My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 263: Kang Mingyang's mind


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Hearing these two words, green dragon fell into silence.

Gu Shaoyun persuaded him for a night and finally came to the point.

There was a fluctuation in the heart of green dragon, not for money nor power. He did not think it so complicated. In fact, he was thinking of being recognized and respected, that was, to realize self-worth and made others fully aware of his energy.

Now, in the army, especially in special war zone, they all realized green dragon’s ability, the next best compared to Qin Feng. He was even not worse than Qin Feng in some aspect, but their status, popularity, appreciation and so on, these "return" was completely different, the value of Qin Feng was realized, but how about green dragon?

It could be said, not at all.

"Yes, you see, I am too lazy to talk about nonsense. You do not lack anything. But what do you get in return? Nothing, there's nothing for you! Am I right? "

Gu Shaoyun said in a hurry, it sounded like his emotion was also aroused.

He was very depressed today, but he could not bring his emotions into it.

Green dragon could not say anything. His eyes were weeping. He wanted to cry.

When he thought of joining the army for so many years, he was too young to understand everything, he joined the army so that he could have enough food and eat big white steamed bread. But now, because of luck, in addition to his own efforts, he entered the Special Forces, he had experienced a lot of things, very rough, too much suffering. He almost lost his life several times before he got the skills he had today. Many foreign forces heard the name of Gold Special Forces or green dragon or Qin Feng would be frightened. But what were the advantages of these brilliant legends? His status and status in the army had been stagnant for years. These years, it was still the same.

Man, sometimes it was time to stop and thought about whether he should change his way of life.

Although there was no big expectation, it was time to achieve some goal deep in his heart through hard work.

Green dragon wanted to live a better life, to realize value and dreams. This was not a shame. His only hesitation was not to betray his brother, Qin Feng.

Man, there were always some behaviors belonging to the obsession. Deep in someone’s heart, he had his own judgment and measurement. Qin Feng for green dragon was a special existence, if green dragon wanted to leave him entirely, he needed to ignored a lot of concerns. He wanted to change his present situation, but in vain according to reality.

In the previous time, Qin Feng also gave way to his ability to give the captain's position to him, but the army did not agree. There was a small change inside special team. Gu Shaoyun who was a leader started to support green dragon, but he did not have the power to appoint green dragon as the captain of Golden Special Forces directly.

In fact, what green dragon pursuing was not just the position of captain. Even if he really got the position, he still did not get everyone's support nor self-realization. So what was the use of it?

Green dragon could not figure out what he wanted to do. The more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved. He wanted to get a bright glow under the spotlight.


The next day, Qin Feng went to Kang Mingyang's office early in the morning.

He naturally understood the meaning of Kang last night. Kang depreciated Gu Shaoyun, he had no opinion, because Gu was not a good man. But it was no good to depreciate green dragon.

After showing his intention, Kang Mingyang said, "Green dragon’s will is not firm enough. He may have had a consensus with Gu Shaoyun in private. It is a danger to you. But now, many things cannot be made in public, but it can be only done secretly. I have decided to appoint green dragon into a special team of other military divisions as a chief captain. As a reward for his efforts over these years, I will promote him. And he will not threaten you in the future. You concentrate on training, train a few outstanding special fighters, continue to contribute to our country and people, I believe you will success in future."

Hearing this, Qin Feng waved his hand anxiously and said, "no way. The special unit of military sub area is not a special war zone. It is just a group of special police with a little stronger combat power. This is a shame for green dragon. What kind of combat level does he have? You should be clear about that. His fighting power is not worse than me. He just lacks the platform to perform. Either you set up a new special team in the special military zone, make him captain, or let me not be captain, and let him take charge of Golden Special Forces.”

"Set up a new team?"

Kang Mingyang laughed and said. "Do you think that's a camp for new recruit? It's not so easy to set up. Every soldier is an elite. They are all like BUG in their respective units, which could only be found one in a thousand and even one in a million. Besides, being a captain is not only a super personal ability, but also a complete personality, mature mind, outstanding organizational leadership and loyalty heart, these four aspects are indispensable. The warriors of special war team are all precious. If a captain is not qualified, I will never trust him to manage the super soldiers who had been trained hard. In the execution of a mission, once a major decision error may lead to the loss of the whole war team, and do you know what this means to military zone? We will lose the fighting capacity of at least two divisions."

"I know, of course I know. But everyone should have a beginning, and there is a process to get familiar with. Let's first let green dragon take a simple task. Let him execute his task inside the country until he meets a certain standard in all aspects, and then send him abroad. You can see that even Lei Ming could be improved so much after he corrected his mindset. So as long as you give green dragon an opportunity, he could do that. I firmly believe that he will be an excellent leader."

Qin Feng said.

"You should be clear about the reasons why I insist on doing so. His mind is not pure and can't be trusted. If he is appointed, he will only stain our team. Even if he has changed his mind, he has to undergo further investigation and practice."

Kang Mingyang said obstinately.

For him, everything else was easy to negotiate. But he was very strict in the purity of his team. He would rather miss many talented people to prevent his team from infiltrating a person who had ulterior motives.

Now the fighting between the old gang and the new gang was becoming more and more fierce. On both sides, the senior leader was qualified and experienced. Although he was a commander of the military area, his foundation was not stable, and many times he couldn’t make the desired decision. He couldn’t control the past. The history had finished, what he could do was to make 100 percent purity when building his own group, and obviously, Qin Feng was one of the new forces in Kang Mingyang's view, although green dragon was very strong, but unfortunately, he had not yet reached the height of Qin Feng. Most importantly, he was not determined, and it was very easy for his opponent to break his mental defects.

It was not so easy for Kang Mingyang to sit in this present position, not as easy as a "red two generation" label. He had encountered too many challenges. Every day he faced many people's provocation, instigation, traps and inducement. A wrong decision may lead to the fall of individual, even family and the whole faction. Therefore, since the last time green dragon's action against Qin Feng was discovered by a person who was sent to protect Qin Feng in Tianhe by Kang Mingyang. In Kang Mingyang's heart, green dragon had been completely eliminated.

Just imagine, a person dared to take a sniper rifle to shoot a brother who fought side by side with himself for many years in a trench, how could such a person be pure in thought?
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