My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 6: Friends Again


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    It was the end of the school day. Shun and Izumi couldn't help but feel relieved that school was finally over.Shun forgot how boring school was, he have go to school. They both exit the school through the front gates chatting a little as they walk. Izumi still didn't speak much to Shun just answering with a few words each time, but he didn't mind. Instead, he was a bit happy since instead of an awkward chatting, there was a comfortable silence.

    It was fall still, and the leaves danced in the air with the wind assisting them. While walking through the city, cars drove by and people were walking down the street.

    "Izumi, do you wanna go to the park?" Shun asks. He didn't get an answer straight away, but after a bit, she agrees. Hearing her response causes Shun to smile a little as he was walking down the street going to the park. As they walk, they didn't speak to one another. The tension between the two slowly rising almost so thick that a knife wouldn't be able to cut through it as they walked since neither had a clue about what to say to the other. Finally deciding to break the silence Shun speaks, "Why is it so awkward? We are best friends, right Izumi?"

    "...Yea" Izumi replies to him unsure of herself..

    Hearing her reply made Shun a little upset but knowing that he had hurt her, he decided not to say anything. As they walked, the streets were busy filled with people as it was rush hour. Vendors yelling over one another trying to attract customers, stores were lit up in colorful colors trying to attract people interest. This was a bit much for Shun because he hasn't been in the city for a while, but Izumi wasn't bothered one bit. As they walk forward, Shun notices something familiar.

    "Izumi, look!" He excitedly shouts as he pointed his finger in a direction. Izumi follows where he was pointing, to which she saw a familiar sakura colored umbrella. Under the umbrella was a cart and a man. The man had a white work outfit and a white cap. His brown locks framing his face and his face had gentle features. In front of him was a white cart that the umbrella was attached on. On the cart, there was a board that listed all the flavors and prices. The man had a calm smile as he offered people what he was selling.

    "Isn't that Mr. Logan?" she asks. Though she tried to act calm, in her eyes you can see the excitement. Shun let out a little chuckle as he saw her whole demeanor change back to the one he remembered.  Her eyes glow in delight and without thinking she grabs Shun's hand and drags him through the crowd towards the man.

    As she drags him, Shun couldn't help but be a bit happy. Being able to make Izumi's eyes light up like stars, even if he isn't the actual reason for this reaction. When they were a couple of feet away, the man notices the two. After seeing the two, it was like his smile grew wider his eyes showing happiness. Once they stood in front of the man, the man spoke.

    "Hey, my number one customers are back! It's been a while since I have seen you two," he said, his voice being a bit husky and deep.

    "Yea, I miss your ice cream, Mr. Logan," Izumi tells Mr. Logan while smiling at him, this causing him to chuckle.

    "And I miss seeing you two together," he tells the two. "Now do you two want the usual?" he asks. Both of them started shaking their head 'yes' like they were little children. After seeing their response, Mr. Logan picks up a cone and his ice cream scooper. Pulling on the handle, he opens the hatch and a big puff of cold smoke appears in the air. Reaching his hand with the ice cream scooper, he starts scooping the ice cream, making perfect scoops of ice cream. It was amazing to Shun how perfect the ice cream scoops were. After doing one cone, he puts that cone of ice cream on an ice cream holder and doing the other cone. Both kids watched Mr. Logan in awe as he put their favorite ice cream on the cone.

    "Alright, here you go. One vanilla cone and one cookie and cream ice cream," Mr. Logan says in a chipper voice. When Shun went to pay for it, Mr. Logan holds up his hand telling him to stop. "No need to pay. It's on the house," he smiles as he gave the two their ice cream. After saying their thanks, they wave at Mr. Logan as they left. "Don't forget to visit once in a while!" he yells at the two as he waved back.

    "It was nice seeing Mr. Logan again, right Izu?" Shun asks Izumi who responded by humming in delight.  Instead of the gloomy, quiet Izumi, she was back to her chipper self that Shun remembered.

    Now the two walked through the streets of the city once again on their way to the park. They were not that far from the park and the two children were enjoying themselves after they got their ice cream for free. As they are walking, they ate their ice cream, Izumi getting the ice cream all over their face.

After walking for a few minutes, they finally reached the park. The park was bye a lake, with a bunch of children with each other. The parents either sitting on the side or talking to one another. Shun and Izumi didn't mind the children and went towards the swings which not many people were on. Izumi had finished her ice cream a while ago and was ready to get on the swing, the sugar of the ice cream giving her more energy.

    "Wait" Shun calls out to her making her stop. He went up to her and grabbed a napkin from his pocket and starts wiping her face that was all over her face. His action caused Izumi to blush in embarrassment. She quickly snatches the napkin out of Shun's hand and starts wiping her face, her face still red.

    "Why didn't you tell me this before!" She screams in embarrassment.

    "Because you were enjoying yourself" Shun replies easily making Izumi blush even more. Without saying anything she went to the swing and Shun following her.

    The two sat on the swings, Shun trying to finish his ice cream. Izumi was on the swing next to him, swinging as high as she could and Shun was just staring at her as he slowly finished his ice cream. Her face glowed with bright a smile  as she swung, her hair flying as the wind went through it. This made Shun happy that he could see her happy like this, unlike the first time when he saw her again. Shun tried to finish his cone so he could join in on the fun.

After a minute, he was able to finish his cone and wipes his face of any extra ice cream on him. Izumi was still swinging and Shun decides to get off the swing. Without Izumi knowing, he went behind her swing and waiting for her to swing back. Once he saw her swing back, he reaches his hands out and pushed making Izumi scream a bit from the unexpected force.

    "SHUN!" she screams as she felt him push her making her go higher. This made Shun laugh at the expression she was making. Not long after, Izumi starts laughing as she likes the feeling of how high she was going. She likes the wind going through her hair as she went up in the air.

    An hour later the two were laughing as they talked about things.

    "I remember when you used to scream like a girl and run so fast from slugs," Izumi laughs as she told Shun. This made Shun blush, and pout a bit.

    "HEY! Slugs are nasty," Shun puffs as he looks to the side.

    "Nooooo, they're adorable little creatures," Izumi giggles making him gasp.

    "Slugs are not adorable creatures! How can I be friends with someone who like slugs!" he screams. After saying that, this made Shuna and Izumi quiet. Now the air felt awkward and they look away from each other. "Um...we are friends right?" Shun asks, a bit scared of what she was going to say.

    "You really hurt me when you left without telling me," she tells him.

    "I know, I-"

    "Like, I thought we were going to always do everything together, and always be with each other. Me, you and Kanna. It looks like I was wrong."

    "Izumi, I can explain."

    "But today, I'm happy that I decided to hang out with you. I miss having fun with you," she then said smiling at Shun.

    "Wait, so that means-"

    "Yes, we are friends," she finally said. After hearing this Shun jumped in joy. "But…" she then states making him stop. "If you ever leave me again without telling me, well you can guess," she tells him with her eyes holding a dangerous tint in it. This makes Shun sweat a bit as he saw this and he nods his head quickly.

    "Note to self. Don't make Izu so pissed in the future. I. WILL. DIE." Shun noted.

    "Yea, I'll tell you next time," he said making Izumi go back to her normal self.

    "Oh, and just because we're friends doesn't mean that I'm not mad at you anymore," she tells him making Shun laugh a little. "Look at the time, we've been out for a while" Izumi points out making Shun take out his phone to check the time.

    "Yea, I have to go before Kanna gets worried."

    "Same, but with my parents"

    The two starts walking out of the park, and walk towards their home. It was not as busy anymore and was quite peaceful. After walking for a few minutes, they stopped at the street they have to walk different paths.

    "Um...I had fun today," Izumi tells Shun with a small blush. Shun smiles and said.

    "Yea, me too. Have a safe trip Izu," he tells her and starts walking towards his home.

    Izumi stood there for a few seconds contemplating is she should do something, but decides against it and says,"Yea, you too," and she starts walking away towards her house.

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