My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 4: The Promise


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"Come on! We have to get there before it ends!" A high pitch voice filled the air as a girl with black hair and green eyes ran through the city. She wore a blue suspender shirt with a white button up under it, black dress shoes and white stockings. On her head was a little blue bow tied on her head.

"Okay, we're coming!" Another high pitched voice yelled back. The owner of the voice was a boy with black hair and amber eyes. He wore a green sweater, light blue ripped jeans and white sneakers. Next to him was another girl with wavy brown hair and amber eyes, her face similar to the boy's showing that they were siblings. She wore a green turtleneck with an orange skirt and black dress shoes, an orange knitted beanie on her head and glasses framed her face.

The three children smiled as they ran through the city covered in bright lights and colorful leaves. Leaves of multiple colors flew with the cool  autmmn wind. Although it was night time it felt like it was still day as the bustling crowds moved through the city decorated with bright colors. Some people were even dancing to the joyful music playing in the distance.

"We're almost there!" The black haired girl yelled, her eye glowing in excitement.

As they ran further into the city, the music grew louder and louder. Running through a small alley, they finally reached their destination. The loud music filled their ears, their eyes shined staring at the beautiful colors and bright lights filling the area.

"Wow!" all three children excalimed in awe.

"I've been here so many time already, but I can't help but be amazed each time," the brown haired girl said.

"What are we waiting for, let's go!" the boy yelled with his voice filled with excitement and ran off.

The two girls followed the boy and for the rest of the night as they played games, ate food, and watched the parade. Before they knew it, it was almost midnight, the three children now sat in an open field with many others waiting for the fireworks like them.

"Hey guys, let's make a promise," the black hair girl said.


"We are friends, that's why silly," she answered with a smile. The black haired boy and a brown haired girl looked at each other before agreeing. Holding out their fingers the girl then said, "Let's promise to be by each other's side as friends forever no matter what."

After saying their promises, they all sat, ate and laughed with each other. That is until the fireworks started going off. Many colors filled the air as everyone "oooo'd" and "ah'd" at the display. The three friends happily stared at the fireworks as the night came to an end.

    "Get Out"

    "W-Wait, Izumi, it's me Sh-"

    "I know who you are, and I'm telling you to get out."

    "Wh-Why, we're best friends aren't we?" Shun asks a bit shocked at his friend's cold response. He imagined that she would be somewhat happy to see him.

    "We are not friends" Izumi states in a matter of factly tone, her face showing betrayal.

    "What?! Why?!" He yells back in shock, not thinking that his best friend from birth would say anything like that to him.

    "You don't even know the reason why?! Was our friendship that unimportant that you forgot our promise?!" She yells, after hearing that.

    "What promise?" He asks her in confusion, hearing his confusion she laughs a bit clenching her hands into a fist.

    "Our promise that we wouldn't leave each other!" She shouts as tears well up in her eyes. She was sad that he couldn't remember the promise they made so many years ago.

    "Oh, I remember that promise bu-" cutting him off, she yells again.

    "If you remembered it, you wouldn't have left me! At least you could have told me that you were leaving!"

    "Izumi, you also forgot another part of the promise-" He tells her causing Izumi to pause looking at him in suspicion.

"You forgot the part where we would be friends, no matter what happened," He continues reminding her.

    "But you broke the first half of the promise ho-"

    "We promised that we would still be friends, I know that I broke the first half of the promise, but even if I did, that shouldn't be the end of our friendship. We said that we'd still be friends, listen to each other, and see what each other has to say-" He tells her looking into her eyes seriously, feeling his eyes she just looks down silently. "Thank you, now let me explain…"

    He then starts explaining almost everything, he left out some parts that shouldn't be said. She listens to his words quietly until the end. He explains that he left because he felt weak and wanted to get stronger so that he could to protect them and how he met three guys that taught him how to fight but only giving a vague idea of what and how he trained.

    "Stupid Shun!" After hearing everything she yells while hitting him on the head causing him to flinch a bit.

    "What was that for?" Shun whines.

    "For not telling me anything, if anything I could have taught you self-defense," She tells him with a sigh. "I'm still mad at you though, you left me for such a stupid reason."

    "It's not stupid," Shun puffs his mouth a bit at the comment.

    "Yea, not stupid at all" Izumi sarcastically replies, stretching her arms.  "Anyways, why don't you leave for the day?" She asks, trying to push him out the door.


    "I don't wanna talk to you anymore. Too much happened today and I just wanna rest." She tells him.

    Shun, respecting her explanation allows her to push him out. But before they reached the door she stops.

    "Get Up! I'm not pushing you all the way there!" She shouts annoyed at him for being lazy. Without any struggle, he starts walking out by himself. Before he left, he turns back to her giving her a hug saying goodbye. Izumi also says goodbye and hugging him back, He leaves the house shutting the door behind him. Unknown to him a slight blush was on Izumi's face.

    It was the evening now by the time Shun went back. Entering his home, he sees Kanna at the table waiting for him. Dinner ready and everything. Shun starts taking off his shoes and dropped his messenger bag on the couch.

"Hey Little Brother, welcome back," she greets her brother with a small smile.

"How'd it go?" Shun asks as he sat at the table.

"All good, I got a call from your principal not too long ago. You're going to school tomorrow," she tells him.

"Really!? Thank you," he thanks his sister.

"No problem. Now it's been a long day so let's eat!" She then says and the two of them start eating. After eating they clean up and then head to bed after making sure that everything they had to do was done.

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