My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 3: A Treasured Object? It Is a Trouble-maker for Its Owner!


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Translator: Li Xinyi
Proofread by Men Shunde

“Who is she?” The fat old man stares at Nangong Ning, wondering why there is a girl here.

A young man in black stands on the side, glaring at Nangong Ning as if he would hit her to death with one slap. He says, “This woman was hitting our Lord with a stone when I found them. There are three wounds on the body of our Lord and they are all caused by her! If there is something wrong with our Lord, I will split her into pieces!”

There is a heavy and murderous tone in his voice, which makes Nangong Ning tremble for a moment.

But she hits that man for the sake of saving his life!

Waving his hand and shaking his head, the fat old man stops the furious young man and says confusedly, “No, no, no! The symptom of our Lord seems that he was hurt by the aggressiveness of the hundred-variety-venomous insects he used for his detox while he was in the middle of his detoxification. But the wounds, the wounds are……”

Seeing that it is a chance for her to explain, Nangong Ning cuts in and says in a hurry: “I was helping him detoxify his toxins and I was not hurting him. He was just bordering on the outbreak of toxins. If I had not helped him in the detoxification, he would have died of the poison.”

“What?!” The young man is shocked and then shakes his head, “It is impossible!”

The fat old man glares at him and says, “Don’t make a judgement till you know the ropes. The girl is right. If she hadn’t done that, our Lord would have been deadd ue to the outbreak of the toxins!”

The young man is stunned with his mouth open.

“If so, the girl is the saviour of our Lord?”

The fat old man rolls his eyes at the young man and says, “Weichu, I have already told you that if you do not change your bad temper, you will get into trouble sooner or later. Look, it is! Although I am a medical sage, I am not good at poisoning. But I do know that it is not foolproof for our Lord to detoxify his toxin by using other poisonings. It is the girl who knows the ropes saved our Lord’s life when something went wrong, but you proclaimed to kill her?”

Weichu is still muddled.

He doesn’t understand. But at that time, it really looked like Nangong Ning was about to kill his Lord!

The poison pool where his Lord was in was so closely guarded that even a mosquito could not slip in, let alone a girl as she is. How did the girl come in here?

Before he asks a question, the fat old man goes up and pulls the girl up by her hand and says urgently, “Little girl, it seems that you are expert at poisoning. Help me to detoxify my Lord!”

Nangong Ning does not notice until now that she is sitting in a corner. It seems that she was brought back and thrown on the ground by Weichu.

Does he really know that a man should be kind to a woman!

Coming up and looking at the man on the bed with his eyes closed, Nangong Ning takes a deep breath. Even though anger suffuses his face, it cannot hide the handsome look envied by both men and women.

Seeing her lustful look, the fat old man gives her a pat on the head, “Little girl, don’t be so lecherous! Tell me, do you have a method to detoxify the poisons in our Lord’s body? “

The pat is so heavy that Nangong Ning could not help but cup her head with her hand. She stares at the fat old man. Is this the way that he asks for help?

How strange he is!

“Gee, the bracelet?” The fat old man catches a glimpse of her bracelet and suddenly grabs her wrist excitedly, “Are you a member of the Nangong family?”

Nangong Ning nods her head. Her surname is indeed called Nangong, and her present body bears the same name as she did in her previous life.

“Nangong Ning? You are the eldest daughter of the Nangong family?” The fat old man knows her identity.

Nangong Ning cannot hide her astonishment.

The fat old man goes on, “The sole owner of this bracelet is the eldest daughter of the Nangong family.”

Yes, it is true. The memory of the original owner in her mind is the same as it is said.

The fat old man stares at her, and his eyes change suddenly.

Seeing that Nangong Ning is startled for she feels a danger.

“Hi, Old Man, Why do you look at me like that?”

The fat old man says, “I’m Zong Changming, the medical sage.”

Well……Why does he make a self-introduction?

Nangong Ning is confused, but she dimly feels something bad may happen.

Weichu, standing on the other side, looks at the fat old man curiously.

“Although I study medicine, I do know a little thing about poisoning. The Nangong family has a treasured object in poisoning, that is, the phoenix bracelet on your wrist,” Says the fat old man.

“A treasured object?” Nangong Ning feels more confused. Although she has received the memory from the original owner, there is not much information about the phoenix bracelet in the memory. In fact the so-called phoenix bracelet is only a tool for detecting and detoxifying poison she studies.

The fat old man is Mr Zong, who, looking somewhat agitated, nods his head and says: “The most amazing thing of the bracelet is that it can transfer poison.”

The feeling of “something bad may happen” is stronger, and Nangong Ning takes a step back, asking “What do you mean by saying that it can transfer poison?”

Seeing that she takes a step back, Mr Zong takes a step forward, grasping her wrist and staring at her, “What I mean is that it can transfer the poison out from a person’s body, no matter how serious the poison is.”

Nangong Ning stares at Mr Zong, raising her eyebrows.

The fat old man continues, “But the poison will be transferred to the owner of the bracelet.”

“Do you mean that the poison transferred will be received by the owner of the bracelet?” Asks Nangong Ning in astonishment.

The fat old man nods his head.

What is this treasured object? It is in fact a trouble-maker for its owner! Nangong Ning clenches her teeth, seeming to be lost in thought.
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