My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 8: Old Enemies Reunited


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    The sunlight peeks through the curtains into Shun's room. He was still sitting at his desk playing games, dark bags under his eyes and his hair unkempt. The sun's rays hit his tired eyes causing him to squint. He covers his eyes releasing a low groan as he closes the curtains going back to playing his game. A couple seconds, after he started playing again, he realized if it was still night, there wouldn't be any type of light coming through the window. The window isn't facing the street, and Kanna wouldn't have been outside, and if anything the light wouldn't have stayed. The only thing that could explain the light coming through his window was the sun, meaning he had stayed up all night playing games.

    "Oh, Crap! It's already morning!" He starts yelling realizing what time it was.

While Shun was panicking, Kanna came into the room and from the look of her face, she isn't pleased. Her hair messy from rolling around in her sleep and on the side of her lips, you can see some dried drool coming from her mouth down to her chin.

    "Why are you yelling so early in the morning!" She yells.

    "I didn't get any sleep!" He yells back at his sister causing her to get even more annoyed.

    "Too bad! Now stop yelling! I want to go back to sleep!" She yells back walking out and shutting the door.

    " were just yelling," Shun looks at the door a bit dumbfounded by what just happened.

    After staring at the door for a bit, he decides to stop whining and get ready for school. Going into his closet he takes out an outfit, then starts getting undress. He goes into the bathroom to take care of his hygienic needs. He didn't get out until an hour later. He lost track of time, singing in the shower. Getting out, he went to get dressed in his outfit, packed his school bag, and did some light stretches.

Once he was done, he walked over to his computer deciding to just lay down on his bed until it was time. Games are addicting and he didn't want to get sucked up into the world of fantasy again at least not till later. Shun starts getting bored after laying down for ten minutes. He takes a peek at his phone to see the time and it was an hour before he had to leave. Groaning, he gets up from the bed and starts looking for something to do.

    "What should I do?" he wonders as he wanders around the house for a bit.

That is until he reached the kitchen after looking around for a while he makes a strange face giving off the feeling that he was up to something.  He goes over to the fridge to see what they had and picks out some ingredients, Shun decides to make a "special" dish. Using the stove and oven to make his new creation. After about 45 minutes, his creation was done.

"HA! This would surely beat any food that Kanna has made!" Shun thought to himself as he looks at his creation in pride and runs up to Kanna room. Luckily she was up and dressed. "Big Sis, I made something that I want you to try, so can you come down and try it?" He told his sister while smiling. This manages to catch Kanna's interest wondering what could her brother possibly have cooked and succeeded at?

She hesitates before agreeing and follows him into the kitchen. What she found was a huge mess, along with a strange glooby thing in a bowl. She prays in her mind that this monstrosity of a glob wasn't what he made. Her prayers were not heard from the heavens as Shun grabs the bowl full of whatever it was and holds it towards her.

"Here you go~," He says in a cheerful yet teasing voice.

Kanna gulps as her brother places the bowl and a spoon in front of her. Taking the spoon, she slowly inserts the spoon inside the gloop. She could feel the texture through the spoon and it felt goopy but it had a grainy feeling. As if there was sand inside of green goop. When she tries to scoop the goop, she notices how it would pull like slime, making it hard for her to take a spoonful. The goop was green and with some specks of yellow, purples, red and various other colors. This made her gag in her mouth a bit, but trying to be nice she takes a scoop of the goop.

"It's healthy. It has greens, eggplant, some beef, apples…" The smiling boy list all of the ingredients for what he put to make this thing.

Crying internally, she brings the spoon it towards her lip and surprisingly she didn't smell anything. It didn't have any type of scent which made it a bit easier to try to eat, well not really. Opening her mouth, she sticks the scoop of goop into her mouth. On her tongue was a weird slimy and sandy feeling and she felt little chunks on her tongue. While trying to chew on it, it would feel like she was chewing on sand covered by a layer of slime. The taste wasn't any better, it was nearly indescribable and leaving a bad aftertaste on her tongue.

She immediately runs to the sink to spit out all of whatever "food" was in her mouth and washing it out to the best of her ability. Shun just laughs at her reaction before grabbing his things for school. He skips out the door leaving the house after yelling goodbye and heads to school. His sister, who was dying miserably inside the house started plotting her revenge.


    It didn't take too long for him to get to school where he sees his best friend standing by the gate. Her hair out showing off her long wavy black hair. She wore a black tank-top and black jeans, and around her waist was a blue plaid shirt. As he walks towards her, she notices him, so she waves. He waves back with a small smile on his face doing a light jog over to her.

    "Hey," he greets as he jogs closer to Izumi.

    "Hey!" Izumi's voice rang through Shun ears. Izumi's voice is quite high pitched, but not so much that it was hard to listen to instead it was cute at least that's how Shun felt. She had a cheerful tone to her voice as she greets Shun.

    "Am I...still sticking with you?" Shun wonders.

"Yep! You're staying with me for the rest of the week," she informs him.

    "Did you finish your homework?" He nods and asks while they walk from the gates to the school.

    "" she finally says.

    "Why?!" he yells in shock. His friend used to be so good at keeping track of and doing her homework.

    "Because I was busy," she tells him.

    "But you always get your work done!" he shouts still shocked.

    "Well, times change. Not everything stays the same," Izumi replies causing Shun to go quiet.

    Then the bell rings, and the annoying sound made Shun flinch a bit, but he was able to regain his composure.

    "I don't wanna be here," Izumi's whines as Shun drags her through the halls.

    "Too bad," Shun replies while holding onto Izumi's arm and drags her through the halls. He didn't feel like dragging her but that was the only way to keep her moving.

    The two friends start chatting with one another, one mostly whining while the other tolerating the whining friend until they make it to class.


The bell rings and the sound of children chatting and running to the lunchroom is heard. Shun and Izumi got here earlier than most already in line to get lunch. Shun was eating an apple after apple gaining more energy as he filled his grumbling stomach. Although the lunch wasn't bad here it wasn't the best either at least he preferred not to eat it.

    "You don't have lunch today?" Izumi asks her friend as they walk with their food in hand through the cafeteria.

    "Oh, well.." Shun says with his hand behind his neck. He remembers what he had done to his sister earlier, and what will come when he gets home. "She's probably planning my funeral already. She knows how to make it seem like she didn't kill me!" he starts panicking in his mind. That is until he bumps into a hard chest causing him to lose his grip on his tray. The food falling on himself and the person he bumped into.

    "Oy, Watch it little bitch!" a somewhat deep voice is heard in his ears.

    "Hey! Be nice to him Yuuta!" Izumi yells at the boy. After hearing the name, Shun freezes up slowly looking up at the person. He sees a very familiar face, the face belonging to the one that betrayed him and became his enemy.

    "Why should I? He was the one who bumped into me," Yuuta angrily states getting closer to Izumi.

    "Haven't you tortured Shun enough!" Izumi shouts causing Yuuta to pause for a second.

    "Shun...As in Shun Kizumia?" he asks.

    "Yea! The one who you bullied all the time!" she shouts again. Shun looks at his friend slightly annoyed.

    "She needs to know when to Shut up sometimes," he thinks to himself.

    After hearing her reply, Yuuta smirks. You can see the evil in his eyes as he smirked. His eyes seem to look down upon the two. Shun hated this feeling, he hates those eyes.

    "Well ain't it the princess with his knight in shining armor."

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