Naruto : Conqueror Chapter 1: Chance and rebirth (Part 1)


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In a luxurious mansion, Axel woke up from his king-sized bed. His mansion was just like that of the famous comic character Tony Stark and was also at a similar location but he the difference between two was that his mansion was bigger and also had a classic European touch.
Axel was a very handsome man. He was in his mid 20's and was among top 5 most influential people on the planet at such a young age. He enjoyed the clear view of the ocean for a minute form his room and took two deep breaths before going to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, washed his face then after drinking his morning lemonade went to his personal gym.
On his way to his personal gym, servants greeted him. Awe and respect could be seen in their eyes as they bowed their heads toward their master as he went past them. After doing his morning exercises he went to the dining room and sat at the end of an elegant and long table.
Within a minute John the head butler arrived with two beautiful maids carrying breakfast.
John was a man in his late 50's. He wore a caring smile as he greeted his master
"Good morning sir. Today is the opening of Dreamland orphanage, so for this special day I asked the chief to prepare your favourite dishes."
Axel just nodded his head and said "Morning" in an emotionless voice.
John just smiled and ordered the maids to set the breakfast. He knew that even though his master was appeared to be very aloof and cold person he was a very kind man in his heart.
He still remembers the day when 10 years ago he was fired by the arrogant son of his previous employer. That day was one of the worst days of his life. He still remembers how he had to beg to persuade his employer to change his son's decisions but he was utterly humiliated and was thrown out of the house. His employer's son also made sure that no one in the city hires him and also that he could never leave the city. All of this happened just because he took him from a party to home as he was drunk and John did not want the family to lose face as the arrogant young master was drunk and wanted to **** a guest at the party. Everyone at the party was a distinguished guest and he knew that if his young master did something out of the line then the consequences would be very bad. But the next day when the young master sobered up he felt humiliated by John and fired him.
John was very depressed that day he had nowhere to go. At one point he even wanted to commit suicide but he remembered his dying wife's last words " Please live happily and live long for me as well"
He did not want to disappoint his dead wife in heaven, therefore, he threw away that thought and went home to rest. When he was walking home he saw a beautiful child in tattered clothes.vAlthough his clothing was tattered and dirty John could still see that the child was a beautiful especially his blue eyes which were containing determination and refusing to bow down to anyone. John felt as he was sucked into those blue eyes. He quickly maintained his composure and gave the child $100 and went home without saying a word.
10 years later John was working in a small factory. He had become much thinner and older. He had found this job after many hardships. Although the job was very tough he never even thought about quitting as he wanted to live his life as long as he could as this was his wife's last wish.
It was another day at work when the whole factory was shut down then 20 or some cars made their way towards the factory. All the cars were very expensive and John being part of the high-class society knew that especially the Sweptail Rolls-Royce. John was shocked to his core as he knew that the people who cloud afford and have the connections to buy that car can be counted on two hands.
The cars stopped and 30-40 tall and muscular men releasing an intimidating aura came out of the cars. Then a man opened the door of the Rolls-Royce and a tall and handsome man came out of the car. Everything about that man was practically screaming that he was the King of the world. He looked towards the group of factory workers and scanned them with his cold blue eyes.No one dared to match his gaze and the subconsciously lowered their eyes except for John. When John saw him he vaguely felt that the man was familiar but he could not seem to remember him.
When the man saw John his eyes softened for a second before going back to his cold look. He looked at John and he smirked and said: "Mr John Snow I am in need of a butler would you like to work for me or would you prefer your $100."
That's when it finally clicked for John and he remembered that the young man before him looks like that kid he saw on the streets 5 years ago.
-----------------flashback ends--------------------
The sounds of plates brought John back from his memories and he saw that his master has just finished his breakfast and was going back to his room to get ready for the opening event. John smiled and he wiped a tear with his handkerchief before going back to his duties. His master might be known as Demon, King of the underworld or the Richest man in the world but for him, he will always be the little boy who never forgot his roots and knows how to repay gratitude and kindness. He is very happy that he remembered his wife's last wish and never gave up on this world and met his master, Alex Blaze the man who stands at the very top of this world.
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