New Life Chapter 104: Blackfire


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Vy and Lycster bid farewell to their friends and headed back to the Prism Sector. Before they left, Vy placed Caster in charge of overseeing Timbretune. The town was growing at a rapid pace. 

"Caster, ensure that all the plans are carried out. I expect a monthly report from you with regards to the progress," Vy said before she left. 

"Of course, milady," Caster replied as he saluted her. 

Since Vy was now the official Mayor of Timbretune, she needed a flag to represent her authority, her house. As a requirement of the Arkwing Kingdom, all mayors needed a representation. While looking through suitable emblems, Vy felt one designed that called out to her. 

She chose the surname Blackfire for a reason. 

With Dotty's help, Vy managed to draw out her design and showed it to an artist who helped her flesh out the design. Now that the design was completed, all it needed was Vy's stamp of approval. When they got back to their home in the Prism Sector, there were multiple parcels waiting for them at the local post office. 

Vy went ahead to collect the parcels and unsurprisingly, one of them was the completed emblem design. The artist had not only drawn and coloured it, but she had also made a sample flag and wax seal. 

As soon as she got home, Vy opened the box in her study room. After reading the letter from the artist, she proceeded to go through the contents of the box. As soon as she saw the design, her face beamed with joy and pride. 

Everything about it felt right. 

\u003cIt looks amazing Vy!\u003e 

Dotty circled the design in excitement. The design came out better than they had expected. 

"It would look so amazing as an embroidered patch," Vy said to herself, "Or a tattoo."

This new thought seemed to bring certain feelings to the surface, paired with a distant memory. Vy felt her head spinning, she reached for the chair and took a seat. She leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes, hoping that the darkness would help ground her.

In the depths of her mind, Vy saw a murky scene play out before her. There were three people, one of whom she knew for certain was herself. They seemed to be discussing something important. 

"This looks amazing! Is this going to be the crest." a female voice asked.

"Yes, it is," Vy replied. 

"Are we going to the tattoo parlour now then? I can't wait to get this tattooed," a male voice spoke. 

"Of course! That is the first order of business, after all," Vy replied the male voice. 

In the present, Dotty was worried about Vy but her expression gave no hint of it. 

\u003cVy, if you want to recall this memory, you must concentrate on the crest they are talking about.\u003e

Vy could hear Dotty's voice in her mind, despite the spinning and echoes she heard. 

-The crest, concentrate on the crest.-

The memory remained murky, like a watercolour painting. Vy tried her best to concentrate on the crest, reaching for it. But nothing she did worked. The harder she tried, the further away she was. 

Eventually, the memory sunk deep into her mind and all she saw was darkness. Vy opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling above her for a while. She let out a sigh. This was the first recall of the memories she has had since she regained consciousness in the forest. 

But she was nowhere near finding out more about herself. Dotty could sense her emotions. She hugged Vy's hands and looked up at her with a warm smile. 

\u003cDon't give up, Vy. You'll remember one day.\u003e

Vy smiled and nodded in response.

Looking back at the emblem design, she tried to forget her sadness. Whatever had happened in her previous life, led her here. She was going to do what she set out to do until she breathed her last. The garnet red-feathered phoenix, surrounded by a dark black flame design. This was the symbol that would represent the House of Blackfire. 

A month later, a new flag flew next to Timbretune's town flag, the flag of the House of Blackfire. Long banners were hung all around the walls of the town. It did not take long before the surrounding towns and villages all came to know the new mayor of Timbretune. 

Back in the Prism Sector, Vy's emblem was carved onto a wooden plaque and hung above their door. 

"Is this alright, Vy," Lycster asked after he hung it in place with the help of a ladder. 

Vy took a look at it from a different angle, "It looks great!"

Further up the road, a bicycle bell ring could be heard coming towards them. It was the postman, and he seemed to be looking for them. 

"Good morning, Pat," Vy greeted the postman as he got off his bike, "You've got something for me today?"

"Good Morning to use Miss Vy, indeed I do. Just arrived today, seems like an important one too," Pat replied as he handed Vy a letter with a gold wax seal. It had been addressed to her and it seems like it had first been sent to Timbretune before it got to her. 

Vy opened the letter with care, careful to break the wax seal and read the letter inside. The letter had been handwritten on high-quality paper with a gold embossed design. She also realised that there was an invitation as well. 

"Now that is one fancy letter," Lycster chuckled. 

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