My Unrealistic Dream Chapter 10: It's Not What You Think


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Time seemed to stop for a moment as the two stared into each other's eyes. The girl wakes up from her daze first, realizing that she had been staring at him for a while. Realizing this she starts blushing in embarrassment quickly letting go of his hands. She takes a step back but trips over her own two feet falling flat on her butt. Shun shakes his head coming back to reality when he sees the girl had fallen on the ground with a bright red face. Shun quickly hops off the rail and walks over to her wanting to make sure that she was okay. When he reaches her, he crouches down on one knee putting one hand on her head checking her temperature.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asks, not noticing that he had crouched down between her legs.

"U-Uh, yes!" She squeaks trying to move away from him but Shun just moves forward every time she shrinks more and more until she is laying on the ground. Shun didn't care about care about their position or anything he just wanted to make sure that the girl was really okay. He moves his face closer to her attempting to compare his temperature with hers causing the girl to suffocate from embarrassment, "U-Uh-" she tries to speak but she was too flustered.

"What's wrong?" Shun asks tilting his head at the flustered girl seeing that she was trying to say something

"Y-You sho-should probably g-ge-ge-get off," she finally manages to get her words out making Shun aware of their current position. He couldn't help but blush a bit realizing that their current position is a bit misleading.

"Oh, sorry," He apologizes and tries to get off her.

"I-It's okay" She stutters relieved that he was getting off of her now. He tries to get off but ends up slipping and falling onto her chest causing both kids to blush. At that moment, the roof door opens causing Shun and the girl freeze. Coming through the door was Izumi, her arms full of snacks.

"Hey Shun, I got the sn-" She looks at the two catching them in a weird position. Izumi starts blushing and drops all the snacks, she turns around and runs back down the stairs. Seeing her actions causes Shun to stare at the door in confusion. He quickly gets up about to chase after her, but his stomach growls loudly causing him to crouch over in pain.

"I'm sorry Izu, but my stomach is hungry," he cries in his head.

He heads towards the snacks grabbing them off the ground. Sitting with the railing supporting his back, he unwraps one of the snacks and begins eating it. He eats slowly savoring the taste as if it were a rare delicacy.

"U-Um, don't y-y-you want to go a-after her?" The girl asks a bit concerned about the girl who just ran off wondering why he wasn't going after her.

"I was going to go after her but I realized that I don't think straight when I'm hungry," Shun tells her while munching on one of the snacks. The girl looks over the edge seeing Izumi running out the school building with all her might looking as if something extremely bad had happened.

"O-Oh, Okay-" She pauses telling him, "Erm, I-I-I have to g-go." She heads to the door lightly waving him goodbye.

"Okay, be safe," he tells with a small smile.

She nods leaving the rooftop quickly. After eating a bit more, he starts feeling a bit of guilt forming in his stomach. He tries to wash it away by eating some more, but it didn't work causing him to sigh.

Shun gets up grabbing the snacks and stuffs them in his messenger back. He heads through the door and towards the stairway and walks down the stairs. That is until he realizes a few things causing him to facepalm.

"Wait, I didn't ask the girl her name. Also, how would I know where Izu went," he thinks to himself.

After thinking for a bit he decides to head to the park. He couldn't help but sigh thinking of how troublesome it is to go all the way over there. Shun cares about his best friend, but sometimes he doesn't feel like dealing with things. Especially since Izumi will most likely blame it on him and then he will explain everything. After explaining everything, he will be forgiven and Izumi will realize her mistake.

He continues walking while using his stealth to sneak out the school, checking every corner of the hallway to make sure that there wasn't a teacher to stop him. Once he was off the school's premises, he starts munching on the snacks once again. That is until he walks past a bunch of restaurants and food stands which ends up making him even hungrier. He tries to resist his urges because he is supposed to be looking for Izumi. Sadly, he gives in unable to resist as he's now in a burger joint, waiting in line to order. Although it didn't take too long to order, once he orders it takes them a bit to get the food since he ordered a lot.

"Maybe I went overboard...Nah, at least I ordered Izumi some things." he munches on the last of his snacks with a satisfied face.

After getting his food, he quickly walks out of the burger joint with a burger in his mouth and paper bags in both arms. Thinking that he was a bit late he begins to pick up the pace.

"I feel like such a 'great' friend right now," he thought to himself sarcastically walking even faster pushed by his guilt. It takes him a bit to get there, but when he finally makes it to the park, he sees Izumi sitting near the lake. He walks over to her sitting down next to her. Munching on a burger which ruined the mood quite a bit. Her arms were wrapped around her knees as she lay her head inside of the little ball she made.

"Hey Izu, what's wrong?" He asked with his mouth full.

"Nothing..." She replies, her voice muffling in her arms.

"You sure? It doesn't seem like nothing if you ran away like that," Shun tells her but is only met with silence. They didn't speak to one another, and all you could hear was Shun eating his food. He didn't force anything waiting for her to tell him on her own, since forcing people wasn't really Shun's thing anyway.

"D-Do you like her?" she asks suddenly causing Shun to look at her a bit shocked for a moment, but seeing that she was serious he starts laughing.

"Of course not, I don't even know her name!" he exclaims with his mouth full causing him to choke on his food and cough quite a bit. Hitting his chest, he grabs a drink gulping it down quickly.

"Then why were you on top of her?"

"Well, I was hanging off the rails when she came, thinking I was going to jump, she tried to help me I guess? Right after that, she started turning red for some reason and me being a good person I went to check her. I guess I didn't notice the position we were in and when I was about to get off, you came in and ran out the school all of a sudden." He explains to her.


"Yeah, anyways, I got some food?" Shun says causing Izumi to laugh a bit. Although he was confused he didn't say anything as he hands her food before taking another bite of his own. She grabs her food from him after saying thank you and unwraps it beginning to eat.

"Why so many burgers?" she asks as she stuffs her mouth. After all of that running and waiting, she was really hungry.

"Of course, most are for me. You know I have a black hole for a stomach," Shun tells her while laughing a bit. Izumi also laughed at this and continued eating. "Anywho, why did you think I like her?" he asks her making her choke on her food a bit. Swallowing the food, she starts blushing and tries to explain.

"Um...well…" she trails off and looks away as she talks. "I-I didn't want y-you to get a girlfriend so soon!" she stutters out.

"Why?" he then asks looking at his best friend in curiosity. This causing Izumi to panic even more.

"W-Well because…" she sits there panicking for a few seconds. "I-I didn't want you t-to leave me all alone because you have a girlfriend. We can't d-do best friend stuff anymore because you'll pay a lot of attention to her. Yeah!" she explains while looking to the side wondering if Shun would believe her.

"Oh, okay," Shun goes back to eating, "But you know you're my best friend, so why would I ever leave you," he says as he smiles at her.

After seeing Izumi nod, he starts munching on his burger again. Izumi doing the same and they both ate their food peacefully. The two talked and laughed with one another, not realizing the time that passed. Both of them forgetting about everything and enjoyed themselves and before they knew it, it was almost dark. When realizing this, the two said their goodbyes before heading home.

Shun stands in front of his front door smiling, happy he made up with his friend. That is until he walked through that door, his smile dropped. In front of him stood a very pissed older sister, a pole in hand as she stared at him in fury, Shun ends up regretting ever making food along with ever making Kanna this mad. His last thought was that he should never anger his beloved sister again.

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