My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 262: That's not the thing I should be thinking abou


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“How can you think in that way? I'm doing this for your. I admit I used you some time ago to fight again Qin Feng, but it also helped you become captain. You didn't believe me. You promised me at first, but you changed your mind suddenly. What happened at last? You used to believe Qin Feng is very good. Are you clear now? He did it to impress Kang Mingyang well. He was pleasing his big boss. And you? You may have been vilified by him secretly. He knows that only you could be a threat to his future, so I'm sure he must have vilified you secretly. This is why you have never met Kang Mingyang, but he dislikes you. You're so smart, don't you get it? I know what you're still worrying about. You're afraid to follow me into the darkness, aren't you? You're wrong if you think in that way. Do you think I'm fighting alone?”

Gu Shaoyun said proudly, “Xinye Gang, have you ever heard of it?”

This was a group made up of intermediate or higher officers of the military which low-level soldiers such as Green Dragon could not reach. Although he was a super powerful member of the special forces, he had no substantive official position and his rank was only a captain. Senior Colonel like Gu Shaoyun was on the lowest level in Xinye Gang.

“No, I haven't heard of it. I'm too lazy to get to know it. Don't tell me. I won't hear it any more. I wish I were like this all my life. I don't have much ambition.”

Green Dragon waved his hand impatiently and said, as if to let Gu Shaoyun leave.

“Look at yourself, young and unambitious. Green Dragon, I want to remind you that Xiao He is the end of you. What did he get after he died for our country? Qin Feng took his elder sister to meet Kang Mingyang pretending to fight for something. What did they get at last? Not even Xiao He's whole body. Don’t you see that? In the military, if you do not have a status or official position, even if you pay a lot or work hard, it is useless. No one takes you seriously. Everyone knows that Xiao He has made many contributions to the military region, but even people like Kang Mingyang are powerless in this matter. Why is that? Just because he had neither a brilliant resume nor a military cadre identity, he did not deserve to be praised or remembered. Do you understand? This is a very realistic and sad fact. I hate to say this, but if you don't change yourself, his end is your future. Walking in rain of bullets, no one knows what will happen next. Even if you have saved yourself for 99 times in danger, but if you make just one mistake, you die, and you don't have a second chance to regret. You 'll still be forgotten. If there were merit, it would belonged to Qin Feng. Even if you pay more, this team still belongs to Qin Feng. It has nothing to do with your, Green Dragon. Sometimes you have to use some tricks, if you want to be loyal to friends, that’s fine, you can do it, it is also very good and admirable. But to do so depends on the situation. Now Kang Mingyang has given you up. You are too silly if you are still following Qin Feng. On the other hand, members in Xinye Gang are basically officers of high position. They are distributed in the important position of the military, the government of provinces, civil governments, and even the capital, they are involved in a wide range of industries. To be honest, I'm in contact with Shark Kun. I'm in charge of the operation and sales of the drugs in North China. I control the drug business in this area. The last time I sent you to the Golden Triangle to find Shark Kun's hiding place, it also made me very helpless. I had to do some superficial work because of the pressure from Kang Mingyang and other political parties. However, it was surprising that Qin Feng had stolen the list of drug dealers. Of course, Shao Kun would be worried. Do you know how many people would be destroyed if this list is leaked?”

Before Gu Shaoyun had finished his words, Green Dragon interrupted him and said, "These people also include you, right? "

"Me? I'm just a nobody. If this affects those top officers, then many people would be affected. This may cause turmoil in the entire Chinese government. Do you know what this means? There may be the biggest internal dispute since the founding of the people's Republic of China, and those ambitious forces abroad are hoping that happen. They would definitely going to do something at that time. What do you think you should do to minimize the damage?”

Gu Shaoyun said.

“I don't care so much. The things about the whole country are not something I should be thinking about.”

Although Green Dragon had previously believed that Gu Shaoyun must have been associated with drug lords, he had not received convincing evidence. Now that he heard the truth from Gu Shaoyun, he was surprised. He did not expect that this dirty deal was really hidden in the military. He had long known that there was a serious contradiction within the military, but he did not expect that the scope of this contradiction was so extensive and deep. "Don't you feel guilty when you make joke of our lives? Xiao He died because of your joke."

“No, he was safe at first. I deliberately plan to let Qin Feng get into the drug dealer's hiding place, and then let him leave. All the things were planned in advance. But Qin Feng stolen the list unexpectedly, which made Shark Kun angry. He launched the S class arrest plan, which is a deadly existence. In his territory, it's too easy for him to chase a few people. You have a super ability to get rid of and fight, and eventually only Xiao He died. Otherwise, if we let other special forces to do this, they would be completely annihilated. To some degree, Xiao He's death was the fault of Qin Feng. Without his superfluous behavior, Shark Kun would not send people to chase.”

Gu Shaoyun said.

“You have told me these things, are you not afraid that I will spread your story?”

Green Dragon winked, his expression was complex.

“Now we are like grasshoppers tied to the same rope. I don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll make the right choice and join our Xinye Gang. Only in this way, you have the possibility to turn over. Otherwise, you would be a follower of Qin Feng in all your life. You would not know when you would die. When you are dead, you would not even have a person who would bury you.”

Gu Shaoyun said seriously, "Don't think that our Xinye Gang is bad force. We also take righteous actions for the rise of the Chinese. And ... "

Before he had finished, he was interrupted again by Green Dragon. “Don't make yourself so great, everyone comes for profit. So are Xinye Gang and parties not in office. There is no absolute right or wrong. Only those who are in the right place at the right time.”

“Well, you got it all clear. That's it. We don't want to fight for power, we just want to realize self-worth, just like you at this moment.”

Gu Shaoyun said.
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