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"damn that was painful" after around 10 minutes the pain finally subsided and Naruto released a sigh of relief, he slowly pushed himself up ask system." system how are the results and where is blood shred currently".

[host's bloodline has been completely purified, currently host a purity level of 100% in Uzumaki and Namikaze bloodline, due to the blood purification host has unlocked his lightning nature as well, lightning nature is the primary chakra nature of Namikaze clan and host's wind nature has also improved in its quality. as for the current location of blood shred, it is together with soul shred and they have combined together and has formed a sword tip]

"well the gains are truly unexpected, and a sword tip huh." he sent his consciousness in the eight tiagram seal on his chest, inside there he slowly opens his eyes and saw a black sword tip, silently floating in the mid-air, even though the appearance of sword-tip was ordinary but the aura and killing intent it was releasing was truly horribly "damn! this killing intent is even greater than Kurama in his enraged form" after looking at the sword Naruto took a look at the surrounding which was different from before. he saw a barren and desolate land, the atmosphere was filled with black energy which the tip has released.

seeing this he was surprised but did not put too much mind in it, as he knew that the mindscape can be changed. "hmm. seems like i should change kurama's surrounding as well"

after checking all this he withdraw his consciousness from his mindscape and slowly opened his eyes, after opening the first thing he saw was Zabuza and Haku looking at him with deep shock in their eyes.

"Naruto what the hell are these flames and where is kubikiribocho" Zabuza asked, when he first saw Naruto being covered in orange flames, he was shocked then he realized that in their battle earlier Naruto was not using his full strength, realizing this a complicated feeling appeared in his heart.

"well since you guys have decided to join my band, there is no harm in telling you, I am the prisoner of nine tail fox, a jinchuriki and this is the very reason for these flames. and as for the kubikiribocho the core on which it was based on is in inside my seal together with the other piece of metal" Naruto replied, hearing this a fearful expression appear on Zabuza's face. he never could have thought that Naruto was a jinchuriki.

"what the fuck, are you serious" Zabuza asked not believing him.

"well you do not need to worry Kurama and me are kinda like friends, so he will not harm any of my friends" hearing this Zabuza nodded and decided to not ask anything further as he did not want to anger Naruto.

" now since we are done, let's move to the village, others might be getting worried," Naruto said this and they all started to their journey toward the village. while they were walking Naruto ask system "system show me my status"

Name: Naruto Uzumaki.
age: 12
energy level: 8895/10000
power level: high-class chunin.
chakra type: wind (active), lightning (active), space (sealed)
space element activation = 3601/10000
Bloodline: Uzumaki (purity: 100%), Namikaze (purity: 100%)
Shadow clone jutsu
Substitution jutsu
Transformation jutsu
Sexy jutsu.
Wind style: God of war ( mastery: 40% after bloodline purification) = after completely mastering this jutsu host will be able to make several million wind weapons with just a thought. ( contain all the techniques which are related to wind manipulation and transformation)
Futon: wind Rasengan.
Ball breaking lineage destroying kick = can destroy everything (potential unlimited)
Chakra inner impulse (contain a total of 10 impulses) :
( 1st impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to low-level jounin.
( 2nd impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to mid-level jounin.
( 3rd impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to high-level jounin.
( 4th impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to peak-level jounin.
( 5th impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to sannin.
( 6th impulse ) = physical strength will be equal to kage.
Basic body movement: (High-level)
zanpakuto soul attack = with just a thought host will be able to attack opponents soul by giving them a soul impact.
Storage seal
Chakra distortion seal.
Basic hand seals.
Blood clotting seal
Eight-tiagram seal
Chakra control seal
eyes of sealing (mastery 55% after bloodline purification) can see through peak-level seals and arrays.
Kurama's healing
Kurama (9 tails)
Soul shred
Blood shred

"shit seems like after purification I have acquired some serious gains," Naruto thought with a smile on his face.


soon they reached Tazuna's house, at first Tazuna and his family were a little worried but after interacting with Haku for a while they let go of their tension. after everything was settled Naruto decided to train with Sasuke and Sakura, Haku joined them. they trained for a whole day and Naruto was surprised after seeing Sasuke's and Sakura's progress, Sasuke has almost mastered his lightning transformation and was currently practising his Chidori which he learned from Kakashi, Sakura on the other has become more proficient in her chakra control. Naruto also taught Haku one of his clan's chakra manipulation technique and from this Haku became more proficient in using his hyoton jutsu.

in the meantime, Naruto decided to study some of his clan's fuinjutsu when he begins his training, he was surprised by, how easy they were for him to execute after bloodline purification. he quickly mastered some of the fuinjustu which will be helpful in their upcoming battle. while he was doing all this an idea suddenly stuck in his mind, he went to Kakashi and ask.

"Kakashi sensei, if I am not wrong your Sharingan is always active and consume too much of your chakra because you are not an Uchiha" hearing Naruto a frown appear on Kakashi's face and said. ''it is true, I have asked many peoples if they have some ways to seal my Sharingan, but it was all in vain, but why are you asking me".

"well, i have got a seal which might be able to help you in sealing your sharingan, it is a chakra manipulation seal, which can be controlled at will" Naruto said with a smile on his face, hearing this Kakashi was shocked, Sharingan's chakra consumption has always been a problem for him. "are you sure" Kakashi asked with a slight doubt.

"do not worry sensei, you know my family background and since their blood is running through my veins, I am pretty sure that it will work" Kakashi frowned, he knew that Uzumaki were the masters of sealing, thinking it for a bit he decided to take the chance, since there was no harm in trying.

seeing that Kakashi has agreed Naruto asked him to lie down and show him his Sharingan, kakashi did as he was told, after looking at Sharingan for a while Naruto starts drawing seals around Kakashi's eyes, it took him a couple of minutes and the seal's outline was complete, after that he made a series of hand-signs and the seal shined with a dim light and disappeared into Kakashi's skin, while activating the seal Naruto's eyes were shining with a dim green light, he did not notice it.

after the seal was complete the Sharingan starts to spin and was replaced by a black iris. Kakashi felt it and was shocked that his eyes were not consuming anymore of his chakra, he pushed himself up and tried again activate his sharingan, as he infused his chakra it became active, after confirming that the seal working a smile appeared on Kakashi's face and he thanked Naruto.

"it is fine sensei, now i should go help Sakura and Sasuke with their training" Naruto said before leaving, he met Sakura and Sasuke who were sparring seeing this Naruto said. "hey guys stop for a while I want to discuss something." they both stopped their training and look at Naruto. "well, you guys might remember the yin and yang seal which I talked about". they both nodded and Naruto continues "I just made a breakthrough in my fuinjutsu, so I will be encrypting the seals on you now". hearing this an excited expression appear on their faces and they nodded. "first let's begin with Sakura. Sakura lie down I will be placing the seal on your forehead" she nodded and lied down.

Naruto approached and start drawing the seal, it was a complicated seal, much difficult then the one he put on Kakashi, it took him around half an hour to complete the seal and like before his eyes were emitting a green hue. after the seal was complete he made a series of hand-signs and the seal disappeared in her forehead, as it went inside Sakura felt a sudden pain and a grunt left her mouth, but soon the pain subsided and she slowly opens her eyes. she pushed herself up and checked her body, as she was doing this she felt a huge empty chakra reserve in her forehead where the seal was located. realizing this she was shocked and heard Naruto.

"Sakura the yin seal has given you a huge chakra reserve, so from now on you will have to fill this with your chakra everyday and when it is completely filled you will be able to control the seal at your will" Naruto said to which Sakura "but will it not take too much time for me to fill this huge reserve" hearing this Naruto smiled and said "you do need to worry about that, other than the yin-seal I have also placed a chakra absorption seal on your forehead, from this you will be able to absorb the chakra present in your surrounding." hearing this a smile appear on her face and she thanked Naruto happily. after he was done with Sakura he look at Sasuke who was looking at sakura, seeing his expression and after slightly guessing his thoughts an evil smile appear on his face and he said to Sasuke.

"Sasuke remove your clothes" hearing this a shine appeared in Sakura's eyes and she eagerly look toward Sasuke as her face became a little red. Sasuke was shocked and shuttered "wa...wait what hell are you saying". hearing this Naruto replied " i said remove your clothes so that i can place the yang-seal on your body".

"but why do i have to remove them you can just put it on my forehead like Sakura" Sasuke said with a serious face.

"well it does not work like that, the yin-seal is a chakra reserve seal whose only work is to store chakra and has no effects on the human body, on the other hand, the yang-seal is body seal, which will affect your body greatly and that is the very reason it needs to be drawn on your entire body instead of a single point" Naruto said with a fake serious face as he was laughing inside his head. hearing this Sasuke's expression became pale and he stood there for a while but after thinking how strong Naruto has become a determined look appear on his face and a sigh escaped from his mouth.

he slowly removed his upper clothing and then his pants, while he was doing this Sakura was boring her eyes into his body, she was regretting that she did not bring a camera with her. Naruto saw all this and was barely able to hold his laughter and then he saw what no men should see. he saw after removing his clothing Sasuke advanced his hands toward his underwear seeing this blood starts to drip out from Sakura's nose and Naruto shouted "hey there is no need to remove your underwear, we have got a girl here" hearing this Sasuke nodded and stopped while an embarrassed look appear on his face and just as Naruto was about to continue he was interrupted by Sakura "hey what do you mean a girl is here, I do not mind this at all, Sasuke-Kun just ignore Naruto and continue" hearing this the boys went pale and sweat dripped from their forehead. realizing what she just said, her face become blood red and she averted her gaze.

"now lie down" Naruto said ignoring Sakura's perverted behaviour, Sasuke followed a he lied down and Naruto begins his seal, he started with head then his limbs and then attach all the radicals at Sasuke stomach while creating the centre of the seal there, it took him around 2 hours to complete all this, after it was done he again made a series of hand-signs and like before the seal shined and went inside Sasuke's body, this caused Sasuke great pain but he took it, after around 10 minutes the pain subsided and Sasuke hurriedly put on his clothes while Sakura was sad about this.

"Sasuke from now on you should focus more on your Taijutsu and should also practise your nature transformation, try to infuse your elemental chakra in your body, ok" Naruto explained and Sasuke nodded with a serious face. after doing all this Naruto started doing his own training, he first practised the lightning transformation, after his Namikaze bloodline was purified his compatibility with lightning nature became more profound, he was able to transform his chakra into lightning within 3 days, after that he tried to fuse his wind and lightning nature chakra in order to do his Namikaze's bloodline 'SWIFT RELEASE'. his attempt failed as he was not able to properly fuse wind and lightning. "seems like it will take some time". he put his 'SWIFT RELEASE' on hold for the time being, as there was a war coming.

he drafted a seal which was a combination of storage and pressure release seal, after it was done he sealed dozens of kunais and shurikens in them. he made around 10 of these scrolls and gave them to Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Haku, Zabuza and the chunins from the leaf village after doing this he said "these scrolls contain a number of weapons, all you need to do face their front toward your enemies and infuse some of your chakra in them, as you will do it all the weapons inside will come out at ones and will rain down on your enemies." hearing this the group was shocked. their expression of Naruto was slowly changing and they were subconsciously accepting him as their leader.


night before the war.

Naruto was under a tree in his usual meditation, suddenly he felt an influx of memory which belongs to one of his clones, after going through them ones, his eyes shot open and an intense battle intent broke out from his body. "so it has finally begun huh" saying this he stood up and disappear from his place.
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