My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 11: Making A New Friend


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Shun walks through the school gates with bandages covering his body. From the events that happened at home last night, Shun went through hell. Izumi was standing by the gate with two lunch bags waiting for him. When she sees Shun, she looks at her friend in worry because she doesn't remember her friend having any bandages on him yesterday.

"What happened to you?" she questions with worry in her voice.

"Well...I did something to Kanna and let's just say this is the reason why I have these bandages," Shun's nervous voice stutters a bit. After seeing his reaction, Izumi left it be.

"Okay...anyway, I forgot to ask you before, but who was the girl you were talking too?" She asks while they were walking inside the school.

"Oh, well her name was-" Shun cuts himself off after realizing that he didn't get her name. "Actually, I don't know. She's not in our classes and I don't remember seeing her here before," he admits.

"Obviously I don't know her. Maybe she just started today or started not too long ago?" Izumi guesses.

"I don't know, but she must have been scared because I look like I was about to fall from the rail," He states but was met by a really hard hit on the back of his head. "Ow! What was that for?" Shun whines as he rubs the place he was hit.

"I forgot to hit you yesterday for pulling that stunt. You don't usually do things like that." Kanna had said.

"Oh, well I felt more daring...and I haven't done something exciting in a while. Ended up that it was a bit relaxing more than exciting…" His voice trails off as he remembers the scene once again. Remembering the feeling of the wind lightly blowing against his skin and the sun looking down on him. It felt as the rays were kissing his skin with warmth. That is until he feels two hands on his shoulder shaking him back and forth snapping him out of his thoughts. He was met with green eyes staring at him.

"You okay? You kind of spaced out on me," Izumi stares at her friend with a little bit of concern.

"O-Oh, yeah I'm fine. I was thinking about something," he assures his friend. Without any hesitation, Izumi didn't question him.

"Anyways, I brought lunch for us since you didn't have lunch yesterday," Izumi mentions as she holds up the two lunch bags.

"Oh my lord, she's so nice. Kanna wouldn't pack me any lunch because of what I did" Shun cries internally and made it seem like Izumi was his angel.

"Kanna wouldn't pack me any lunch so thank you for thinking of me," he calmly states, but cries internally.

"No problem! Anything for you," she chirps as she gives Shun one lunch bag.


The bell annoying ring noise is heard by the two, Shun flinching to the sound. After hearing the bell, the two starts walking inside.


"I WANNA GO HOME!" Shun cries internally.

Izumi was in front of him taking him to the roof to eat as he cries internally. Shun didn't feel like going to school because he learned this stuff already thanks to his sister and when he left. He was suffering in his opinion.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Shun realizes that they were going to the roof. They were walking up many steps so there is a high chance they were going up to the roof.

"Are we going to the roof?" He asks.

"Yep," Izumi answers popping the "p"

"Do you think the girl is up there?"

"Maybe, I don't know anything about her sooo…" Izumi stretches out her last word.

The two finally reach the roof. Opening the door the Autumn breeze hit their face. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, Shun felt more relaxed. He loves the outdoors and nature in general, it was so calming and relaxes him each time.

The two decides to sit near the railings, Shun wanting to see the view. The two open the lunch bag and inside was a simple sandwich along with an apple and a drink. Well instead of it being a simple sandwich, let's say there were four sandwiches inside the bag. The two starts eating their food, not talking to one another. Of course, to them eating their food was more important than little chit chats, so the two ate their food. Izumi happily eating while Shun was calmly eating his food.

As they were eating, a short girl was hiding not wanting to interrupt the two. It happens to be the girl from before and she was blushing really hard.

"I-Is that hi-him?" she ponders to herself as she looks at Shun. She stares at him for a really long time trying to see if it was the boy from yesterday.

Feeling someone watching him, Shun tenses up and starts looking around. He sits there slowly eating his food and tries to concentrate on his surrounding. He tries to locate where the stare was coming from so he kept looking around.

"Are you okay?" Izumi asks. She is confused about why her friend was looking around.

"Yeah, just looking around," Shun quickly answers while still eating his food.

The girl who was hiding notices that he was trying to look for her so she hides more and stops looking at Shun.

"I-I want to me-meet him t-though," she thinks to herself.

She sits there trying to build up her courage to walk out there and talk to him. Unknown to her, some of her hair was poking out from her hiding spot and could be seen. As Shun was looking around, he notices familiar dark brown hair that was poking from behind the wall. Seeing the hair makes him relax a bit because from his guesses it had to be the girl from yesterday and goes back eating his food.

Izumi and Shun ate their food peacefully as the girl hiding peaks once in a while to see if they are still there. She sits there wondering if she should go up there and talk to him or not. Every time she tries to leave her hiding spot to go talk to him she punks out again. This keeps going for a good few minutes as she kept taking deep breathes.

"Alright Sachiko, you can do this. It's not that hard" she tries to comfort herself.

Once she calms her nerves down, she takes one final breathe and walks out from her hiding spot. Shakingly walking towards the two. Shun hearing her footsteps looks up from his food towards whoever was making the footsteps. This also makes Izumi look up. Both of them to sees the same girl from yesterday.

She had the same hairstyle and same pink glasses. She was wearing a pastel yellow long-sleeved shirt with a pink book in the middle of the shirt. Along with some skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Seeing who it was made Izumi slightly glare a bit without her knowing she was even doing it. Shun sighs, relaxing himself now knowing that the person hiding was just her. As Sachi walks towards the other two, her body shaking with each step and she couldn't barely breathe. She felt their stares on her and it made her so nervous and under pressure even though there were only two people looking at her.

"Why is she shaking?" Izumi confusingly stares at her.

Sachiko was finally able to make it to Shun, her body still shaking badly. Her eyes were avoiding Izumi's and Shun's face as she kept looking averting her eyes away from them. She opens her mouth wanting to speak to Shun but nothing came out. Izumi becoming a bit impatient at this but Shun waited. When Sachiko opens her mouth again, nothing came out and this kept happening making her look like a fish.

Shun seeing this decides to speak and asks, "What's your name?"

"I-I-It's S-Sa-Sa-" Sachiko tries to say her name but fails miserably and to stop talking. Taking one deep breathe she was finally able to say her name, "My name is Sachiko."

This makes both Shun and Izumi shock because they did not think that Sachiko would be able to say a whole sentence without stuttering. Though it didn't last long because Sachiko went back to her shaking state and she couldn't speak once again.

"Do you need something?" Izumi asks not wanting their lunch to be used up.

"O-Oh w-well I-I just-"

"Calm down, we're not rushing you and we aren't gonna do anything to you. Just have a seat and takes deep breaths before talking" Shun tries to calm Sachiko down using a calm soft book.

Hearing this, Sachiko decides to take the advice and sits down in front of the two friends and started taking deep breaths. Closing her eyes, she slowly inhaled and exhaled trying to calm her nerves. She did this for a few minutes waiting for her racing heart to calm down. Her body slowly stops shaking and her body relaxes once she was able to calm herself down.

"Did you calm down?" Shun asks her to which she nods her head as an answer. "Good, now would you like to tell us the reason you're here?" he asks her.

"Well, I-I just wanted to see if everything was okay and I made anything a-awkward" She explains still stuttering a bit.

"Ah, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong and you didn't do anything. It was just a little misunderstanding, right Izu?" Shun looks at Izumi.

"Yeah" she replies without looking at the two instead just eating her food.

"Don't mind her. Anyways, as you can see it was a little misunderstanding," he gently smiles at Sachiko making her blush.

"O-Oh U-Um if you say s-so," she stutters while looking down. "They're so nice…"

"Would you like to join us for lunch Sachi?" Shun invites Sachiko.


"Yeah, I don't want to keep calling you Sachiko, and I believe that's a good nickname for you," he smiles making Sachiko blush even more. Izumi staring at the two with a certain look in her eyes.

"W-Well, I don't want to d-disturb you and I usually don't e-eat with people…" she trails off as she speaks.

"It's okay. You're not disturbing us because I was the one that invited you to sit with us," Shun reassures her.

After a bit of thinking, Sachiko decides to stay with them. She moves her seat so that she was sitting beside Shun. Izumi didn't seem as welcoming as Shun was so she decides that the best thing to do was stick with Shun. Izumi felt uncomfortable with Sachiko being here, so she didn't really interact much with them and instead was either on her phone or doing something on her own.

Shun at the moment was paying attention to Sachiko trying to make sure she was also comfortable being with them. Giving one of his sandwiches to her just to make sure she ate something. Even if Sachiko tried to deny it when he gave the sandwich to her and she accepts it after realizing Shun would not give up. It's nice having a new face in his life once in a while, and when he does he tries to make them feel welcomed. He checks on Izumi once in a while seeing if she was okay and she usually says she is okay so he trusts her on that.

Shun and Sachiko were getting to know each other learning some things about one another. Shun learning Sachiko was in a grade lower than him. The two chat peacefully with one another until the bell rang meaning they would sadly have to go back to class. After gathering their trash and throwing it away they start walking down the stairs.

"It was nice talking to you Sachi, why don't we hang out again?" Shun asks her.

U-Um well, you d-don't mind right?" she asks the two hoping they would approve.

"Of course we don't right Izumi?" Shun looks at Izumi for approval. She agrees since he looks like he wants her to stay. "See, we don't mind."

"Tha-Thank you! I hope we c-can become good friends," Sachiko smiles happily at the two before leaving to her class.

The other two also heads to their class and went through their day. Heading home once school was over.

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