My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 7: Siblings Laughter


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    After spending the afternoon together with Izumi, Shun was walking back home. Though they didn't do much, he still felt that spending time with her was nice. What made Shun even happier was that he got to see Mr. Logan again and get free ice cream. Though the best thing that happened to him today was seeing Izumi enjoy herself again and knowing that they were still friends.   

    As he walks home he hums a small tune that he made up. That is until he reaches his house where he finds Kanna trying to push the boxes in the house but failing miserably. She's pushing with all her might as if she was a rhino running into it with her head face first.

    "To think this person is considered a genius," Shun couldn't help but feel dumbfounded by the sight in front of him.

Finally, she rams into the box, hitting her shoulder against the box and with a loud 'thud' she falls to the ground. She sits there in a daze, seeing this he runs over to her worried as he squats down next to his sister checking if she's alright. After Kanna reassures him that she was alright, she gets up and points at the boxes beginning to tear up.

"What is in your boxes!" She yells with tears flowing down her face.

"Oh, are those mine?" He asks ignoring his sister's cries.

"YEAH! I've been here for an hour trying to move your stuff!" She yells once more annoyed by his calmness.

"You've been doing this for an hour?" Shun questions obviously surprised.

"I just said that didn't I?" Kanna replies looking at him like an idiot.

"You...You could have just called me…"

There was a long silence. Shun stares at his sister wondering if his sister lost too many brain cells today from trying to push those boxes. They stare at each other for quite a bit, before Kanna spoke.

"Shut up."

"Not my fault if you lost some brain cells."

With a huff, Kanna tells her brother to just help put the boxes inside the house. He agrees, so they both go to each side of the box. With a small grunt coming from the siblings, they lift the box. Unknown to Kanna, a light coat of black aura covers Shun 's body as he lifts the box. Going into the house, they stop.

"Where are we going to put this stuff?" Kanna asks thinking that the boxes won't fit in his room.

" we have an empty room in the back?"

"Yea, it's down the hall. It's a pretty big room." She replies after thinking for a few seconds.

"Okay, lead the way" Shun excitedly tells his sister, to which his sister starts pulling the box down the hall.

The two reached the back of the house on the first floor. With a little bit of a struggle, they were able to open the door and place the box down. When they set down the first box, they went back outside to grab the other boxes. They repeated this action for about 10 minutes before all the boxes were in the room. Kanna pants heavily while Shun stood next to her breathing calmly.

"That was a lot of work," Kanna sighs drinking a bottle of water that she grabbed from the refrigerator. After finishing the bottle she collapses on the couch, sweat all over he face and body even soaking through her shirt. She looks like she just ran a marathon.

"It wasn't that bad," Shun comments as he also drinks a bottle of water.

"Probably because I was carrying most of the weight," Kanna huffs at her little brother comment.

"Yeah, that's totally it," Shun thinks to himself sarcastically but stays quiet.

"Anyways, I'll be in my room if you need anything," Kanna sighs as she gets up from her seat and heads upstairs.

Shun waits for his sister to go up the stairs before heading to the room with all of his boxes. With a sigh, he looks around the room with white walls and boxes sitting on the ground, making Shun a bit upset at the emptiness of the room. He decides that he would redesign the room a bit and goes to the closet that was filled with buckets of paint. Looking through the colors that they had, he chooses a light sea greenish color. After getting brushes, he leaves the closet and heads back to the empty room placing everything on the floor.

After that he walks up to his room to grab some money before leaving the house making sure to tell his sister where he was going. It only evening so, the store should still be open. He quickly walks to the store and buys a bunch of sheets to place on the floor, and some tape. After buying what he needed, he hurries back home and places everything in the empty room. At first, he was planning to get his sister, but he decides to set everything up first before getting her. He places the sheets on the ground and moves the boxes to the center of the room. After finishing he runs upstairs to his sister's room knocking on the door. He waits patiently for a few seconds before hearing a faint "come in" from the other side of the door. Opening the door he sees his sister on her laptop typing something.

"Hey little one, do you need something?" Kanna asks while typing.

"I'm not that little, but that's not the point here. Do you want to paint with me?" Shun asks.

"What are we painting?"

"The room."

"Oh, which room?"

"The one with all my boxes."

"Oooooh, sure. I don't mind hanging out with my little brother." Kanna smiles, then says, "Let me finish this blog first."

"You have a blog?" Shun asks a bit surprised.

"Since a year after you left," She says not looking at him as she was too focused on making her blog, but Shun felt a little bad after hearing that.

"Oh, okay. Just come down when you're done," he tells her while shutting the door going into his room to change his clothes to something he can get dirty in.

Before going back into the room, he grabs a ladder from the basement and puts it on the floor. Grabbing the tape, he starts making a stripe design with the tape. Once finishing the design he grabs the brush roll and attaches two pieces to make a brush roller, and then mixes the paint. Once he was done mixing the paint, he pours the paint into a bucket. While doing this he hears footsteps heading towards the room.

"Ready to start?" Kanna asks as she walks into the room. Her hair tied up into a high ponytail. She wore a light pink t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

She joins him grabbing another paint roller and rolls the paint roller in the paint. Then the two of them started painting the walls of the room. They talked about random things and played around as they painted the walls. The two ended up having a paint fight as well, splashing the paint on one another.

Once they were done painting the walls, the two siblings were covered in the sea green paint, smiling at one another and laughing. After a bit, they went to go clean up. They're water turning sea green as they bathed.

After getting cleaned up Kanna went to go make dinner, and Shun decides to play some games on his computer to pass some time. He gets up to get something out of his bag and then starts moving things around until a realization hit him.

"OH CRAP HOMEWORK!" He yells telling his team that he had to go, and they understood wishing him luck. Quickly shutting off his computer he takes out his homework and goes to his desk to work on it.

He knew all the stuff on the paper, but he doesn't like doing work that he already knows.  He tries to do his homework in a rush so he could go back to playing the game, but before he could finish Kanna calls for dinner. With a sigh, he runs down the stairs and tries to eat dinner as quickly as he can.

"Why are you in such a rush?" she asked her brother.

"I have homework, but I wanna play my games," he tells her with his mouth full of food. With a light chuckle, she continued eating her food, Shun stuffed his face like a chipmunk. That is until he started choking and Kanna saves him from dying.

After finishing his food, he runs up the stairs and into his room forgetting to wash the dishes. When he gets to his room, he starts working on his homework once again. After about 30 minutes, he finishes his homework. With a happy sigh, he slowly puts his homework back in his bag and went back to playing his game. Unknown to him the time passes quickly and before he knew it he stayed be up all night playing games.

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