My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 3: Blackmailing The Principal


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Shun wakes up lying on the couch with a pillow under him and a blanket covering him. He wipes the dried up drool from his face and moves his messy bed hair to the side. He gets up and walks upstairs into his room to get ready. He undresses and goes to take a shower. Doing his usual morning routine before getting dressed for the day.

While he was doing this, Kanna who woke up earlier was finishing up in the kitchen setting the table for breakfast. After finishing he goes downstairs seeing breakfast was on the table. There were pancakes, eggs, and bacon with two plates beside each plate is a glass of orange juice.

    "Good Morning, I made breakfast," Kanna tells Shun.

    "Clearly," Shun replies causing him to get hit on the back of the head.

    "I couldn't even get a thank you," Kanna mumbles to herself, a depressing aura surrounding her.

    The two sit down and ate breakfast together. There were no words exchanged during this time and the only things that could be heard were the soft chewing and rustling of dishes on the table. After they finish eating, Shun goes to wash the dishes. That was his job whenever they were done eating. While he was washing the dishes, Kanna came in with a new change of clothes.

    "Alright, I'm heading out," she tells him.

    "Where are you going?" Shun asks casually.

"Have you forgotten already? I have to go to the school to get you enrolled remember?" She answers while rolling her eyes at him.

"Ah- you're going to do that now?"


    "Alright, be safe," Shun tells his sister and with that Kanna leaves the house.

    After finishing the dishes, Shun went up to his room laying on the bed contemplating what he should do with his life.

    "Maybe I should go see her again?" he thought to himself. After wavering for a bit, wondering if it was a good idea or not. With a sigh, he gets up deciding that he should go otherwise he'll probably end up regretting it, with that he leaves his room. Going downstairs, he puts on his sneakers and grabs a black messenger bag. He likes carrying an extra bag around just in case he needs it for something later. After taking everything he needs, he walks out the door and locks it heading down the road.


    Kanna is currently in front of the office to the school she is enrolling Shun in. She used to go to this school too back when she was in middle school, so she already knew how to get to the office. On her way here earlier she walked through the halls seeing everything that stayed the same and the things that changed since she was last here. Even though it was the weekend the staff would normally have a meeting every Sunday to talk about some promising students and the bad ones along with upcoming events.

She knocks on the headmaster door but gets no response only after knocking a couple more times could she hear a lot of whispering and ruckus going on inside the office. After waiting a few seconds she hears a faint "come in" from the someone in the office. She walks in to see the headmaster sitting at his desk with his vice principal standing next to the desk. The vice principal was trying to fix her messed up clothes and hair, her skirt still lifted partially.

The principle was sitting there with his somewhat messed up clothes and messy hair. It didn't really look like anything happened to him you just assume he had a busy morning, but when she sees the kiss mark on his neck and a small smudge of lipstick on his lips. After taking another look at the vice principal she noticed her lipstick color was the same as the vice principal was wearing. She brings all the details together guessing what happened here moments ago.

"-Hello Kanna, I haven't seen you in a while." The principal coughs bringing Kanna's attention to him.

    "Hello, Principal Shepard how have you been?" Kanna walks up shaking his hand smelling women's perfume on him.

    "I'm fine, what brings you here today?" He answers wondering why she was here interrupting his 'fun' time.

    "Who knew the principal was such a disloyal dog," thinking this Kanna smirks, "Principal Shepard, you look tired maybe I should come back another time?" She asks with a 'concerned' expression.

    "Nonsense I feel better than ever seeing one of my favorite students come to visit me in my old age. Just tell me what you want and I'll do what I can to help,"  Principle Shepard assures her not letting her leave.

    "Why do you assume I'm here to ask you something? I just wanted to take a look at my old school and see how you were doing" She says looking 'wronged'.

    "In that case, it's nice to see you but I'm busy so-"

    "Well there is one small thing you can help me with-" she interrupts him "I was wondering if you can enroll Shun Kizumia in the school again." she continues.

    "Isn't that your brother? The one that went to this school and transferred without telling us?" the Vice Principal questions with a frown on his face.

    "Yep! I need you to enroll him again, maybe get him started by tomorrow?"

    "What?! You know we have to go through a whole process! You're also too young to enroll someone here," the Principle kept shouting about the process and everything.

    "Well, maybe we can make an agreement-" Kanna pauses. The principal and vice principal looked towards Kanna slightly nervous waiting for her to continue. "How about you enroll Shun into the school by tomorrow and I won't tell the school district and your wife what was happening here, how's that sound Shepard?" She 'requested' smiling at the pair.

    "HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, THIS IS BLACKMAIL!" the principal and the vice principal shout in anger with both of their faces flustered.

    "Not my fault you two didn't fix yourselves before I came in. Like come on, same color lip print on your neck and mouth is on the vice principal plus the perfume. Next time don't make it so obvious," Kanna rolls her eyes at the two. Throwing a portfolio at the principal and starts walking towards the door. "Thank you for your time, I expect a call by tomorrow morning." With that, she leaves the office and school to go buy things. "Old age my foot, If you're so old you shouldn't be trying to eat so much meat it's not good for you."


    Shun stood at the entrance of a house that was way too familiar to him. Taking a deep breath, he rings the doorbell and stands there waiting. Shun couldn't hide how nervous he was, wondering what type of reaction the people living in this house would have. He didn't have to stand there long a few seconds later someone answered the door, it was a lady with black hair and black eyes.

    "Hello Mrs. Sho, how have you been?" He asks the lady.

    "How do you know my name?" She questions.

    "It's me, Shun Kizumia."

    "Really? You don't look like the Shun I remember?" She says, looking at Shun with caution.

    "I know, I changed a lot. If you want, I can answer a question only Shun would know," Shun suggests lightly.

    "Fine," she agrees, and asks Shun a question, with Shun answering it perfectly, making her happy.

    "Oh Shun, I haven't seen you so long. I heard that you went abroad to another school and I'm doing fine, thank you" she thanks Shun with a smile.

    "Um…Is Izumi here?" He asks quietly.

    "Yes Yes, she's in her room. Come in Shun, I'll call her down." Mrs. Saito happily as says she went inside the house. Shun walks into the house, closing the door and walking to the living room.

"Nothing changed" Shun smiles as he looks around. He sits down on a chair waiting for Izumi to come down. After sitting around for a few minutes, he hears heavy footsteps coming down the stairs making Shun turn towards the stairs to see a girl around his age. She had beautiful forest green eyes and long straight black hair. She looked very pretty and had a healthy body. She was wearing a white dress with a black button sweater and black shoes.

"Hey Izu-"

"Get Out"

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