Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 107: Chapter 107 : Restoring Madara!!!


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[Hidden Quest : Complete Change In History Of The Naruto Realm!!! (Completed SSS) Rewards : 500.000 Points - 5 x Mystery Box]

Huh?? System what's this??? : Linley

[Host by scolding Madara you changed the whole Narutoverse very essence of it and by making him gouge out his eyes you have helped him remove the hatred by tapping in the powers of Indra...]

So you mean to say that now the whole Naruto world, is a free for all pincer attack?? : Liney

[No, small events like the people who are meant to be born will be born, but their fates will change because you breaked the chains of Madara and B. Zetsu...]

[Simirally Host will now have to face the wars and everything in the story with the schemes of B. Zetsu fanning his hatred on them.]

This means that even though the wars will happen, forgotten Shinobis from forgotten clans over the history, even before the creation of the villages may emerge... : Linley

Still, this was done 12-13 hours ago... How come i completed this now?? : Linley

[Because Originally the story in all realms would start with the attack of nine tails, which means that Madara had already given his eyes and hatred to someone else...]

I see, then can you buy me something to restore his vitality by that amount??? : Linley

[Host can try Sage Liquid...]

Errrmm... what is that?? : Linley

[It is made from A Sage controlling 5 Elements and condense their respective naturals energies into truly liquid form...]

So how much is it in the shop?? : Linley

[300.000 Points!!!]

Ugh... I hope it's worth it... Buy it.... : Linley

[Using 300.000 Points.... Bought.... Done... Remaining Points.... 210.000]

Linley inside the rooms looked at Madara who was waiting for him to give him the way even though it will be painful.

He raised his hand and a small sphere appeared, no they all saw it it was like a drop of water in his palm before he threw it towards Madara...

Madara felt something extremely pure coming towards his way but didn't know where it was as it was made from Natural energy... When it splashed on his body he fell from the window inside the room and started twitching...

He wasn't in pain as that could be seen from his face but he felt as if millions of ants had started eating his body in more simple terms it was as if his body was prickled a million times by a small needle enough to realise it's existence...

This went on for 2 hours and he had long stopped moving as he had been used to the feeling of it.

Linley, What did you gave him?? : Tsunade

That was a drop of Sage Liquid being created by someone who has 5 elements and is similarly able to refine your bloodline... : Linley

But this one actually refines your already dead cells to create vitality ones... for example 10 dead cells for 1 filled with vitality... : Linley

After 2 more hours, all of them looked at Madara who started going thump, thump and all of them could hear his heart beating...

I guess it's about time for him to feel the changes... : Linley

He didn't manage to say anything more as Madara groaned while he tried to get up, at that moment he started reverting to a younger version which made him look like 40 something...

His eyes were still blind as he couldn't have his eyesight back unless he got another pair of eyes but his senses were refined quite well...

Ugh... I feel alive..... : Madara

Is this sarcasm?? You were alive to begin with... : Linley

You know how i meant it... : Madara

In terms of appearance, you look like 40 a bit older than your prime and i guess your lifespan must have increased to a maximum of 40 years from the what you had... : Linley

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